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We love to receive feedback and questions from our community!  So a while ago Fitgirlcode fan Priscilla had some questions for us and Annegeke, Anna, Lisa and Shelley sat down to answer them. Here it goes!

annegekeanna  lisa shelley
What kind of oil do you use to cook and why?

AnnegekeI use coconut oil. Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits (can’t remember which haha:p) and does not oxidate like olive oil when you heat it. 

Anna: I use coconut oil because olive oil has a lower smoke point than coconut oil. Thus olive oil is not ideal for higher temperatures (baking). I do use it for salads though.

Lisa: Coconut oil, because of its health benefits, because it’s stable at high temperatures, and because I like the subtle flavor of it.

Shelley: I still use olive oil, it’s not the best I know, but planning to change to coconut oil too. Just have to buy it first, haha.

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  1. Loes

    Hi girls,

    Thanks for answering these questions, very helpful and love your website!! I do have a question about the protein shakes in combination with your remarks about artificial sugar. I started taking shakes a couple of weeks ago to help me feel more energised after a workout. I usually take the royal green whey because it has no added sugars. I now have tried the whey perfection from the body and fit shop and although it tastes really good, it has the synthetic sugar sucralose added. As a person who wants to eat clean I would think I want to avoid this. What is your opinion on it? for I saw some of you also use this whey perfection.