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2x WIN: Mipacha shoes


Do you Fit Girls know Mipacha already? At #FITGIRLCODE we’re in love with these colourful shoes and that’s why we’re giving away 2 pairs together with Mipacha, so that you can shine this summer. Today is your lucky day!

Mipacha started out in Cuzco, the heart of Peru. These fair-trade shoes are hand-made by the locals in Peru and are made of authentic South-American fabric. They are inspired by the culture and the landscape of Peru.

The name Mipacha (Quechua for ‘my world’) and the logo are inspired by the old belief of the Incas that Cuzco is the center of the world. Each shoe tells you a unique story of the locals and their history, traditions and culture by use of the colours and symbolic patterns.

Next to that, Mipacha supports the locals with education and social projects. So you can feel good while walking in these shoes. With a pair of Mipacha shoes, you are part of a special world and culture.

Do you want to win a pair of Mipachas to complete your outfit? This is what you need to do to have a chance:

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  3. Tell us in the comments where you would wear these awesome shoes!

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  1. Dominique

    Ik zou deze met alle plezier dragen tijdens mijn citytrip naar Valencia 🙂

  2. Melissa

    What an amazing give-away/win-action! I could really use this amazing shoes because I love all things with much colors! <3

  3. Patricia

    Whoa! Really love these shoes so colourful! Supporting a good cause while wearing these beauties? Perfect match! I will wear these in my new hometown Breda! Yiehaa, just moved out.. Now living on my own!

  4. Anne

    Ik zou deze prachtige schoenen onder mn kleren dragen bij mn reis naar zuid amerika. Hier ga ik samen met een team les geven over dingen als voorbehoedsmiddelen, voeding, beweging en hygiene om zo de levens van de mensen kwalitatief wat te verbeteren en misschien wel te rekken!
    Ook handig dat ze zo tof zijn zodat ik ze niet uit hoef te trekken na mn werk voor wat eten/drinken in de stad! Scheelt weer schoenen meenemen!

  5. Marjolein

    Where I would wear these amazing shoes?? Everywhere!! As a mom of 2, I do not only want to be fit, but want to look stylish as well!!! I need those shoes 🙂 🙂

  6. Muriël

    There are so fluffy/pretty! I want to wear these gorgeous creatures to my city trip to Lisbon next month, I know they’ll fit there just perfectly 🙂

  7. Sandra

    Whaaa i love these shoes! Mipacha is really nice. The colors makes me happy, haha. I will wear these happy shoes at my hometown, but on my vacation in Asia this year, they are really nice too! 🙂

  8. Devika

    Lovely shoes!!! I would wear them on my way to classes during my very last year of studying health sciences in Amsterdam. Great way to feel motivated 🙂

  9. Juncal

    First of all, I didn’t know about this shoes but I totally fall in love with them, they are super cute. Morever, supporting a good cause is always a good idea.
    And now answering the question… I would wear this shoes visiting my best friend Gorka that he just started her Erasmus year of uni in Chiclayo, Peru. I would love to wear this amazing shoes in their precedence world and culture.

  10. I would wear them rocking around my home city – Glasgow. They’re perfect for the laid-back Scottish look 🙂 I LOVE the DESIERTOs!

  11. Suzanne

    Aaaawh supergaaf!! Deze schoentjes zijn ontzettend leuk! Ik zou ze meteen dragen naar het strand natuurlijk! Echte beach patta’s ! Superleuk onder een hip playsuitje!! En als mijn droom uitkomt (3 maanden naar Australie) dan gaan ze ofcourse ook mee!!

    Oeee fingers crossed(a)

    • Suzanne

      Awh I see I answered in Dutch! Oops! I really love these shoes!!<3 really the perfect shoes to wear this summer! I would take them with me to the beach! I would team them up with a bohemian playsuit and smile all day !! And if my dream to travel through Australia would come true.. I would definitely take them with me!!! Ooh they're so pretty hihi. Fingers crossed for this cool giveaway(a)

  12. Lilian

    Ik zou deze heerlijke schoenen dragen op een nazomeravond met de date met m’n lief! Rood voor de liefde!

  13. sharlene

    Ik zou ze dragen onder casual outfits
    en ik dacht mischien is het leuk ze mee te nemen
    naar mij avontuurlijke back to nature reis die er aan zit te komen ik vind ze er daar heel mooi voor uit zien

  14. Cait

    I would have to wear these shoes everywhere! Showing off shoes that are unique and try to make the world a little better with each step, are worth never taking off 🙂

  15. Eline

    I love the shoes so much! I would wear this shoes on the festival where i am going, so i can dance best as i can!

  16. Renee

    I would definitely wear them to the Beach! I live near to the beach Noordwijk aan zee and I just love the beach! The mipacha shoes are amazing with lovely colours, they give me a feel good summer feeling 🙂 So, if I would wear them, the summer will always be with me 🙂 xxxxx

  17. Katja

    I would wear these shoes literally everywhere! On a sunny day in a city; sitting and hanging out with my friends; drinking something nice on a terrace; on a trip to Antwerpen or Paris; or just riding an car on my own!

  18. Franziska

    Those shoes are amazingly beautiful. I would wear them on every Citytrip i´ll made, because they look so comfortable while beeing very stylish. They turn every Outfit into something Special, I would love that!

