Cutting the Crap for 30 Days

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Ever since I started my Master studies two months ago, I have been eating so much crap due to a lack of time and motivation to eat healthy. Like really, you can’t even imagine all that I have stuffed my face with. And I enjoyed it, so there’s really no shame in it, but I do notice that I feel less and less energetic and that I have a lot of ‘bad’ moments in which I feel I just don’t have the energy to keep up with a 40-hour study and a 20-hour job. Which is busy, I know, but nothing I shouldn’t be able to handle if I’m in the right mindset. So yesterday I decided: I’m cutting the crap. 30 days, of which 4 allowed cheat days. Are you with me?

Fueling your body with the right foods can make such an incredible difference, we all know that! And now that I need the energy more than ever, I’m eating all this crap, which makes me even less energetic – something I really can’t be right now. I need all the energy I can get. Cutting back the crap for 30 days will be hard – oh yes, I will probably hate myself at some times for doing this, but hey, I’m quite sure the benefits will outweigh those insignificant moments of despising this.

I was tired of being tired (oh the irony) so I started YESTERDAY. I was already changing my mind about the whole idea half an hour after I came up with it, so I immediately told the #FITGIRLCODE crew about it so it would become a little embarrassing to change my mind after that.. And here I am writing this article, telling you thousands of Fit Girls about it. No way back for me anymore, huh?

Probably I will wake up more than once thinking “Oh God.. What have I done”. And you might too if you decide to join me. But let’s try to remind ourselves of the benefits of persevering – feeling fitter and better just and solely by cutting the crap! This is not about losing weight or getting that sixpack, this is about us feeling better. Cheat days are part of that, otherwise we’ll all go cray cray and eat the entire world’s stock of M&Ms (good for the company, not so good for us). So you get 4 cheat days, plan em whenever you want. Have a birthday or family dinner coming up? No problem. Just take one of your four wildcards and devour whatever comes in your path 😉

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  1. Renee

    Hoi Shelley,
    Heel herkenbaar dit verhaal. Ik heb zelf ook last van wat minder energie door verkeerde voeding..
    Dus je hebt al één medestander gevonden! I’m in!
    Succes de komende 30 dagen! 🙂

    • Shelley

      Hi Renee,
      Yay! Doe ik het in ieder geval niet alleen 😀
      Jij ook succes! En laat je weten hoe het gaat de komende 30 dagen?
      X Shelley

  2. Anne

    Hey Shelley!
    Woa! Perfect article for me to read at this moment! Same as you, I have started my Master in September in the Netherlands (quite a change for me, new university, new country) and I also feel like crap these days because I just don’t fuel my body with the right stuff.. I was looking for a buddy for motivation and now here you are! I will start by the end of the week, I’ll keep you updated (I don’t use IG much but there’s a start for everything!)
    Amazing website btw!! 🙂 I visit it everyday (even sometimes twice a day ^^)

    • Shelley

      Hi Anne!
      It’s so good to hear that you can identify! I’d love to be your motivational buddy 😀 Now at least we both know we’re not the only ones right!
      Hope you are enjoying the Netherlands and your Master. Let’s kill it these coming 30 days and do keep me posted on Instagram! I’d love to hear how you are doing 🙂
      And ahw, that’s so cool – that’s what we’re doing this for!
      X Shelley

  3. Heleen

    I’m in!

  4. Sandrea

    Hoi Shelley,
    Studie in de avonduren was voor mij een jaar lang een excuus om enorm te snoepen ‘s avonds. Ik ben er begin sept. cold turkey mee gestopt en het voelt zo goed! Ik ben 7 kilo afgevallen (en was al niet dik, maar krijg nu een six-pack) en heb zo veel meer energie ‘s avonds, zonder dat gedoe over wat te snacken zonder voldoening eigenlijk. En het verbaast me hoe makkelijk het is/gaat! Je ziet zo snel resultaat! Ik snack nu helemaal niet meer, gewoon 3 gezonde maaltijden per dag. Succes! gr. S.

