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Happy Mother’s Day to all those loving moms we just can’t live without! My mom is one of my biggest inspirations. She is kind, beautiful, strong, and a little feisty and stubborn, but I love her for it. Other than all these amazing qualities, my mom also manages to go to the gym 3 times a week at the age of 51 and out-fit me. She eats healthy, exercises regularly and having kids has never stood in her way. Today, I’m setting other inspirational Fit-Moms on Instagram in the spotlight!

Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias

Start them young ☺️ getting her used to being outside in different types of environments. Your kids are a reflection of the environment they grow in. And we'll, I have to make things work. It will be fun to be active with this deliciousness 💕 I think she likes it a lot! Happy Easter weekend by the way guys! What are your plans ? ____________________________________________________________ Tus hijos son un a reflection del ambiente que los rodea. Empezando a llevarme a Indi a todos lados para acostumbrarla temprano. Nada es como antes, pero poco a poco nos ajustamos a los cambios que han sido muy positivos. Feliz semana santa a todos ustedes. Cuales son sus planes para este finde? #easter #childofgod #hijadecristo #6weekspostpartum #fitmom #momlife

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Ok Monday… let's do this!

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 Jamie Eason Middleton

Julie Baird

It's crazy how both our bodies changed in the last 11 weeks! My body shrank a lot and look how big Noa is now! I'm still working on my "postpartum tips" article. I promise, it will be online soon – you can subscribe to my Blog if you want to make sure you don't miss it (link in Bio). I've been procrastinating because I'm trying to enjoy this little man as much as possible. I'm going back to work on Monday… He won't even be 3 months old yet. Curren was 4 months old when I went back to work. I'm French but I live in los Angeles, USA. Considering the US policy about maternity leave, I feel lucky to have spent these last 11 weeks with Noa at home… but I simply don't feel ready to leave him all day! It's painful just thinking of it. Tell me about your experience and your countries policy. How did you handle returning to work? . . . . . #postpartum #postpartumbody #postpartumbelly #postbaby #postbabybody #postbabybod #postbabyweightloss #postbabygoals #4thtrimester #momlife #fitmom #fitmomsofig #fitmama #fitmomsinpire #fitmomof2 #fitmommy #momofboys #maternityleave

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Kristy Ardo

Janae Baron

Happy Tuesday! When my sister has me join her at the gym for some strength training (her ❤ for weights is rubbing off on me and I know it is good for my running) it is always a good time! Afterwards I can grab my @rockinrefuel Muscle Builder, pick up the kids and head to the park! I love @rockinrefuel because it is a high quality protein drink (made with real milk so it tastes delicious… hallelujah) and it is so perfect for me to drink on the go with the kids while getting in the nutrients that I need! They have an entire line of choices for fitness lovers whether you want protein & carbs to help aid your recovery from a hard run or to help you build lean muscle mass! With 30 grams of protein and a low amount of sugar it is perfect for me to drink after I hit the weight room with my sister! #rockinrefuel #ad.

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These moms are in their best shape yet! What is it that you love about your mom the most? Let us know in the comments, or even better, go and let her know! 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. 



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