6x Treat yo’ self breakfasts

On a saturday morning all Fit Girls deserve to treat themselves. It should be a rule tbh 😅. You’ve been working so hard on your progress and goals, summer is just around the corner, it is critical that we don’t lose motivation! And sometimes motivation is simply gained by celebrating a little 😉. That’s why I’m going to help you find some inspiration to treat yourself this morning! Get ready to fall in love with food all over again!

1. Vegan crêpes stuffed with nut nougat cream

Source: Bianca Zapatka

HOLY GUACAMOLE!! COME TO MAMA!!! This picture will prove to you that love at first sight truly does exist. There is no better way for me to say this to you but, TREAT! YO! SELF! Bless your life with a beautiful crêpe filled with a nut nougat cream, or just a simple, solid dose of nutella 😋.

By the way, this picture is from Bianca Zapatka‘s Instagram page. Her Instagram feed is absolutely stunning and mouth watering so I truly suggest that you follow her if you’re interested in learning about deliciously healthy meals. She also has a blog where you can see the recipes for her creations.

2. Chocolate waffle sandwiches

Source: Bo’s Kitchen

“And another one, and another one!”🔑 We’re all obsessed with these chocolate waffles filled with peanut butter and raspberries. Straight from Bo’s kitchen, whose Instagram is absolutely gorgeous and totally worth a look if you’re interested in more plant based treats. I don’t know how I keep finding such delicious vegan treats, I guess they simply are the prettiest! 😂

Waffles are just another classic breakfast treat. I feel like this picture is trying to persuade me to buy a waffle iron so that I can keep making and eating waffles 24/7.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast

Source: Averie Cooks

You can’t have an article about treat yo’ self breakfasts and then not mention french toast. AHHH FRENCH TOAST! The absolute bae of breakfasts! Of course, I’m a little biased since I am French, but these totes are the best treat yo’ self breakfasts. TRUST ME!

This particular French toast food-couture was made by Averie Sunshine who owns the Averie Cooks blog. She shares all of her fave recipes and we can definitely understand why she shared this one!

4. whole wheat cinnamon crunch banana bread

Source: Savory Nothings

A hybrid of banana bread and cinnamon rolls, this beautiful looking breakfast treat is precisely what I needed to know about in order to continue on living peacefully 😂. Made by Nora Rusev, yet another talented food blogger and creator, this bread can be topped off with some nutella and strawberries, or pretty much anything really lol. It’s just so good. Find her blog here, and her Instagram here in order to get more foody inspiration.

5. Blueberry breakfast cake

Source: The Big Man’s World

Good lord!!! That’s one hella fine lookin’ cake!! 😍 Look at that icy-coating! Look at them berries! Simply delish 😋. This piece of cake will keep you wide awake. So good that I don’t think you’ll ever get back to eating non-treating breakfasts 😂.

This particular blueberry breakfast cake was made by Arman who, luckily enough, decided to share the recipe with us. #yass Check out his Instagram as well, he has a #goals feed!

6. Almond croissants with strawberry and nutella

Source: Kitchen Sanctuary

Now, I’m not saying that the French are the best treat-yo-self-breakfast makers, HOWEVER we did basically invent crêpes, french toast AND croissants… Which are all killing the game and coming out on top of the treat yo’ self list! This particular croissant recipe was made by Kitchen Sanctary AKA Nicky. You can also follow her fun and engaging Instagram here.

Are you convinced yet? 😉 Time for treats!! The moral of this article is that you shouldn’t prohibit yourself from treats all the time. Progress will come if you live a healthy lifestyle, but don’t forget the life part of that lifestyle! Live a happy lifestyle as well as healthy! Treats (as long as you don’t eat them every day) are a great way to celebrate your progress and make you feel at ease with your lifestyle.

Photo Credits (Header): Bianca Zapatka

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