5 ways to make your New Year’s resolutions stick

Maybe you have already made your New Year’s resolutions and broken them, or you didn’t make any because you don’t think you will stick to them! More workouts, eating healthier, spending more time with your girlfriends; the same ones appear every year. This year we’re pretty damn sure that you are going to ace those resolutions though. Today I have five tips to help you on your way!

1. Be realistic

The goals we sometimes set for ourselves can be quite unrealistic. Lowering your bodyfat percentage with 30% during the first six months, for instance. Obviously it’s quite hard to accomplish this. Your body needs time to adapt to the changes in your eating habits and work-out routine. Very ambitious goals sound fun but they’re often quite hard to carry through. When you find yourself struggling to reach your resolutions during the first month of the year this can be quite demotivating. Don’t focus on the numbers you see on the scale. When you’re working on a healthier version of you, your body will definitely react to that. Sometimes it just needs a little (too much) time.

2. Start off with a month

A year is quite a long time. So setting goals which will last for the entire year might not work for you. You can try to adjust your new years resolutions each month. For example, you could make a promise to yourself to go to the gym at least 3 times a week during January. If you succeed, you can set up a new goal for February. Using your bike more often, for instance. When your goals seem to fail during the first month this is really demotivating. This will cause you to give up quicker and that would be such a shame!

3. Track your results

Looking back at what you have accomplished so far is very important. When you make a progress picture each month, you will see a lot more changes than you would think. In this way you keep track of your successes and it’s great to look back at them when you feel a bit down. So get yourself a cute notebook and use this to track how much weight you have lost, how many days you’ve spent without smoking or the awesome grades you got at school.

4. Treat yo self

Treating yourself always works! It doesn’t matter in which way you do it. Treating yourself a little after you’ve achieved your goal is always fun. For example, getting yourself a new pretty work-out bra after you’ve visited your gym a couple of times a week. Or getting yourself a new perfume when you’ve gathered the courage to ask your crush out for a date.

5. Be patient

Expecting that you are going to reach your dream body in no-time is obviously not realistic. Being patient is important, especially when you’re eating healthy and working-out often. Some bodies tend to change quicker than others and this can be quite frustrating. When you want to change your habits once and for all, your body will need some time to adapt. But believe me, start 2016 with the goal to healthy and happy you will see really positive results!

Write down your plans, this will make it a lot easier to maintain all of your resolutions and reach your goals. I wish you the best of luck in 2016!

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