Fit Girls’ Favorites: Cheat Meals

We’ve got a new topic on Fitgirlcode : Fit Girls Favorites. We’ll be answering questions that Fit Girls all over the world have asked us. This month, we’ll start off with the question: what is your favorite cheat meal?

Of course, us Fit Girls love a cheat meal every now and then. To give you some inspiration for your cheat days, Fit Girls Anna, Lisanne, Roos, Ruta and Stephanie will tell you all about their favorite cheat meals.



Gourmet Cheeseplate with Wine








My all time favourite cheat meal is wine and cheese. I think there’s nothing better than starting off the weekend with a cold glass of white wine and some smelly cheese. Especially when the sun is shining and I get to cheer to life with my most favourite people in the world. To me, wine is sunshine held together by water! 🙂


My favorite cheat meal is simple : fries (chips) with a little mayonnaise. I know this is incredibly greasy and full of fat and calories. But I simply just can’t resist it every once in a while. I’d rather eat fries than chocolate. My other weakness is popcorn which isn’t incredibly bad. But my problem is with the quantity. I like to eat a lot of popcorn in one time =).



Ooh, this is a tough question, because I love food, haha! I think my favorite cheatmeal is Italian food: risotto al funghi, pizza with lots of cheese, or truffle ravioli. With a good glass of wine of course, and some tiramisu as dessert! Luckily, Italian food can also be super healthy, so I can still eat it regularly! But Parmezan cheese makes everything better, right? 😉

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It so happens that I manage to eat healthy without really thinking about it. However there are a few days in a week (a couple of them to be exact) that I allow myself to go for a delicious cheat meal. Which indeed are the mouthwatering Belgian waffles. Whenever I have the time I indulge in them and once I lay my eyes on those waffles, trust me, there is no stopping. Good thing I don’t live in Belgium 😉




I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sushi. So every occasion I can celebrate, I treat myself with an ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI DINNER. Luckily, I have a friend that shares the same sushi passion, so that I don’t get embarrassed when I am ordering my sixth round of sushi. 😉 Maybe you don’t consider this a cheat meal but you have to understand, I go flamingo-crazy eating sushi and all brakes are gone. So after this mammoth eating session, I need to lie down to recover from my food-baby. My next sushi-date is on March 26th to celebrate that I have been 29 years old for 62 days already. Hahaha 😀




What is your favourite cheat meal? We would like to know! Are there any other questions you have for the Fit Girls? Please post them in the comments under this article or send Fit Girl Lisanne a message on Instagram (@lisanne_fgc) or send an email to fitgirllisanne@gmail.com.



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  1. Fay

    Zo nu en dan eet ik zelf ook wel eens lekker veel sushi!!! I Love it. Of soms heb ik erg veel trek in chocolade en koop een zeebanket jam jam…..:)