5 easy ways to maximize your workout

Ever since I started working full time throughout the week, it has become much harder to exercise. Mainly because I have so much less time compared to when I was a student (which was only 2 months ago…youth where have you gone ? ) since I am basically the whole day at the office. When I do have time, sometimes I simply don’t have the energy or motivation. I went from exercising 4 to 5 times per week to exercising 2 to 3 times. So I totally agree with the fact that we spend so little time of our lives exercising. You can read more about this topic here.

The fact that we exercise so less (of course these depends on each person) should motivate us to get the most out of each single workout we do. After all we wouldn’t like to jeopardize our progress and results because we do things that distract us while we are working out. That’s why I’ve listed 5 simple ways in which you can maximize your workout to get the best out of it!


Put together an epic workout playlist

They say a good playlist can make or break your workout and I couldn’t agree with that more.  I remember once I forgot my iPod at home and I couldn’t finish my 20 minutes cardio. Yes there was music at the gym but it was definitely not the music I need to make me push through those 20 minutes of running hell. On the contrary when I have music with me and my playlist is on point I feel unstoppable! I could run for hours and I even run faster ? . The same counts from when I’m doing weight training, when the music is good it makes it easier to do all the reps I have to do.

Sometimes I even wait for the beat to drop in a song to increase the intensity of an exercise. That’s why I can tell you, a good workout playlist is a MUST. Plus listening to your own music with your headphones makes you feel you are in your own bubble and helps against distractions, like those noisy guys lifting weights or girls who seem more like they should be chatting in a  café instead of at a gym. Upgrade your workout playlist and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference of how hard you push yourself and how much pleasant the time at the gym feels.

Switch your phone off

There is one golden rule which everyone should follow: social media is for home, not for the gym. Just think about it, how many hours a day are you working out and how many hours a day do you spend checking your phone? Although checking your social media networks, answering a WhatsApp or uploading that mandatory gym selfie may seem like a great thing to do during your rest breaks, the truth is that most of the times doing these things will make your rest breaks longer than they should be.

A resting break should be around 40 seconds and although that seems like enough time to scroll through your timeline, it is actually not! Forget about your phone for that 1 hour you are at the gym and focus so that you can really maximize your time there! A good tip to help you get off the phone while you are at the gym is to turn your cellphone on airplane mode just for the time you are working out. This way you won’t be tempted by any notifications.

Have active breaks instead of resting breaks

If you don’t work out that often and you want to make sure that  you get an intense workout when you do, try swapping your passive resting breaks (such as standing, sitting down, or laying down , depending which exercise you were doing) for active breaks. For example if you have just finished an exercise focused in your arms,  instead of simply standing, try to do a set of 15 squats. This way you will target a whole different muscle group and you will keep your heart rate elevated while still resting your arms. Remember that it is important to keep yourself good hydrated. If you are really struggling it’s okay to use your break to actually rest. Just remember, stay  off your phone!

Use ankle weights

Ankle weights are a great way to add extra intensity to your workout, especially if you are working out from home. You will be amazed of how much harder your whole body has to work when you add a small amount of resistance in your ankles ?. If you don’t know which weight to choose for your ankle weights, I would recommend starting with 1 kilo per ankle and try to add a kilo every 3 weeks.

Find a workout friend

Ever since I work out I do it on my own. I tried once to go to the gym with my boyfriend and I didn’t like it. I’ve always felt like working out was my ‘me time’ and doing it alone made me feel relaxed. However, every time I go to the gym and I want to try new exercises I wish I was with a friend that would motivate me to get over my shyness and just do it! The truth is that as much as I like exercising on my own, exercising with a friend has so many other benefits that I don’t get when I exercise alone. (You can read everything about the benefits working out with a friend has here )

As you can see, maximizing your workout is really not hard at all. By doing these 5 simple things you can be sure that you are maximizing every workout! 

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