Want to be a Fit Girl?

Becoming a Fit Girl can be hard and difficult and progress is always slow. Sometimes you will want to cry, and you will think more than once: “Why am I doing this to myself?!”. But remember, slow progress is still better than no progress. You are trying to change your lifestyle and that alone is amazing already. We are proud of you for starting that journey! To help you figure out which way to go, we have set up a 10-step plan that will help you to achieve your ultimate goal and become a Fit Girl!

1.  Our golden rule: cut the crap!
It’s time to get fit! Cut down on artificial sugars, start drinking water and green tea, quit the weekly junkfood. Treat your body like a car – it needs the right fuel so it can work at its best capabilities. Becoming fit is 80% due to eating the right foods, and only 20% to exercising.

2. Love yourself for who you are. Do not see you your body as something that has to be changed, but as something that can be improved. You are amazing just the way you are, never forget that!

3. Set up a foodplan. It’s not about eating less, it is about eating healthy. Setting up an eating  plan can help you prevent impulse eating and gives you an idea of what groceries to get and helps you to keep up a healthy lifestyle. For inspiration, check out Aranka’s and Chris’ food log. Or make your plan using our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes.

4. Eat that damn chocolate! Allow yourself to have cheat days. Your willpower is like a muscle, and needs to be stretched and relieved in balance. If you deny yourself any kind of treat for two weeks straight, one day you’ll end up going crazy and splurging on everything bad within your reach. You have been working hard, so treat yourself every once in a while, you deserve it!

5. Participate in one of our monthly challenges. They can help you to exercise regularly and gain some experience with what you do and don’t like. Plus you’re not participating alone, there’s an entire community doing this with you!

6.  Start excersing regularly. You don’t have to start by doing this 7 times a week. When you just start to work-out, 2 or 3 times a week is enough. Moreover, 7 times a week is probably gonna kill you if you’re not used to working out. Also, try to find a sport that you like. You can do this by trying out different sports and see which one you enjoy the most. It’s all about having fun, not about punishing your body. Try yoga, rollerblading, combat sports, really, there are so many fun sports out there for you to try out!

7. Find yourself a BFFF (Best Fit Friend Forever). When working out together, you will definitely be more motivated than when working out all by yourself. For example, when you don’t feel like going for a run, you still have to go, because you can’t let your BFFF down. Exercising is so much more fun if you do it together!

8. Buy some pretty work out clothes. New clothes can motivate you to start working out; they don’t deserve to gather dust in your closet, but to be worn with pride. And of course you look stunning in them. And no worries, those clothes do not necessarily have to be expensive, there are plenty of brands out there that fit your budget.

9.  Set yourself some goals. When setting goals try not to focus on what number you desire on the scale, but try to focus on getting fit and feeling healthier. Muscles weigh more than fat, so that number doesn’t mean anything. For example, you could say that in three months, you want to run 5km in half a hour without gasping for air. Make sure you set realistic goals – nobody expects anything from you but you. You should already feel proud that you are trying to change into a Fit Girl. And don’t forget, even if you’re running like your old granny, you’re still beating everybody on the couch 😉

10. Forget the scale, make progress pictures. And no you do not HAVE TO post them on the internet. It’s just for you, because us girls, are very visual and need a reminder sometimes. The scale is an evil little liar and is not intelligent enough to see the difference between fat and muscle. Progress pictures give you a very clear view how how far you have become. Only the first one is the hardest. After that, you will be very happy you made the step!

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter for your daily dose of motivation. We are an entire community going through the exact same stuff as you, so why not help each other and go through this journey together!


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  1. Dinathefoodexplorer

    Love it!
    Vooral dat ‘koop nieuwe sportkleding’-gedeelte. Zo mee eens! Haha.

    Goed stukje hoor!

    Liefs Dieneke

    • Shelley

      Hi Dieneke, dankjewel! 🙂 Haha ja het werkt wel he, op die manier ben ik ook gemotiveerd geraakt om weer serieus te gaan sporten.
      Leuke blog heb je trouwens!
      Liefs Shelley

  2. Nathalie

    Hele fijne tips! Ik ga mijn best doen.. 🙂

    • Shelley

      Succes! Dat komt vast wel goed! 🙂

    • Kk


  3. Lenneke

    Nice post! I’ve been working hard for about two months now to become a real FitGirl. After losing quite a bit of weight last year I still wasn’t happy about my body as it wasn’t as toned and fit as I’d hoped it would be. Therefore I’ve set a goal to reduce my fat percentage and no longer care too much about the scale. (though I do still care a bit…) Anyway, been working out and changing my lifestyle to reach the ultimate goal of a body I can be proud of and proudly show of. I love the FitGirls as they make me feel I’m not alone, even though I don’t have a BFFF, when I read the posts here it makes me feel like part of a team.

    • Shelley

      Thank you Lenneke!
      It’s good that you’re not focusing on the scale anymore. That number doesn’t mean everything! More important is that you feel good and that you take care of your body. Even if your body might not be in the shape that you want it to be (yet), you should already feel proud of it! You’re working hard to make your goals happen and I honestly believe that that makes you awesome. Be proud of yourself and your body!
      It’s so nice to hear that Fitgirlcode contributes to your journey, that’s why we’re doing this after all! Keep on going and indeed, you are never alone!
      X Shelley

  4. Esmee

    Fijne post! heel motiverend. Hebben jullie nog tips voor het vinden van een bfff? hihi


    • Shelley

      Hi Esmee, sorry voor mijn late antwoord! En dankjewel! Ik weet zo even geen gouden tip voor het vinden van een BFFF, maar wat je kan doen is een oproepje plaatsen op de Fitgirlcode Facebook pagina (, zo hebben enkele fit girls elkaar al eerder gevonden! Wie weet, het is het proberen waard 🙂 X

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  6. Petra

    Hi, I think I’m in love with you two and this place! Gonna start doing the 30 day abs challenge and maybe the booty shorts challenge (Together? Do you think I can do it? Lol) tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Avalon

    Hoi meiden! Superleuke en gemotiveerde site! Ik sta op het punt om te gaan beginnen. Volgen jullie een speciaal voedingsprogramma? En zo ja hoe komen jullie daar aan? Ik raak wel geinspireerd door jullie recepten maar er is zoveel aanbod… Groetjes!

