Diamond League Shanghai

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Sunday was race day and I was so nervous! The 400m hurdles started at 19:00,so I  a lot of time to be nervous. I didn’t really know anyone there and being alone is even worse when you are unbelievable nervous! I spent the day watching grey’s anatomy, eating and mostly doing nothing.

Finally it was warm-up time. During the warm-up my nerves got a lot better and my body felt good. It helped that I did not really knew how my competition looked like, so I could not be distracted by them. 18:30 Call Room time, also time to meet my competition and they looked fierce! In the Call Room they check your spikes, racing kit and bag and the last moment to go to the toilet. Very important, because I always have to go at least hundred times before a race. Also this is where my nerves get the worst of me. I always use a mantra to get my nerves in check. My mantra today: I am going to be Badass!

Time to go to the track and I was up front. There was quite a lot of audience and the track always seems bigger with a filled stadium around it. I kept saying to myself ‘I am going to be badass, I am going to be badass’. I tested my start at the first hurdle and I felt good! Before the race they introduce all the athletes, because I was in lane one the cameraman was pointing his camera at me the whole time and I had no idea if he was filming, getting me even more nervous. (for the record: he was filming and everybody watching Eurosport could see me and my nerves!)

Finally it was racetime. On your marks, I am going to be badass, Set, I am going to be badass and the starting shot went. I was going fast! Everybody was going fast, but I was going fast too! Until hurdle 6 I had a perfect race, everything in a 15 steps pace and I was still close to the rest. I was so impressed with myself and quite honest so overwhelmed by how amazing this race was that I lost my focus. The rest of the race was little bit sloppy as a result, but OMG I did wasn’t last!! I wasn’t last in a Diamond League Race! This is so awesome. I ran a 57, 76, which is my third best time ever. Pretty good start of the season for me. Totally worth the pain in my legs and butt. And I felt so cool running in the official Nike racing kit!

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  1. Joan

    Nice to read how you as an athlete experience the track adventure! Very inspiring Bianca!