EVENT REPORT: Limburgs Mooiste – My first 135k road cycling

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Preparation for rockies… 
Of course there was a solid training plan and we trained until we dropped…. uhm NOT! I spent a total of 120k on my new road racing bike divided over five day’s. And these training day’s where in the region of “flat” Rotterdam and not near the “mountains” of Limburg – The Netherlands. What the hell was I thinking… entering a 135k racing tour after this preparation for rockies. 😀 😀 😀 But hey, you’re a Fit Girl or NOT. I got a badass bike, professional gear and Mr. Boyfriend that truly believed in my strength and willpower so what more does a girl need? Yes chocolate… but wait for it… together with my superpowers, energy- and CHOCOLATE protein bars  😉  I ‘though”  I was ready for this challenge, so bring it on!


Why challenge yourself if life is already challenging enough…
Well, after we collected our competition number and I realised that there was no way back, I climbed my cute butt on my road racing bike and hoped for the best. Haha, this sounds all really dramatic, and it was, because after only a few minutes of cycling my phobia started to kick in.

“What if I fall down..?”, “ What if I don’t dare to cycling down a hill…?”, “What if I get a flat tire and rollover…?”, “What if I can’t maintain the same speed…?”, “What if…?…

Somehow I couldn’t just trust on my inner superpower and let go of this fear… The first hour of the cycling tour I was holding the steering wheel of my road bike for my dear life and trying to calm down my breathing. My co-rider friend Martin, needed to point out several times that this cycling tour was one to enjoy and not forget to look around since the nature of Limburg – is one of the most beautiful areas we have in The Netherlands. And it truly was.

TIP: If you love a challenge 😉 and road cycle hills,  you must visit Limburg – The Netherlands and cycle my tour. You wound’t get bored, I promise 😉 See this link for the cycle route.

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