Do’s and Don’ts in the gym

Maybe you heard of a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to the gymlife. Re-rack your weights, use a towel, use deodorant and don’t be a douche. Because my gym is like my second home and I practically sleep there I’ve come up with a few do’s and don’ts of my own. Let me share them with you.

O, and please don’t be offended by what I say. I don’t mean to be rude. I’m four weeks out from my competition and low on carbs.

Be a creeper
DON’T. O god, please don’t. And this goes out to both men and women. Don’t stare, don’t point, don’t be a creeper. If you are curious about my training, my diet, my muscles (no you can’t touch ‘m) or my goals feel free to come up to me and just ask. I might not always look approachable with my headphones on, but I won’t bite. I promise.

Do cardio
DON’T. Just kidding. Enjoy (how?) your cardio while you at it. But please don’t be a cardio bunny. Pick up a few weights every now and then and make it a hardcore workout. Cardio won’t get you that nicely firmed butt, weightlifting will (yes, she squats). And no, you will not – I repeat not – become the next best female hulk and grow a beard and or become a man for that matter.

Wear make-up
DO. Or don’t. Of course you can wear make-up to the gym. But remember it’s not a Saturday night and the only drinks that are served are protein shakes. I actually wear make up to the gym, but hey, I always wear make-up because it looks like I’m sick when I don’t. My point is: keep it classy ladies. This also goes out to your gym outfit and the amount of perfume you are wearing.

2014-11-05 20.41.04Make selfies
DO. O yes, please make a lot of selfies. In the locker room with that great lightening where it looks like you have at least two abs or when you just finished your workout and you have that o-yeah-I-killed-my-workout kinda attitude. But please leave your phone in your locker while working out. I get really annoyed with people who are on their phone during their training while keeping all of the benches occupied and yes, I will definitely ask you to move.


Make noise
DON’T. And by noise I mean screaming and moaning out loud (very loud) while you are pushing your limits. We know it’s tough and yes you are strong and all, but with the amount of noise you are making you are not helping yourself. And I can’t focus. Control your breathing. I’m sure it will help the both of us.

Give advice
DON’T. Or at least, no unasked advice. Because I’m sure you know a lot about training but look at me. Does it look like I’m in trouble and not know what I’m doing? I figured. When I need your help, I’ll ask.



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  1. Roxanne

    Awesome blog! Laughed out Loud and love The sarcasm in it

    • Anne

      Thanks babe 🙂

  2. Jordina

    I totally agree with the phone! Every time I go to the gym, I see lots of people “resting” in between sets while writting sms or doing whatever in their phones and at the end each rest takes them more than 2 or 3 minutes! Moreover, I always see girls texting while doing cardio, I mean, c’mon! Is this even possible? Once I even saw a girl reading a book, reading a BOOK!

    • Fannetiek

      Haha! I would love to try that sometime and be able to NOT fall of the treadmill 😛

    • Kate

      I read while I run all the time.

  3. Resy

    Gisteren ben ik voor het eerst alleen naar de sportschool geweest. Ik zag het eerst niet zo zitten omdat ik nog niet zoveel weet wat nou de beste oefeningen zijn. Maar achteraf vond ik het heerlijk, ik deed gewoon de oefeningen die ik bij mijn fysio ook moet doen. En dan ga ik morgen samen met hem even kijken wat voor mij andere goede oefeningen zijn.

    Verder ben ik het helemaal eens met al deze punten. Ik vind het verschrikkelijk als mensen continue foto’s van zichzelf maken als ze in de sportschool zijn en zo de apparaten bezet houden…

    • Fannetiek

      Super goed van je Resy! Enne, stuur degene die het apparaat wat jij nodig hebt bezet houdt door te bellen en appen gewoon weg hoor. Doe ik ook 😉

  4. Anneli

    Haha, very relatable. Especially the creeper part. Why can’t people just come up to you and ask instead of them stares and pointy fingers?

    I have one more rule to add.

    Touch my shit!
    I do supersets and circuit training and sometimes it may look like I’m not using all the equipment surrounding me, but I am. It’s always those people who train half-assed trying to steal my step, dumbbells or bench. Be ready to face the wrath and fury when you do. Trust me, you don’t wanna go there.

    Keep up the good work Anne, you’re looking great!

    • Fannetiek

      YES! That’s a good one! Don’t touch my weights bro!

  5. Saar

    Haha! The noise part is a BIG don’t! The noises that come out sometimes, it makes you wonder! But with the ‘Give advice’ i’m not totally going with that one, because I sometimes see people doing things very wrong! That u are feeling sorry for the body. I study physical therapy and sometimes I just do it! If it helps them, why not?

    Great article, keep up!

    • Fannetiek

      Ofcourse! If you can help someone because he or she is doing something really wrong you can help ‘m. I’m actually not really helpless in the gym and still get advice. Unasked. haha, ok thanks 😉

  6. Mara

    Haha I loved this post! With make-up, actually I found this waterproof mascara that’s designed to be worn while you’re working out (http://www.eyeko.com/eyeko-sport-waterproof-mascara). Seems like something to put on our christmas wish lists!

    Mara xx

  7. Es

    Trek iets (fatsoenlijks) aan. Dus geen jurkjes over een legging, sneakers, zwembroeken sokken zonder schoenen en, sorry, ook niet alleen een BH top. Net als met het dragen van make up: keep it classy!

  8. Astrid

    Helemaal eens met deze punten! Ik hou mijn telefoon wel altijd bij me, maar omdat ik geen wifi in de sportschool heb gebruik ik het sowieso alleen voor mijn nike+ running app, muziek en mijn notities waarin ik bijhoudt hoeveel kg’s ik ookalweer deed bij welk apparaat. :p

  9. Fannetiek

    Dat vind ik een goeie reden Astrid. Niet stiekem selfies maken he 😉

  10. Dorien

    And asking is fine, but NOT DURING sets -or in 30sec rests (I actually would like to type this entire message all caps). So don’t be offended when we won’t reply..

  11. Erwin

    Goed stukje, maar je bent duidelijk geen powerlifter 😉

    Met je telefoon spelen tijdens rustpauzes? Ja, logisch als je 5 minuten rust per set met 90% van je 1RM. Hetzelfde geldt voor het kreunen. Als ik 3 reps doe met 90%+ 1RM reken maar dat ik dan geluid maak, hoort erbij 😉

  12. JP

    I think some of this stuff is true, but also some of it is kind of rude. You’re not the only person in the gym and the gym doesn’t revolve around you, so you also have to respect that other people make noises when they workout. Don’t stare, don’t be mean, just turn your music up louder and drown it out. OR, go find a different spot in the gym to workout. There’s no need to hate on the people also trying to improve themselves.