Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

The benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning seem to be endless. I personally love it and have been doing it for about two years now and was happily surprised to see it has thát many benefits. What are the most amazing advantages and how to do it?


Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

– It improves digestion. Lemons contain pectin fiber which is very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial . Lemon is also said to aid in the production of digestive juices.

– Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that can pump up the immune system. The vitamin C is also of immense benefit to the skin and it can prevent the formation of wrinkles and acne.

– Lemon water can help ‘clean’ your body by balancing the pH levels in the body. Having warm lemon juice early in the morning also helps flush out toxins. These benefits do wonders for you skin too.

So, how to actually drink lemon water? I always fill up a glass with warm water (not too hot, cause this can damage the enzymes from the lemon, and not too cold. Ideally cooled down boiled water) and squeeze out half a lemon. I always drink it with a straw and wash my mouth after in order to prevent enamel damage. Most of the time, this is about half an hour before I actually have breakfast. Depending on the lemon, I quite like the taste. Sometimes I just get a sour surpise but I still don’t have any problems finishing my drink. If you dislike the taste, you could add a little bit of honey. Are you going to give it a try??


source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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  1. lydia

    So, do you have to wait half an hour between lemon-water and breakfast?
    Because I do always have breakfast right after lemon-water.

    • Annegeke

      It is recommended to wait for about 20 minutes before you have your breakfast:)

  2. Amy

    Klinkt goed, ik dacht altijd dat iedereen het koud dronk!

  3. Marcia

    Ik doe het nu ongeveer een half jaar. In het begin kreeg ik het amper weg,maar nu kan ik niet met zonder! 😉 en inderdaad alleen maar plus punten!

    • Annegeke

      Super! Leuk om te horen dat meer mensen zo enthousiast zijn!:)

  4. zonderzooi

    Ik drink het zelf ook elke dag, zou geen dag zonder kunnen! Vind het ook heel erg lekker fris eigenlijk, prima om de dag mee te starten.

    • Annegeke

      Ja he! Helemaal mee eens!

  5. Fleur

    Ik dronk het ook echt elke ochtend, totdat mijn tandarts zei dat mijn glazuur enorm aangetast was en of ik misschien teveel zuur eet of drink… Ik ben nu dus maar gestopt 🙁

    • Annegeke

      Ooh echt! Dronk jij het met een rietje? Ik ga het ook wel even navragen als ik weer bij de tandarts ben

  6. Mila

    I would be very interested in starting to drink lemon water every morning, but I have one question. When do you brush your teeth? You said you wash your mouth right after drinking, but you shouldn’t brush your teeth right after something like lemon. I have been told that you should wait at least 30 minutes. And lemon isn’t that good for teeth so I am kinda worried. That’s all I have, It would be great if I got an answer!
    With love, Mila

  7. Annegeke

    Hi Mila,

    I always just ‘wash my mouth’ with water. I think it’s a good thing to be careful with it. I also always use a straw when drinking it but I’m not sure how well a straw actually keeps the water away from your teeth. Fleur also commented (in Dutch) that her dentist said that her teeth were damaged so yes be careful and maybe ask your dentist when you see him/her just in case!

    X Anne