The newest trend in the sport world: cat yoga

Oh. My. God. In Atlanta – USA, there is an animal shelter which started giving cat yoga classes. That is not yoga in which you do the cat pose. NO, it is exactly what you hope it will be: doing yoga among a lot of cute balls of fur.

There were already some (American) yoga studios that gave lessons in the presence of cats. But as all of us cat lovers know, cats are not really fans of new environments. The animal shelter Good Mews decided to do things differently. Why move the cats when you can get the yogis to the shelter?



No sooner said than done. Three times a month, the doors of the shelter open for yoga fans and cat lovers. It’s an ideal way to get more people into the shelter. The cats also get a lot out of this: they have fun, they get a lot of love, they become more social because of the contact they have with humans and this makes it easier for the people of the shelter to find each of them a home.


By doing cat yoga, you not only do something for yourself, but also for the cats. Directly and indirectly, since the money you pay for each lesson is a donation to the shelter. We can’t wait until cat yoga like this comes to the Netherlands!

Would you go to such a cat yoga lesson? Let us know in the comments!

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