  8. Brenda

    I’m really having some motivation issues. I go so strong for about a week and I end up giving up especially because I don’t know exactly what to eat. Help!

    • Shelley

      Hi Brenda, first of all: no worries! Why don’t you start small and take small steps forward over the course of several weeks? You don’t have to be a hardcore runner/gymrat/yogi/anything rightaway. For me, my first steps were to quit drinking sugary juices and start taking the stairs more regularly instead of the escalators. Then you can start running once or twice a week or go to the gym. Take it easy on yourself, that way it’s way easier to keep it up and you won’t feel like quitting after a week. Also, check out Chris’ and Aranka’s food logs, maybe it will inspire you!
      Maybe it would also help you to start following fit blogs, on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Facebook, any social media platform will do 🙂

      Good luck and let us know if you need to know anything!
      X Shelley

  9. Thi

    Hi! I’m working on “30 day abs challenge” but i didn’t see the result even though it is day 21?! I actually had problems about clean-eating and I want to change but don’t know how! Please help me and let me know that after a month working on this challenge, what should I do next when i’m still not fit? Should I redo this challenge from the beginning?
    Thank you so much!

    • Shelley

      Hey Thi, thank you for commenting! Let me reassure you: progress will come. As long as you’re eating healthy, exercising at least 3 times a week and allowing yourself some cheat moments, you are well on your way to becoming fit! However, this doesn’t happen overnight or in 30 days. These challenges are here to help you along the way and keep you going on a regular basis. You learn some new exercises and gain discipline from doing these 30 day challenges and that will definitely help you in your journey. So it’s really good that you’re pushing through and are already at day 21! When you’re done, check out the other challenges and find a sport you like. For example, I go running twice a week and go to a strength circuit training once a week. Next to that, I do the Fitgirlcode challenges. If you’re having trouble with eating the right foods, check out the articles we have written about types of food and the recipes we got for you. I’m sure that when you find your routine in living a healthy lifestyle, you’ll get to your goals!
      You can do this! X Shelley

  10. Amy lewis

    I hope this works for me!!!!?

  11. Barbara

    I’m starting Day 1 today!

    • Valentina Petrovic

      That’s great! Good luck with it 🙂 Let us know how it’s going and if you see any results x

  12. Lillie

    Hi! I desperately need some help/advice. I am a 26 year old woman who is 5’3 and 270 lbs. I’m so sick of being fat, but more importantly I’m sick of being unhealthy. I don’t just want to get “thin”, I want to get fit. I just need advice on where to start. And some encouragement. 🙂

    • Valentina Petrovic

      Hi Lillie! I am happy that you reached out to us 🙂 First, I would suggest to start with food. Take a step back and look at what you have all been eating, and switch it up. Make sure you get the right amount of macronutrients every day and I would suggest to make your foods yourself rather than get ready-made meals. This way you know about everything that is going into your body. Make sure to get enough veggies and fruits in your diet, and of course sometimes you’re allowed to treat yourself 😉 Second, start to do exercises. If you’re not comfortable with going to the gym you can even do them at home. We have articles that give you tips and examples of how to do some of these! Honestly, it may seem hard at first but if you really want to get fit you just need to keep on pushing and you will get there, I know you will 🙂 x

  13. mercenarycor

    My wife wants to get into better shape, and I want to help her and support her; but I feel like I’m not doing it right because she keeps losing motivation after a few weeks. How can I encourage her to exercise without making her feel bad about herself, and how could I help her feel more comfortable exercising? Some of the biggest things that come up is she feels guilty for leaving me at home with the kids so she can go work out, or she can’t stop thinking of the list of stuff she’s got running in her head to do.

    • Shelley

      Hi! It’s really great that you’re supporting your wife in her healthy lifestyle! 🙂 Perhaps it would help to do some of it together? If you could get a babysitter or have your parents watch over their grandkids for a night, you could go running together or hit the gym. If this isn’t a possibility, then try making it clear to your wife that you REALLY don’t mind and that you would be happier if she had some quality time for herself! Or spin it that way that you say you’d like to have some quality time with your kids, just you and them. 😉
      Perhaps yoga is a good fit for your wife – it can help her clear her head of all the worries and think about nothing else than herself in that moment.
      As for getting into better shape, workouts count for only 20% but it’s 80% healthy eating! That’s something you can definitely do together. Make healthy meals for the family so it’s not only your wife’s way of eating, but something you all do!
      Hope this helps! X Shelley

  14. Monique

    Love this!

  15. Ethel schaffer

    Good encouragement

  16. rana

    hi i want to lose weight but i am so lazy that i am always saying i will do it but i never do it 🙁 Help me please !!

  17. Maddy

    This is so great me and my friend are doing these things if she wants to or not lol

  18. Ragini

    I love it these guidance….points

  19. lily

    i want to be fit

  20. Kuldeep Namdev