Aranka is the founder of Fitgirlcode and tries to balance out her meetings, appointments and other Girl Boss duties with some well deserved, quality ‘me time’ which is often dedicated to circuit trainings and yoga. She can now effortlessly balance herself on her head, a real yogi! Aranka is always looking for some fresh inspiration and never lacks entrepreneurial ideas. AKA She’s a real BOSS.



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Shelley is the Brand Relations Manager at Fitgirlcode and manages all the daily operations at the Fitgirlcode HQ. With her black belt in Taekwondo, Shelley became a real strength-training enthusiast. Her biggest aim at Fitgirlcode is to make beautiful and original brands shine through in a creative way. Shelley loves making sure Fitgirlcode grows and expands even more into an engaging health community. Every Sunday she makes sure to take the time to bake some deliciously healthy cakes, but you can also make her very happy with a good glass of wine or Belgian beer. ?

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Elisa works, together with Dorien, on the website and social media for Fitgirlcode, thereby giving our international readers the opportunity to enjoy some health and fit inspiration. After years upon years of playing field hockey, Elisa decided to dedicate her time to strength training, which she now has been doing for the last 2 years. The 21 year old entrepreneurial student enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, but don’t underestimate the love she has for her weekly cheat meal!



Dorien always had a passion for water polo, but because of her studies which take up slightly too much time, she had to stop. However, she still finds the time to hit the swimming pool once in a while. Together with Elisa, with whom she’s been working with over the past 3 years, she’s been working hard on the improvement of our website. She is thus putting all her efforts into giving you the motivation you need to keep working at your goal! Ever since Dorien joined the Fitgirlcode team she’s been living an even healthier lifestyle herself, and she has come to appreciate it.


Sophie is one of the writers that aims to inspire and motivate you every day with her own dose of health and fitness experience. She is half French and half Dutch, yet she spent all of her studies and schooling in an international, English environment. She is the number 1 ultimate foodie, and somehow seems to perfectly balance this with the time she spends in the gym and on the [hockey] field. Read one of her articles and you’ll be left passionate and excited about living a healthy active lifestyle.


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Born in Curaçao, yet grew up in St. Maarten. With Nympha it’s all about easy living! As a little girl she always wanted to be with her brothers and so she got to try out all the sports you could possibly think of. Her love for sports can now be found in her passion for weight lifting. On a side note, SHE LOVES GOOD FOOD!



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Ryanne is in charge of all the graphics at #FITGIRLCODE. Even when she was little she was spending her days doing all sorts of creative activities. That explains why she chose to forego her studies in graphic design. She is now successfully in her final year and decided to graduate while working at Fitgirlcode since she’s very interested in all aspects of healthy living and eating.



Robin is not a fan of doing nothing, thus you can always find her either writing for the Dutch Fitgirlcode, studying, or working on her own startup company. Thanks to her great planning skills, she manages to combine all her projects AND keep up her workout + (healthy) eating schedule. Her Instagram exposes her small addiction to coffee, so you can expect to see lots of picture of her with a cup of coffee in hand! Overall, she will help you find a balance in your healthy active lifestyle.


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Roos is a 30 year old, happy, energetic lady from Rotterdam. She lost 12 kilos by training long and hard (strength training and CrossFit), and now she focuses her training on further toning her body. She simply loves that proud, energetic feeling she gets after every workout! In her daily life she works as a first aid nurse. You can further follow Roos on her active Instagram page, @dokter.roos, for some real training tips, motivating blogs, and easy, deliciously healthy recipes.



From not sporting to sportslover. Jogging, cycling, strength training… Nathalie is always up for a challenge! Her top priority on her bucket list is to run a whole marathon.





Passionate about food, sports and writing. Roos is a fitness junkie with a great love for her camera and Instagram. She’s always up for some sushi and, of course, prefers to fill her days with lots and lots of GOOD FOOD!





Between finishing her studies and work, Milou is busy working on the social media of the Dutch Fitgirlcode. Besides that, she makes sure to save up enough time for her sports. No matter the sport, Milou will work at it at a 100%. No challenge is too big! Stress relief from her busy schedule mainly comes from shopping and travelling, which almost all women can relate to, right?! Her favourite travels are spent on the road, discovering new cities with its best hot spots.



Nikki is a 20 year old communication and media student that lives under the motto ‘enjoy life, eat cake’. She likes to spend her days as creatively as possible, with a slight addiction to social media on the side. Once in a while she becomes the victim of a snack-attack, which, to be honest, no one can avoid. Nikki is always busy with something, whether it is strength training in the gym, horse riding, drinking wine with friends, or the trying out of new snack-recipes. Nikki is one of our writers on the Dutch Fitgirlcode.



Lotte is an always joyful, creative and enthusiastic lady who spends her time, as a real Fit Girl does, in the gym. The rest of her energy is dedicated to her work as a pedagogue and to her passion for making healthy + tasty dishes.





Elise is a 20 year old communication science student at the University of Twente (Netherlands), who has a wide range of interests: singing, cooking & baking, writing, and the occasional Netflix binge. In addition, she loves jogging, strength training, and yoga, all of which are energetically looked forward to every time. Her healthy eating lifestyle and need for sports is what gives her her daily motivation boost. She wakes up every day, ready to tackle life’s challenges.


Nina and Maris

particular higher education or online formation, they managed to build up their very own little business. In other words, THIS COULD BE YOU! Curious about their lifestyle and how they manage to keep up their health and fitness goals when travelling? They blog about it all here at Fitgirlcode, and they also have their own Youtube channel: Nina & Maris. Let yourself get inspired, dream away with them and get a taste of the heavenly life abroad.