5 Essentials for the ultimate focus

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you can’t find a moment of peace in your mind and have trouble focussing during an important moment? No worries, it happens to the best of us! Everyone has a period of time in which find it more difficult to concentrate and to focus your attention. With these five essentials you are zen and focused in no time. 

  1. Turn your phone off or put it on flight mode. This is definitely the number 1. I don’t like to admit it, but even I cannot resist the temptations of social media and have the feeling that I constantly have to be connected with the world around me. Subconsciously I reach for my phone every couple of minutes and I automatically scroll through my Instagram feed without even registering what I’m seeing. Trust me, if you put your phone away, you’re a lot more productive. So phone off, focus on!
  2. Something to munch on. I feel that I can focus better when I have a handful of nuts, some fruit or a bar within reach. A good excuse for a nice and healthy snack, but don’t overdo it! 🙂
  3. A can of Tranquini. I used to have the bad habit of getting a cup of coffee or energy drink when I had to finish, for example, an important article. I would then get a sugar rush and bounce all over the place and had no peace in my mind. Until I found Tranquini. The drink is made of herbal extracts and natural ingredients and makes you zen and focused. Even better: it tastes great as well! 😉
  4. Get in your most comfy outfit. Tight jeans can be annoying so for the ultimate chill mode you better take a oversized sweater and your fave sweatpants. Relax away!
  5. Put some music on. If I’m just hanging on the couch, I love to have some background music. When I’m working on my thesis (no, still didn’t finish that), then I put on some music without text so I can concentrate better. It really helps!

How do you get focused or zen? These 5 tips work great for me, try them out and let me know what you think! 🙂 

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