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In my last ambassador blog I wrote about the benefits of keeping a health log. Because some people wanted to more about it, I’m sharing my health log with you! I will show you what I ate last week and after that I will tell you how I evaluate my progress. So here it is, my health log.

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First of all, unfortunately I’m having an injury at the moment. Normally I workout about 5 – 6 times a week, but last week I didn’t do any workouts (except from some easy core exercises). That’s why I didn’t log my exercise routine, because at this moment it’s not interesting at all…

IMG_20141027_214954Normally I eat more snacks, but because I wasn’t really active last week, I also wasn’t feeling so hungry in between my meals. In my opinion it’s more important what you eat than when you eat, so I have no problems with not eating every 2 hours. For me it works perfectly fine this way.

I was so curious about how many calories and macronutrients I actually eat, so I also tracked my calorie & macronutrient intake. Because I’m eating plant-based, I ‘ve always wondered how many proteins I actually eat and if it’s certainly enough. According the guidelines, for my body type (60 kgs/ 1.74 m) I should eat about 48 – 52 grams of protein a day. So it turns out that I certainly eat enough proteins with my plant-based diet!


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  1. v_tegrotenhuis@hotmail.com

    he Lotta! Vraagje, hoe bereken jij jouw calorie inname en jouw eiwitten,vetten en koolhydraten? Alvast bedankt voor je antwoord! Liefs

    • Lotta

      Hi there!

      Ik heb mijn calorieën berekend met de app “my fitness pal”, is een hele complete app en super-easy met invullen! Je kan daar zowel wat je eet als wat je hebt verbrand invullen, waardoor je een heel compleet beeld krijgt van de verhouding intake – verbranding. Succes! 🙂 Xx Lotta