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Irene is a mom of 2 with a full time job in marketing, as well as working as a Les Mills Sh’bam and BodyBalance instructor. She’s always on the move and loves to inspire other people to get moving too. Fitgirlcode fuels her with inspiration for work, sports, food and her own blog

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Creating your own #Fitgirlcode for moms
I often get asked: How do you do it? Combining a full time job and a family of 2 boys with 3 hours of instructing group fitness classes, running twice a week and blogging about it. Yup, that’s me. What can I say? I am a busy bee. I personally need to do all of those things to stay happy and fun. So let’s get this straight: I am not a super mom, in any case not more or less than any other mom. But for those who are wondering how to fit a regular work out in your schedule, I am happy to share some tips!

1. Short, intense and sweet
One of the biggest myths of not being able to work out is the lack of time. Well, here’s some good news: 30 minutes is often all you need! Whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, cardio or a strength work out, when you use those 30 minutes for interval training (aka HIIT) you do the same or even more than during an moderate 1-hour workout! The other thing is, that making time for your work out leaves MORE time for your other activities? Working out regularly (3 times a week that is) gives your more energy and focus to do all the other stuff. You’ll get it done faster and easier, leaving you time for…, well, what ever you like. How great is that?

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  1. Diara

    After my son was born I have had difficulties making the time to work out because my husband works shifts and sometimes misses for days at a time. Ultimately the key has been enrolling in a class and hiring a baby sitter to ensure that I would actually do something at least once a week.
    I also try to work out first thing in the morning but it’s not always doable because often my son wakes up the same time as me and doesn’t leave me alone.
    Lately I decided to ride my bike with my son. It may not be HIIT but at least it is some sort exercise. Actually I call it loving moviment 🙂

    • Irene

      At some point, I would like so do some early morning work outs too, but I have the same problem as you with my two-year old. Make due with what’s possible, any work out is still one more than no work out at all, right?

  2. […] Sporten als moeder, lijkt soms een uitdaging voor gevorderden. Maar denk alsjeblieft niet dat je Supermama moet zijn om sporten en moederschap te kunnen combineren. Ik bedoel, ik doe ook maar wat. Ik was dan ook super vereerd toen de Rotterdamse meiden van de populaire Engelstalige blog https://www.fitgirlcode.com vroeg of ik mijn ervaringen met sporten en moederschap wilde delen. De originele post vind je hier. […]

  3. Vicky

    Great blog, Irene! I love the tips! Even without kids (or a full time job), it can get difficult to schedule your me-time. But you certainly inspired me again today. In fact, I’m going for a run (read; brisk walk) (still recovering) RIGHT NOW.
    Your fan, Vicky

    • Irene

      And to think it was you who inspired me in the first place with your blog and your 30 day challenge! Let’s keep on inspiring each other, the world will be a happier place for it. X

  4. Merel

    Kabamn! Powerwoman in the house! As a mother of 2 boys (3 years and a baby) i know how difficult it can be to keep a focus on your own wellbeing instead of everybody elses before your own. And you found your modus! So I say: respect! 🙂

  5. mar

    I started running with my friend three months ago. We are both mother of two, we work and go to study. Three times a week we try to go for a run in the evening.sometimes we are so tired, but after the run we’re feeling great and reloaded. Before i went to bed at 21:30-22:00, now often at 23:30 because i have to much energy. Also i have more energy playing with my kids and cleaning the house. At the attic my huseband had made a little fitnessroom. You can train together and it motivates. For my daugther of 5 we bought some runningshoes and we went for the first run together. So much fun! the beginnen of your healthy and fit journey is difficult but you truthfully get more energy!!!

    • Irene

      What a lovely husband you’ve got, converting the attic into a fitness room! The family that works out together, stays together, that’s for sure. And I would love to see a picture of you and your little running girl

  6. Marloes

    Hi Irene! Love your energy! Same story up here! I’m a mom of a three year old girl and she wants to be as fit as her mom too! Inspiring how you get everything done in your busy week, but at the same time I do know how to get shit done and workout as well ;-). My only challenge is to get my partner with me because he thinks I’m getting a little bit to sporty and he want’s me on the couch once in a while! We will find a way! Goodluck with all and keep blogging! High five!