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The most common question that a Fit Girl gets from others who look up to them is “how do you stay motivated?”. Even though there are MANY ways to stay motivated, one of them is by following some inspiring and diverse Fit Girls on Instagram (or other social media platforms). Whether it is for food and/or workout inspiration, or just some good ol’ lifehacks, these next 5 Instagram Fit Girls do the best they can to make you happy and confident in your journey to becoming (and staying) a Fit Girl.

1. Hanna Öberg

My all time favourite Instagram Fit Girl is Hanna Öberg! Her feed is not just beautiful with her rocking them curvessss, but it’s also super handy if you’re looking for more exercises for you to do in the gym. If you’re a gym lover I definitely suggest you follow her! She posts sets of videos that share exercises that target a particular muscle group or body part. The exercises she shares are easy to follow and really make you feel more knowledgable about what you’re doing.

2. Kayla Itsines

If you’re looking for motivation then you should without doubt follow Kayla Itsines if you aren’t yet! She posts all sorts of fun content that will make you want to continue your journey and happily reach your goal. From funny/relatable quotes to transformation pictures and bootcamp videos, Kayla makes sure to show you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS!!! Her Instagram page unites Fit Girls from all over the world and spreads the message that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

3. Emily Skye

Not only does Emily Skye post THE cutest pics of her baby, but she also shares her thoughts and tips on getting fit and feeling good while doing so. She shows that, as a woman, you shouldn’t be scared of training your body well and building muscle. A trained body can be just as girly and glamorous as any other body and she proves this on her feed!

4. Fit by Kiki

Workout inspiration and relaxation tips, follow Fit by Kiki aka Instagram Fit Girl, Kiley to stay fresh in your workouts and not lose sight of your goal. In the end IT’S ALL WORTH IT! Fit by Kiki will show you that it is indeed all worth it and that feeling good in your own skin is the best reward of all. Work hard play hard is probably the most fitting phrase for Fit by Kiki’s instagram feed.

5. Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela is one of the Gymshark girls that always aims to motivate you and make your day just a little better. By sharing some of her workout tips as well as some fun stories on how to find a balance in life that makes you happy & healthy, she truly hands you the reins to a healthy active lifestyle! If you enjoy seeing other people reach their goals and be happy, then you should immediately hit that follow button because Krissy Cela will tell you all about how she found happiness in her life.

Which Instagrammer do you like to follow? Drop it down in the comments so that your fellow Fit Girls can also gain some motivation from them. If you, yourself, are an active fitstagrammer then you can also share your page in the comments and let people follow your journey. 

Photo credits (Header): Gymshark

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