So how are you holding up with your NY’s resolutions? Still going strong? Hope so. If you are a new-year-new-you kinda person, I might have some great tips regarding your health and those resolutions. If you’re not, these tips will still help you reach your goals. I promise. Because without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, motivation, and supplementation, your New Year’s resolutions for better health in 2015 may never happen. And the year is still so young.

Make that compound count
When you begin training, keep this in mind: 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of the causes. In other words, out of your entire exercise program, only 20 percent of the movements will produce results. Unless you’re in a very early stage of your fit journey, the other 80 percent won’t help much. Bummer.

To make the most out of your 20 percent, use compound movements. Exercise movements that require two or more muscle groups to perform at the same time (think squats, deadlifts, benchpress) are better than isolation movements (machines), which only require one muscle group. Because compound movements will give better hormonal response to building muscle than isolation movements will, you’ll always get better results with an exercise program that centers around compound movements. Ask your gym to help you with a program.

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  1. Nina

    Hee Anne!
    Weer een fijne inspirerende post van je!
    Ik volg je nu ook al een tijdje via je eigen site, en ik vroeg me af hoe jij over Fatburners denkt. Is dat goed om te gebruiken om af te vallen?
    Groetjes Nina

  2. Veerle

    Yeah weer een fitspiration van Fannetiek! Super awesome, dankjewel!

  3. maximumshred

    i love to be a fit girl….Sounds great, but the only question. if there is a rest period as how I would go about a dumbbell in bench press squat walking on the launch, which is also on the treadmill without looking crazy.