Together with an expanding team of foodies, health fanatics & personal trainers, a motivating community and guiding brand was born.


Life changing decisions

#FITGIRLCODE was founded in March 2014 after Aranka and a group of friends, tired of gobbling down M&Ms on a couch, decided to make a life changing decision: to get fit and healthy. What started out as a group of  motivated girls, grew to be a crew of 20 inspiring women each with their own superpower. Now at the peak of their personal accomplishments, this group of Fit Girls is stronger and more energized than ever. Their main goal is to make this world a healthier place, one Fit Girl at a time.


Inspiring and Motivating

#FITGIRLCODE is a fast-growing community of motivated and positive women around the world sharing their experiences on healthy habits and tips for workouts. Our Fit Girls can always be found maneuvering their computers at our HQ in Rotterdam, coming up with new ways to inspire and motivate women to unlock their personal code for a healthy lifestyle.


Find your own formula

At #FITGIRLCODE, we believe in maintaining an active lifestyle, good nutrition and NOT starving yourself or dieting. Since after all, it’s not about the weight you have, but how healthy you are. In order to become proud of yourself and your accomplishments, it’s important to emphasize that being healthy and hearty is for all, you just need to find your own formula.


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