#FITGIRLCODE Photoshoot at SixForty

Last weekend, [almost] all of the Fit Girls got together for a #FITGIRLCODE photoshoot to get some snaps to show off some brand new faces! In the last few weeks our family has been growing fast, so this was the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet & greet in one place and take part in the pictures.

We are really pleased with the outcome of the pictures, but today we want to share with you what was happening behind-the-scenes! Looking back on it, it didn’t even feel close to a working day just because everyone was having such a good time:

It all started on a little walk to the photoshoot location, SixForty Gym:




Fit Girl Tiziana and Fit Girl Roos started a gun show by showing off some sculpted back muscles on set —


As the girls chose their props to pose with, some went for some more challenging poses to hold all the while keeping a pretty smile 😉 —





Call it tiredness or Almond-butter high, but at some point even the photographer decided to join the silliness —














One of our happiest Fit Girls on set was Fit Girl Anna, who until recently hadn’t felt comfortable wearing booty shorts. And now here she is, not only wearing them but ROCKING them! Hard work and a healthy nutrition does pay off —



Some of our favorite duo pictures included some dreamy looks and big smiles that brought out the cutest dimples —






And last but not least, our little social media and marketing interns working their magic in between giggles —



The shoot took place in Sixforty‘s brand new gym. Some of the Fit Girls go there several times a week to literally sweat their butts off. Sixforty’s training method combines CrossFit, HIITT and bootcamp exercises which have proven to be very effective if you look at the transformations of some of our Fit Girls. If you’re looking to start your Fit Journey, this gym, or any gym with a similar workout scene,  could be a great starting point for your new lifestyle. You don’t need be an advanced Fit Girl to start training here, each exercise and training is split into several levels. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are badass, but the excuse: “I’m not fit enough yet”, does not apply in this case. If you are an advanced Fit Girl, you won’t get bored either. There is always room for a challenge.

If you dare to challenge yourself, sign up for a free trial lesson. Send an email to training@sixforty.nl with your name and the training you’d like to attend. Check out the schedule here. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Roos

    Yaayy I had so much fun 😀