    • Shelley

      Hi Sandrea,
      Bedankt voor je berichtje! Wat goed dat je er zo cold turkey mee bent gestopt. Ik denk niet dat ik chocola zo ineens op zou kunnen geven haha 0:) Maargoed, daar hebben we de cheat days voor.
      Echt super goed dat het je zo makkelijk afgaat! Ik hoop dat dat bij mij ook het geval zal zijn!
      X Shelley

  5. katinks

    Snacks? Home made granola, homr made granola bars, home made oatmeal-gingerbread (havermoutontbijtkoek dus). The sky’s the limit, really. You just gotta start baking it!

    • Shelley

      Hi Katinks,
      Thanks for your tips! Unfortunately I have about zero time to bake stuff (even though I looove it), so do you perhaps have any more ideas for snacks? Or are there recipes that you know of that can be made really easily and quickly? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂
      X Shelley

  6. Nadine

    Hey Shelley,

    I have got some easy snack ideas for you. 🙂

    – Dried fruit
    – Dates filled with natural peanut butter
    – Carrots with hummus
    – Healthy banana ice cream (cut one or two bananas in small pieces, put in the freezer for min. 4 hours and blend, you can top it of with some cinnamon or cacao if you like)
    – Chocolate date balls (throw some medjool dates, nuts and/or seeds (whatever you like) and two tbs of cacao in a blender and make balls out of it, you can cover them in shredded cocos if you like –> great for sweet chocolate cravings 🙂 You can keep them in the fridge for about 5 days.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your clean month!!

    X Nadine

    • Shelley

      Nadine, you’re my hero! I am definitely going to do this! Especially the chocolate date balls.. Man I have had cravings for chocolate so bad already. And I have all those ingredients at the moment, so I know what my evening snack will be today! Thanks a lot! 🙂
      X Shelley

  7. Linda

    Ik doe met je mee vanaf morgen. Ontbijt, lunch en de gezonde snacks staan al klaar

    • Shelley

      Woohoo! Goed bezig! Succes de komende 30 dagen en hou je me op de hoogte hoe het gaat? 🙂
      X Shelley

  8. Hester

    For me one of the moste difficult things is to stay committed every time of the day, even when I’ve had a hard day on school, or worked a lot.
    At these moments I often forget about my commitments, and I admit for choclate. It’s always a sugary treat for me, I think I’m still adicted at these stuff, even though I eat very healthy most of the time. There is no day without a small (or big at worse day’s!) sugary treat :(.

    If somebody have tips let me know! I think a cold turkey stop works the best. But it’s so difficult when there are so much temptations all around.

    • Shelley

      Hi Hester,
      I completely understand, I have the same thing! I’m a sucker for chocolate so I’m always in need of something sugary during the day.. I think the best thing is to substitute it with other (naturally sweet) snacks, like dates, or the cacao balls that Nadine mentioned above if you scroll up in the comments. That way you do satisfy your sugar cravings but in a healthy way, not with bad artificial sugars.
      Going cold turkey could work, but do plan some cheat days like I’m doing with this 30 days cutting the crap. If you cut it out of your daily routine completely, you’ll probably be incredibly fed up with it one day, end up binge eating and then feeling bad about it. Cheat days are ok! Go easy on yourself 😉

      And concerning the temptations – try to minimize them as much as possible. Don’t buy chocolate so you don’t have any in your house. Make sure you have substitutes so that when you are craving something sugary, there only is a healthy option. Avoid the stores when you’re hungry or craving sugar, go there after you’ve had a good meal and feel satisfied. Tell your friends you’re trying to live healthy so they don’t offer you sweets all the time.

      I hope this helps! Why don’t you try and do the 30 days cutting the crap with me? 🙂

      X Shelley

  9. Jessica

    Thanks for posting this Shelley! I’m glad I stumbled upon your challenge because as work/life is getting busier, I feel more stressed and prone to eating sugary treats that I know aren’t good for me.
    Even though I generally eat a well-balance diet and exercise regularly, once I tell myself it’s okay to eat one chocolate bar or one scoop or ice cream, the flood gates open and all the sugary treats become fair game :/

    I’m all for #cuttingthecrap these next 30 days!

    • Shelley

      Aww it’s good to hear that you are joining Jessica! I’m in exactly the same place. Although I have to say, I’m at day 9 now and it’s going really wel! Cravings are also less and less frequently 🙂 So it’s definitely worth doing! Good luck and keep me up to date 😉 X Shelley

  10. Lisa Marijke

    Okee ik ben misschien een paar maanden te laat, maar ik ga alsnog beginnen 😉