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A Place of Power
After my college graduation, a co-founded a dance fitness company called Kerboomka. I wanted to inspire the world through movement. It was my first taste of the business world and I was addicted. I soon realized that being a woman in a world where men and business suits rule, was a bit of a daunting undertaking.

A friend bought me the book. “Lean In” and instantly had a flashback to my kindergarten playground showdown . Every word jumped off the page and into my determined soul. I experienced the stereotypes, the non-believers, and the anxiety of being a woman in the business world every day. I wanted to “sit at the table” with the power talkers and big money. But just like elementary school, it felt like the popular kids were having a party…. And I wasn’t invited. Instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for myself, that fierceness kicked back in and I PUSHED BACK!


Power(FULL) Girl
Power(FULL) Girl is my way of screaming to the world that women are FULL of so much more than you think. We are FULL of power, passion, wisdom, and intelligence! Power(FULL) girl is a place of power for women of all ages. It is a community of girls who want to help each other. We help build leadership skills, business opportunities, new career ideas and showcase the women who are kicking butt in their industries today!

It’s time to ROAR and make yourself HEARD!
Every young girl deserves to know her potential and every grown woman deserves to know that she can do anything she puts her mind too! I hope that through this growing community, we can change the way women are treated in the work place and in life. My goal is to show women that the power is within. Your voice is there… it’s time to ROAR and make yourself HEARD!

The official launch of the Power(FULL) Girl website will be in Dec 14’. Stroll on over to my website to check out even more woman empowerment articles, exercise tips, and recipes. I would LOVE to hear from you, so make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter and say HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Until next time… stay power(FULL)! #hearmeroar



Nikki Pebbles



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