E-book review – Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Have you ever found yourself craving hearty, heavy foods that are ‘not so Fit Girl’? Instead of telling yourself no all the time, what if your favourite typically unhealthy foods could be made to fit in with your regular nutrition packed meals? We have got our hands on the e-book Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Comfort Foods by Instagram blogger Chloe Langer which does exactly that, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Chloe, who goes by Gingerfitspo on Instagram, changed her diet in order to help her lose weight after she had adopted a lifestyle of training hard. She began to eat meals consisting of veggies and lean protein but understandably, over time she became bored and started to crave her favourite comfort foods! We don’t blame her. Instead of giving up her healthy diet altogether or testing herself to restrain from her cravings, she made the decision to challenge herself in a different way. She tied her apron strings and took to the kitchen to create recipes for satisfying comfort foods that would fit her new lifestyle. This change allowed her to keep losing weight and train at her best. This might sound easier said than done, however she has created an e-book with her recipes that all of you Fit Girls can purchase here! And we have the inside scoop to share with you.

Have your cake and eat it

What’s great about this e-book is the additional information included. Inside you will find a measuring conversion table from cups to grams, a calorie chart for the essential ingredients of the recipes and general information about flour substitutions. Each recipe has a colour coded calorie indicator, so that you know how every recipe measures up on your daily  intake. FYI, this Apricot and Peach Coconut Cake serves 8 but one portion is under 100 calories. It’s clear to see that this e-book is created by a Fit Girl, for Fit Girls!

Easy as… pizza

What’s more, there is a full shopping list contained within the e-book with everything you need to make the 70 recipes. Of course you aren’t going to make them all at once but, from the list it’s really easy to see that there are no pricey, impossible-to-find products. With meals like fish and chips and a cauliflower base pizza, you can see that eating healthily really isn’t some boring palate of rice cakes and ham slices. We think variety is really important in maintaining a healthy diet and this e-book offers this with recipes for every meal and an abundance of sweet treats and desserts!

We think it’s awesome to see Fit Girls realizing that sharing their recipes and progress is a great way to motivate themselves and others to live healthier and happier lives. We love that a healthy lifestyle brought this Fit Girl so much more than a strong, healthy body. She now has her very own e-book and that’s pretty damn cool! Let us know in the comments below what comfort foods you can’t live without and if you have already bought this e-book, tell us which recipes you adore!

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