5 shirtless hot guys for your instant motivation

Because it’s Friday, here are 5 shirtless hot guys that will instantly motivate you to go work out. Or drool first, and then go work out. Either way is fine. Here you go!

1. Ryan Reynolds. It’s gonna be drool first, huh?


2. Channing Tatum. I know you can’t get enough of Magic Mike.


3. Ian Somerhalder. Because he makes one hell of a sexy vampire in The Vampire Diaries. And he loves puppies.

Ian Somerhalder 2

4. Isaiah Mustafa. “The man your man could smell like”. Well done, Old Spice, well done.

Schermafbeelding 2014-03-28 om 14.57.36

5. Ryan Gosling. Do I really need to say more?


You know what, I’m just gonna give you a sixth. Because you’re awesome.

6. Zac Efron. Wow. Just wow.

zac efron 220

Now use this motivation and go work out!

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  1. jeanet

    oh my… Mijn favoriete artikel so far. Overtreffen zal moeilijk worden 😉

  2. Alisa


  3. Oloive

    i want more

    • Sophie Sasse

      haha we do as well!😂

  4. VHaney

    I am crazy in Love with these guys.

    • Sophie Sasse

      Indeed, it is quite easy to fall for these guys 😂!

  5. Comsci