Growing your booty with weights: complete workout

I love training with weights! I think it’s fun, challenging and leads to the best results. Growing your booty is almost impossible without weights! Cardio and body-weight exercises will tone your booty but won’t shape it to its full capability. Of course, Fit Girls always search to challenge themselves every day, and work towards their goals, which is why it’s always a good idea to swap out the cardio machines for some good ol’ weights! If your goal is to grow your booty, then you’re in luck as I will be sharing a full booty weight workout with you today. Inspired by some of the best Fit Girls out there, here are 5 weight exercises that target your glutes:

1. Squat

Source: Krissy Cela

The OG booty grower is of course the squat. Even though this exercise also targets your quads, it will bring strength and muscle to your booty after just a few sessions.
How to: Put the bar on your shoulders. Squat down while keeping your chest up. Come back up, and squeeze your butt once your back in a standing position.

2. Hip thrusts

Source: Gains by grains

Hip thrusts target your glutes like a boss! Simply sit with your back against the bench and the bar on your hips, and lift the bar. Don’t forget to squeeze your butt once you’ve lifted the bar completely, after the squeeze, come back down to your starting position.

3. Lunges

Source: Becca Sills fit

You definitely know lunges already and probs do them quite often. However, do you use weights when doing them? This will immediately intensify the exercise and target the glutes more, rather than making it a HIIT exercise. Make sure to keep your back foot on its toes and keep your back straight. As you do your lunges, check whether you are keeping your front knee in line with your foot, we don’t want the front knee to go forward!

4. Curtsy lunge

Source: Beth fitness uk

An alternative lunge and one that is more fun is the curtsy lunge. Use the method and instructions of the lunge, only now you cross your leg over to the other side. This will target the side of your booty/hips.

5. Box squats

Source: Jane Campbell

An alternative to the traditional squat is a box squat, or a “chair” squat. You still follow the same instructions as when you were doing a squat only now you drop down to the box and then lightly sit on it, and then straight away rise again to the starting position.

Do you also train with weights or would you like to? Let me know in the comments so that I know what workouts to share next!

Photo credits (header): Krissy Cela, via Instagram

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