Exercise & food schedules

Lisanne’s Exercise and Food Schedule

This week, I’m sharing my food and exercise log with you. When I started my fit journey, a lot of things changed. It took me a long time to really commit to my fit journey and make a real change. But when my lifestyle changed a lot, I noticed I felt really different. I had much more energy and motivation. My energy level changed the most when I started eating differently.

Before I started my fit journey, I was already trying to eat healthy and exercise but it didn’t really work out. When I finally commited, everthing changed. Because there is such a big difference between how I used to eat and how I eat now, I made a ‘before and after’ food log. I thought it would be nice to show you what the difference is between my old unhealthy lifestyle and my new healthy lifestyle.

Before exercise and food schedule
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As you can see, I ate a lot of fat and processed foods. I also ate some really unhealthy snacks. I never really thought about the consequences of my bad habits. When I started my fit journey, I learned to replace some unhealthy foods with healthier versions. After a couple of days I noticed that I had much more energy. The food really nurtured my body instead of just being stored as fat like before.

After exercise and food schedule
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It seems like a really big change, and well actually it is. But if you gradually introduce some new things to your lifestyle and leave out the unhealthy ones, it isn’t that big of a change. You can just replace unhealthy food with a healthier version, step by step.

Some tips:

  • Take it easy, a slowly transition is easier than a fast one
  • Replace some of the foods you eat with healthier (wholewheat) versions
  • Make things from scratch; then you can easily leave out the unhealthy ingredients or replace them with something healthy. Besides, homemade food doesn’t contain e-numbers and other additives you don’t need
  • Prep your food. If you prep your food and take it with you, you won’t feel the need to buy unhealthy food on the go

I hope I’ve inspired some of you Fit Girls with my exercise and food log. Did your lifestyle change a lot when you started your Fit Journey?

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  1. Dorien

    Looks good Lisanne! I sometimes feel that I eat too many snacks during the day, but then again, when I put everything in MFP it seems that I haven’t eaten too much at all. Do you use MFP?
    Another question, what exercises do you do at Elevator Sports? Is it much like circuit training? Crossfit?

    Thanks in advance babe!