5 benefits of living a healthy lifestyle Part I

Sometimes when times are busy (always) we forget about why we started.. for real! So with these benefits of a living a healthy lifestyle, we will get you into the right mood for healthy living. Check out the 5 benefits of living a healthy lifestyle Part I. 

1. Energy is in the air

Walk into an office room or walk into a Zumba class. Different energy level right? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that positive party vibe all day through? It’s possible! For example, when you come home after a long day of study or work you will feel tired right? Think about what that tiredness exactly is. Physically? Don’t think so. A lot of times it has to do everything with your eyes and brains that are tired. What really works for me is to go out for a run (just a small 30 minutes can have a massive impact!). I love to run outdoors on an early morning because either before or after work it will help you to level your physical energy with your mental energy. Happy endorphines, happy you!

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2. Healthyness is your fuel

Once you feel the vibe of living an healthy lifestyle, it’s really easy to hold on to this pattern. A lot of people who train with me, already tried many kinds of diets. Not so fun, because if you don’t change your habits, you only change your food intake. Yeah, I get it, sometimes people work in an office where people eat burgers and fries for lunch. Not so motivating to continue your healthy journey right? To motivate you I have listed 3 inspiring IG accounts: @lisacoconuts, @nomyourself, @foodnessnl

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3. Productivity for 100%

‘I don’t have time for a workout. Or I don’t have time to prepare my meals.’ It all comes to planning. Make a plan and stick to it. When you are able to do that, make sure you challenge yourself for at least one week. After this week you will feel the need to plan because your experience after your workout or that delicious lunch you made yourself, gives you the best feeling in the world. So when you made your plan, everything will fall into place. Honestly, you will see that you have a lot of time extra to spend!

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4. Creative brain

Take in the right fuel and the outcome will be the right energy. How often do you have the feeling of being creative? A lot of people go to their work and go home. At home, they do the household chores, maybe some grocery shopping and will drop down on the couch doing.. nothing other than staring at the TV or computer. Too bad! Being creative can be so much fun and it will feel like a release. To develop creativity you must try to think ‘out of the box’. So how do we do that? Exactly, work out (maybe a new activity?) and eat well (try a new recipe). Is it that simple? Yes, it is but you still have to move your butt and prep your food.

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5. No room for stress


Stress can be good. Actually we need an amount of stress to function properly on a daily basis. I think otherwise we will become lazy. Oh and actually things will be so borrrrring! But the opposite of a little stress is too much stress! Even when you have such a busy schedule during the day or week, give yourself the one-hour-me time to reload again. You will be a nicer you for yourself and your surroundings.




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How do these tips sound to you? Not too hard right? Try to implement some of the steps already. Next time, I will follow up with some other steps to complete your idea of a healthy living lifestyle. Tell me, which of those steps are you going to implement? If you want to add another benefit that suits you, feel free to share it with us and leave your comment below.


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  1. Sofia van der Spoel

    I would like to know how do you plan everything than, I have to go to work at 05.05 in the morning and I’m home at 05.30. That makes it hard to be not theirerd…

    I would like to read a blog about planning.


    • Laura

      Hi Sofia,

      Thank you for your comment, we’re gonna write an article about it! 🙂


  2. Marije

    Leuk lijstje!
    Wel even een opmerking.
    De beschrijving van Alicia begint met ”passionated” maar dat moet ”passionate” zijn. 😉
    Misschien een handig idee om iemand te vragen spelling en formulering te controleren?
    Ik volg de website nu al een tijdje, maar ik kom toch vaak storende fouten tegen.
    Verder zijn jullie super bezig hoor!! 😀

    • Laura

      Thanks Marije! We hebben het aangepast!