Fit Girl Slip-Up (aka PB overdose)

Usually I have one cheat day a week, where I eat whatever I want. Not last week. 

I had a weak moment with (crunchy) peanut butter and medjools on Tuesday. Read: A Lot of medjools and pb. Followed by Ben&Jerry’s.

It was totally okay, I felt fine, was like ah well, that was my cheat day for this week. Then Wednesday night I grabbed the pb jar along with the box of medjools again. When I finished the medjools, I didn’t stop with the pb; I grabbed a spoon. I remembered I still had a raw cacao bar, and dipped the bar in the pb jar (tasted quite good actually haha). Continued with pb and a spoon. Then it hit me I still had regular dates lying around, yay!


I think you get the situation; there was no stopping until the pb jar was almost empty and I was so nauseous and stuffed that I barely slept that night. Next day I felt extremely bleh and my stomach was really upset. I don’t feel really good about it but I don’t feel guilty and I don’t panic. There was a time when this was different but I got a little bit older and calmer and I realize that there’s always a tomorrow.

So as a Fit Girl, why am I sharing this? 

Because even a Fitgirl has off days; we are all human. Some days we just need a whole jar of pb, and I want you to know that’s okay! Enjoy it, accept it and move on. One slip-up won’t make you less of a Fit Girl – not even 100 slip-ups. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

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  1. Jordina

    Hey! I feel totally identified… Yesterday I got one of these moments too, I ate like two tbsp. of PB with lots of dates 😛 Totally worth it, tho.

  2. Jordina

    Yesterday I got one of these moments too, I ate like two tbsp. of PB with lots of dates 😛 Totally worth it, tho.

    • Lisa

      Hi Jordina, haha I know PB + dates = the best, can’t resist haha.. As well as B&J’s :’) and yes really totally worth it, love your attitude! Thanks for your comment <3

  3. Sissa

    Thank you so much for this article <3

    Tuesday was my skip-workout-eat-chocolate-feel-depressed day :/ and I was really upset about it, I really could not understand where have my motivation disappeared over night…
    But yeah, the only thing I can do is move on and right now I'm back on track and still happy from my BodyCombat class this morning 🙂

    • Lisa

      Ahw Sissa, THANK YOU so much for your comment! Please don’t be too hard on yourself, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in chocolate and skipping workouts sometimes. You’re only human and sometimes we just need those days!! Accept and move on; BodyCombat is the absolute best way do that haha, YAY! Lots of love xx

  4. Inge

    Yesterday I had the same. I had a brunch where I kept carbing up on a lot of doughy products. I enjoyed every bite tho and am back on my grind again today. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa

      Doughy product omg, sounds worth indulging Inge!! Perfect attitude, keep it up you rock <3 xx

  5. Carolina

    Aaahhhh thank you! This article makes me feel normal… Some days I just can’t say no to an entire bar of dark chocolate!! I try to fight the urge to eat it, sometimes I win and eat only two pieces 🙂
    I read your blog from Chile!

    • Lisa

      Haha Carolina, same here! That’s impressive hah, I can’t do that, it’s the whole damn bar or nothing :’) but ah well we all need some chocolate sometimes!

      Wow that’s amazing and such an honour, thank you 😀 <3 xx