6 reasons to get hooked on the N+TC App

I have a huge crush on Nike. Nike has the looks, it gives me energy and has brains too. Nike had me at “Just do it”.  I LOVE the whole package and now I get to workout together, with the N+TC App. Here are 6 reasons to get hooked on N+TC App, my favourite workout app.

1. Stay in

‘No time’ isn’t an excuse anymore. When you’ve got two kids at home, you can’t always go to gym. So say hello to home workouts! But improvising and making up your own exercise doesn’t (always) work for me.  Thank God for Nike telling me what to do. N+TC has a lot of excellent ‘ready made’ workouts (and complete programs) for every goal, fitness level and amount of time you have. So when I only have 15 minutes for a workout, there’s no problem and no excuse.

N+TC App

2. All together now

As an N+TC member you’re part of the Nike Women Community. Don’t think that it’s a creepy thing. You are just working out, like thousands of other women who are working their asses off to become a better version of themselves. That feels great. Check out the #ntc for example. Share your power!

3. Take away

If you feel guilty about not working out  during your holiday (like I do), this app is totally made for you! I’ve already used it multiple times on vacation and I never leave home without it. It got me planking in front of a vacation bungalow in Spain, working out with bottles filled with heavy stones in Greece and I almost got the animation team ready to perform a live N+TC training. (Unfortunately they chickened out…)

N+TC App

4. New places

I love this app because of it’s “any time, anywhere” approach, but it also takes you to places you might never have been to before. Nike is a great host and plans lots of small events, where you can join live N+TC workouts with inspiring Nike Trainers or athletes like the Dutch world champion sprint 200m Dafne Schippers and Dutch women’s soccer player Anouk Hoogendijk.  So bye bye living room, and hello great (community) vibes in a unique urban setting. (Just make sure you sort out a babysitter)

N+TC App

5. Stay updated

You’ll never get bored or tired (well maybe a little tired) of this app, because you’ll find new killer workouts on a regular basis. There is so much that it’s sometimes hard to choose! Thankfully you can also save your favourite workouts ;-).

6. Nike Fuel

And when you are as hysterical about this app as I am, you can make yourself even more happy with the Nike Fuel you earn through all this hard work. On top of that, you earn some nice badges for the workouts you do. The more workouts you do, the more fuel points you get. This shouldn’t be your main goal of course, but they add extra moments of happiness during my workouts.

It almost feels like I’m getting paid to write this blog, but hell I wish I were.  I’d love to work for Nike. It’s just a ‘little’ crush (*blushing*) I’ve got on Nike. And I’m sure you will feel the same way after trying one of these many great workouts.

One last warning

I just forgot one tiny little detail: you’ll probably get a little greedy when seeing all those great Nike outfits in N+TC app. Just sayin’ 😛

My stats so far
Workouts: 46

My top 3 favourite workouts 

  1. Drill Sergeant
  2. Ab Burner
  3. Mean Machine

What’s your favourite? And will you tell me all about your first workout please? 🙂 If someone at Nike reads this blog, I do work for giftcards 🙂

High five and much love,


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