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Skip the drill instructor, skip the yelling and skip the no getting any air. When you’re pregnant, everybody is really cautious with you. But training and keeping fit during these 9 (long) months is possible! Don’t ever let others tell you what you can and cannot do. It’s your body and you know best how it feels and what you can and cannot handle. I had some difficult experiences early on in my pregnancy, but now slowly I’m finding my way to stay fit and fabulous…

Shut down
Energy is my middle name , I’m unstoppable and bad ass workouts are my favorite thing to do. Well, at least that was the case before I got pregnant. The first 3 months I kept convincing myself that nothing could beat my superpower. (and I still have a little internal struggle with this…) Just do it and go, go, go! That’s what I believe in. But after a while, I felt so tired and my body started to give me clear signals that I had to slow down. I didn’t liked it one bit, but I finally had to give in. I had to reset my power button and find a new active and healthy way for myself during this period I’m in.

Running issues
Every pregnant woman is different and we all have different experiences during our pregnancies. I had (and still have) issues running, which forced me to stop making my kilometres and I had to stop teaching my Bootcamp classes. Damn you pelvis muscles and bladder! I’ll spare you the details but when you have to pee every 2 minutes or have no control at all, there’s no fun in walking or running at all.

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    It’s great that you keep moving!
    Good luck with your coming months of pregnancy.

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