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From a small Instagram account that started in 2014, Fitgirlcode has grown into a global online community of fit and healthy women. A team of bloggers is ready to inspire and motivate you every day to find a healthy lifestyle that fits your personality. Fitgirlcode gives women the tools to go through life as real ‘Fit Girls’. Whether you have just started your fit your journey or you just need that final push to get those abs of steel you have always wanted, the Fitgirlcode community supports you through thick and thin! And if you want to occasionally enjoy that favorite chocolate of yours? Then you just do it! That’s what we Fit Girls think. You’ve worked hard for it and you deserve it!

We want you to be the fittest and happiest version of yourself. Therefore, we are keeping up with the latest fitness trends, the most effective workouts and the tastiest and healthy meals to support you every day! We do not believe in crash diets, slimming pills or other quick and unhealthy measures. It all involves a change of lifestyle to one that suits you best and that does not feel like something you’re supposed to ‘keep up with’. The main purpose: to make the world a healthier place, one Fit Girl at a time.

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