10 things to do while being injured and stuck at home

You got injured! What now?! When you’re injured, it’s especially important you take enough time to let your body heal. With a serious injury, you often find yourself resting more and exercising less or maybe not even at all. You’ll end up being stuck at home a lot more, bored out of your mind. To make it more fun, I made this funny list of things to do when stuck at home while being injured.

10 things to do while being injured and stuck at home

I’m currently stuck at home, I recently broke my rib by coughing too long and too hard. Oh yes this actually happened, it’s not a joke. It’s totally possible and very painful (don’t try this at home haha). It’s really annoying too because I can’t do a lot of things that I would like to do. Fortunately there are still things that I can still do. Such as; inline skating, low intensity weight training & light yoga. Always consult your doctor when you have an injury and you want to find ways to stay active.

I can’t run (I’m really bummed out about this) and I shouldn’t do any contact sports though I have to admit I played a friendly match of football with my friends (I’m only human). Being stuck at home more often than normally can get really boring. I found several ways to ease my boredom and I’ll share ten of those ways with you in this article, yay!

  1. Dress up

Don’t let it go(at)! If you look the part, you’ll feel the part!

  1. Tidy up your house

An organized home is a happy home!

  1. Find your special talent or learn a new craft

Remember to take it easy though, don’t hurt yourself in your excitement lol.

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  1. Give your pets some extra attention

Now remember, don’t smother, be gentle 😉 If you don’t have any pets, borrow one of a friend or a family member!

  1. Invite some awesome friends over

and play games with them, boardgames are optional too!

  1. Take a selfie or two

Do this in the garden, so you’ll get some extra vitamin D. Don’t forget to smile and show your dimples!

  1. Prepare a healthy meal for your family

No matter how delicious the dish is, don’t be greedy, share it!

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  1. Try some light yoga

Yoga is so much fun, it improves flexibility and it builds muscle strength. If this looks too complicated, just stretch!

  1. If you really want to exercise (because you can’t sit still like yours truly)

Do it moderately and responsibly, ask your doctor for advice about what you can and can’t do!

  1. You can always take a nap

When everything else fails, take a nap. There’s nothing a good nap can’t fix!

I hope you won’t need this list of activities, but if you do, I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you’ll have a quick recovery! As always, I’m curious to hear from you. How do you fit girls cope with being stuck at home because of an injury? What are your favorite things to do?


Safira Audrey


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  1. Kal

    Hi Saffira! I hope you are not still injured. If you are, I am sure with that imagination of yours, you will not be bored!!

    I wonder if I might also add to your list of suggestions; I have noticed that some of the community members who play on my website at are also suffering from injuries and seem to enjoy themselves chatting together and playing yahtzee together, so you might try that if ever you are injured again.

    Stay safe and injury-free!


  2. Person226

    None of these could help me I can’t really get ip….lol sorry?

    • AJ


  3. Elsa

    these ideas are the worst! I am really bad injured and I walk very slow, also I am not looking forward to be in bed all day and I was just trying to find something to do that doesn’t involve moving a lot

  4. Courtney Weeks

    This really helped me I tore ligaments in my foot and on crutches