9 Tips to finish what you started

Do you have a habit of starting projects, but not finishing them? If so, you are not the only one. Many people have a habit of starting projects but not finishing them, which is a very bad practice. But YEAH, us Fit Girls and Guys are used to challenges in the gym so we can most definitely turn this habit into a positive practice! 😀 So let’s start by sharing these 9 tips on how to finish the projects you start!

Most of the time it’s not your enthusiasm or motivation that will prevent you from finishing what you started. Your enthusiasm is one of the main reasons why you invested your time and energy into a new project, or when you change your idea into a battle plan. NO, most of the time it is the first bump in the road, as you are trying to run across your project-journey, like you’re in a running contest and didn’t anticipate you needed to jump or run back a few times to take a different direction to reach your goal.

Because those bumps are not much fun and you start to realize your project or idea is a bit more complicated and challenging than the 30 DAY FULL BODY CHALLENGE 😉 your enthusiasm fades away like your muscles if you skip your work-outs for two weeks.

And that’s where it goes wrong… you lose your motivation and start making excuses not to continue this road, like faking a busy schedule, be a lazy mermaid or start a new project or challenge. So what is it you need to know and think about if you want to finish what you’ve started?

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  1. José

    These are super great tips!! Thanks!


    • Stephanie

      Thank you José! 🙂 Just visited your website and your BLACK AND WHITE SELF-PORTRAITS are beautiful! =)