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I guess every Fit Girl has her motivation dips every now and then. Most of the time a motivation dip has everything to do with things going on in your personal life. Maybe you feel stressed about your work? Something bad happened in your personal life? Or maybe you have to restart your workouts after an injury?

These kind of situations bring you out of balance and sometimes it seems hard to get back on track. I made a get-back-on-track plan to help fit girls all over the world to get their motivation back when it seems to be gone. Don’t know how to start? Just check the plan and before you know it, the gym is your second home again!


Step 1: Don’t be angry with yourself. It wasn’t the best choice to eat the complete jar of peanut butter, but hey, shit happens. Unfortunately you can’t turn back time and well, the world does not perish… Always remember you are the unique YOU. Your motivation dip doesn’t make you a bad person. Stop looking backward and give yourself a clean start. Don’t expect to say goodbye to all your unhealthy habits at the same time. This could make it more harsh for you to start at all. Just get started. Step by step.















Step 2: Begin with changing your eating habits. Restructure your diet by planning 3 meals and 3 snacks. Don’t eat anything in between your meals & snacks, but allow yourself to have a cheat at one of the eating moments each day. As long as you can keep it that way, this is a perfect start. When you feel like binging, try to find distraction in other things (watching series, going for a walk, phone call with your BFFF).



Step 3: Now you found your structure in your meal plans, it’s time to healthify your meals & snacks. This means you should eat your vegetables, fruits and other unprocessed foods. Search for healthy snacks on the web and remember nourishing vegetables and fruits should be the base of every meal. Start to experiment with healthy recipes and new flavors. Try to ditch the processed foods as much as possible.

By eating clean, you will notice you’ll get more energy and feel like becoming more active. This feeling is not only a feeling, it’s actually scientifically proven! People who eat healthy (with lots of unprocessed foods) have a natural urge to move. You’ll notice you’re already becoming more active naturally!


Step 4: Now your eating habits are fixed, it’s about time to start focusing on your work-outs. The first step is the hardest for most fitgirls. Probably you already noticed you lost some of your strength, flexibility and endurance. No fun. Just get started with easy work-outs. It might be helpful to start at home. It’s quick, no one sees you and you don’t have to go anywhere (which takes more time). No excuses, just do it!

IMG_20140611_112503Step 5: In this step your healthy habits start to feel like normal again. Because you managed to get yourself back on track, you should reward yourself! Go & treat yourself with some nice Fit Girl goodies! New work-out gear is the best motivation after all 😉



Fase 6:
Now it’s about TIME to get yourself into the gym! Don’t you want to show your gorgeous new workout gear to the rest of the world? Your new tights & tee are so ready to hit the gym! If you’re really having problems with getting yourself into the gym, use this strategy: Take one day off from all appointments. The only task that day is getting yourself into the gym. There are no excuses, because you don’t have any other meetings. Only the gym is waiting you. You can delay your gym time, but it’s a waste of your day. Just go there & kill that workout!

Step 7: When you hit the gym and your healthy habits start to feel like normal again, all you have to do is keep it that way. My experience is that getting started is the hardest part. When you really got started, it feels awesome. Just feel how strong and full of energy you are! Isn’t that pretty amazing?

Fase 8: Find your balance! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from anything enjoyable. It means you want to treat your body well. Don’t start to hate yourself after an off day and allow yourself a cheat meal every now and then. There’s nothing wrong with cheats & off days, as long as you pick up the healthy habits afterwards. Healthy lifestyle truly is about finding your balance. If your life is in balance, you will notice you won’t get into a motivation dip so easily. Just trust yourself, be kind to yourself and know that you can do this!

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  1. Ellen

    I’d like to change that first quote a little: It’s not how good you are, it’s how bad you want it!

    • Lotta

      I like that one as well! 🙂 I think both quotes are great!