  19. Anne Sophie

    Wauwwww this shoes are so amazing!!!!
    I’m so in love with them and I want them soooosooosooosooo bad!!!
    If I win I will wear them everywhere and i dont take them off anymore!!


    Anne Sophie

  20. Swarna Ramadasan

    Love the beautiful array of colors the shoe has. I would love to wear them as much as I can since Fitgirlcode symbolises the start of my healthy journey in life, and it would be reminiscent of this awesome choice.
    Love from Abu Dhabi

  21. Nathalie

    I would love to were these shoes on my backpack holiday crossing a few city’s.

  22. Elodie

    I would love to win these colourful shoes! Soon The new school semester will start and eventually it will mean that the days get shorter and it gets dark and gloomy. So a pop of colour would be very motivating ?

  23. Susanne

    I would love these shoes, their amazing fabric and patters! I could definitely use a pair of these for my shoe collection, walking through the ending summer with these!

  24. Jessica

    Oooh I hope it will be my Lucky Day!my pare of mi pacha shoes are broken! I wou love to have some New ones that I could weer in curaçao for my internship!!!

  25. Charlotte

    Damn, I would wear these beauties after a long summer of work back to uni again. Making the shine again in my lovely hometown of Amsterdam. They better watch out with me wearing these babies, while supporting a good cause, I can’t think of a better pair of shoes to wear this autumn!
    Love, Charlotte

  26. Marina Fuentes

    I really hope to win!
    I would wear them every time that I meet someone and they are perfect for school.

  27. Lucy

    I love these shoes I would them on weekends away and an essential travel shoe.

  28. Sanne

    Beautiful shoes! I would love to wear these to work. They seem extremely comfortable, but most of all, they are fashionable and stylish. They can be worn to almost all occasions, work and play 🙂

  29. Lindy

    Wow! Peru is the best country I ever visited and especially Cuzco stole my heart. I visited Cuzco twice now and I have made a lot of friends there. At the end of this year I am going back there, so I would wear these shoes over there, the perfect spot on earth!

  30. Brigit

    Op een zomerse dag op mijn werk om er toch nog een beetje van te kunnen genieten in plaats van alleen maar denken aan dat ik liever buiten ben! Zomer aan je voeten (werkt dan ook goed op de herfstachtige dagen)

  31. Mariah

    I love these shoes! The colors are absolute wonderful! I would wear them whenever I left the house! I currently live in Japan and would rock these as I explore the country!

  32. Anita H.

    Overal. Te beginnen op mijn werk.

  33. Veronica

    Perfecte match! Wat een gave schoenen en een goed doel. Ik zou ze overal dragen. Onder mijn jeans op een feestje, onder een rokje op een festival, in het najaar wanneer ik ga backpacken in Argentinië. Need to say more? Ik zou deze stoere schoenen dolgraag willen winnen.

  34. Katlin Emily

    These shoes would be perfect for any sort of festival! I would wear them to all the summer parties!

  35. Katlin Emily

    These shoes our gorgeous. I’d wear them to all the summer parties and festivals. Even just around running errands.

  36. Erica Vergara

    I love these shoes! I have been looking for a pair like these. I bought a high tops version when I went to Cuzco 3 years ago, but I wore them out.

    I would wear this new pair of Mipacha Shoes to work! I am a nurse practitioner, I used to get compliments with my old shoes paired with my scrubs.

  37. linda

    Would love to have these shoes, to brighten up my outfit, my day, and someone elses… 🙂

  38. Loes

    Wow those colors!! Amazing!!
    I got curious so I had a look at their website and they are fairtrade as well! Since I have bote this kind of companies. I would buy them if I had the money, I fell in love at the first sight, but unfortunately I have no money for them 🙁 so I carefeen to China I know how cruel it can be for the poor people to live/ work. I find it amazing that more and more companies care about letting their employees work under good conditions and payments. With wearing these shoes we can promully hope to win them 😛

    Sorry for the long post 😛

    • Loes

      O something missed . With wearing these shoes we can promote these kind of companies. I would buy them but I have no money for them (students life) So I hope I can win them 😛 I have a lot of dark clothes so they will bright up my outfit for sure

  39. Vanina Dimitrova

    I would literally go everywhere with those shoes. I’ll legit glue them to my feet if I get them. They are wonderful oh my god.

  40. daenice_fit

    Awww these shoes are perfect ! I would love wearing them during longboard session or jus for walk near the beach 🙂
    I’m deanice_fit on instagram , I follow Mipacha <3

  41. susan verhagen

    Wauw wat een gave win actie, ik zou ze natuurlijk liefst altijd dragen maar zou ze zo ie zo dragen in mijn zware reis die ik tegemoed ga om beter voor mezelf te gaan zorgen. Daar zal ik alle kracht voor nodig hebben en sterk in mijn schoenen moeten staan. En met schoenen met zo’n spirituele achtergrond gaat dat zeker lukken, en ze zullen uiteindelijk mijn uniek verhaal vertellen over het overwinnen van mijn geesten uit het verleden.

  42. Jessica

    Who is the lucky one Who have win this asome pare of sneakers! I still hope it will be my lucky day:)!!

  43. Maria Kermagoret

    I love these shoes ! They’re comfortable and pretty. Everyone gives me compliments. I’m going to China in a few weeks and they would be the perfect traveling shoes to visit Beijing in style !

  44. Jez

    I’ll where this everywhere outside the house