20 tips to ROCK 2015 -part 2 /4

Last week I shared the first 5 tips of the 20 tips to help you set your goals for next year! 2015! In part 2 I will share the next 5 tips. Hopefully you find inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions. So let’s continue 😀

6. Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle

Sometimes people cross our paths that lost their sparkle. Perhaps it’s been a while that they ride on a unicorn or haven’t been able to shine like diamonds lol 😉 . Whatever their reason is, don’t let them dull your sparkle. For tip number 6 I can only say: Stay fierce, don’t let no one have the power to make you feel low, leave people behind who dull your spirits and shake away these negative vibes and convert them in motivation to believe in yourself and stand for your morals and values. You are awesome they just don’t want to see it!

7. Believe you can and you’re halfway there

Most of the time we already stop before we even began trying. We intent to see only obstacles or we convince ourselves why we can’t make it work. We do this out of self protection, not wanting to fail, or because we are scared for the unknown. Simply believe or perhaps dream you can, it’s the first step and you are already halfway there. When I start a new challenge or step into a new journey I always ask myself the question: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” The answers are amazing and helped me set new goals in the last four years. I also came to realize that perhaps failing is not an issue but what happens if we succeed? Wouldn’t that be seriously awesome or scary at the same time? What do you think?

Therefore I love this sentence: “What if I fail? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”

8. Relax more

As Fit Girls we run around like crazy, being awesome, working those abs and jumping around in our badass work-out gear! But in order to survive 2015 we need to relax more! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to catch a breath and give my body and mind a time-out. Therefore I would like to introduce the 30-day napping challenge 😉 haha. No seriously sleeping is the second best work-out for a Fit Girl! Fit Girl Yola wrote an article about what happens when we have insufficient sleep. Read more! It will blow your mind!
But also stretching in between your work outs on your rest days, can help you recover from your insane work outs. It also prevents injury and it makes you more flexible. And for the mind you can start practicing meditation or yoga, do deep breathing exercises or try to visualize that you are at a peaceful place like on the top of an mountain or a bounty island. Tip number 8: Relax more by taking a step out of your regular busy life and just breathe in and out imagining we are somewhere else where you can relax. By doing this twice a week you will benefit from it and your 2015 will be so much easier when you just chill out from time to time 🙂

9. Work your ass strong and bootylicious

I used to believe sports would only make you tired and improve your condition. But little would I have known back then that working out on a regular base has so many great benefits, because it:

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Slows the ageing process & reduces the risk of premature death
  • Build and maintains healthy muscles, bones & joints
  • Improves your confidence
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
  • Reduces the risk of many diseases

So these are sufficient reasons to hit the gym and work your ass strong and bootylicious: Tip number 9! If working out isn’t a way of your lifestyle yet, explore which kind of exercise you like. Are you a Fit Girl who likes to work out alone or are you a team player? Look for a gym or other sport facility in your own neighborhood and take a trial lesson. Explore your options and choose the gym or sport that challenges you the most. Then take your diary and schedule your work out days. Don’t immediately go for 5 days a week but gradually increase the work load. I started working out two times a week and now I’m hooked up since I have so much fun in the gym that I work out four times a week. It’s motivation that get’s you started and habit that keeps you going! Change how you see exercise and keep in mind all the great benefits it will have for your body and mind.

10. Stop being a drama queen!

“Oh no, the peanut butter jar is empty, now I’m going to die!” 🙁 Sometimes we already scream FIRE before we’ve analyzed the situation or “problem”. Don’t put on your IT-IS-HOPELESS-FACE and weep about it, instead put on your boxing gloves and face the situation or problem with a fight! It’s okay to feel sad for a moment or even have the feeling that you can’t find a solution but don’t turn it in to drama. Gather your (girl) -friends, make sure you have enough chocolate and b*tch away how much your life sucks at the moment. Get it out of your system and then STOP! No one likes drama queens because it’s too much negative energy. That’s why you need to think in challenges, always keep the faith and it’s ok to have a few bumps on the road. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger! Like burpees, dips, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, box-jumps, planking, jumping jacks … Whahahaha! 😀

I’m curious what your New Year’s resolutions are. Share them with us and stay tuned for the next 5 tips of the 20 that I have ready for you next week! 

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  1. Mila

    My goal for 2015 is to really get started on my fit-journey. I want to get abs (who doesn’t 😉 ), get flexible and stronger, but more importantly I want to be balanced, find a better relationship towards food and love myself.
    Thanks so much for all the tips ! Looking forward to the rest of them <3

    • Stephanie

      Thank you Mila for searching your goals for 2015 😀 Those are beautiful goals and I hope you will reach all of them. Or, just like me, get started and continue in the right direction. I found out that to reach my goals, it will take me a lifetime but that’s also the beauty of it, we have a lifetime 😉 Hopefully us Fit Girls can help and motivate each other!!! You are awesome!! Good luck! 🙂