#FITGIRLCODE review: Kayla Itsines 12-week Bikini Body Guide

The last couple of months her name and pictures have been buzzing all over the interwebs. Her 12 week transformation pictures are jaw-dropping and with Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel as one of her 1.3 million Instagram followers there is no escaping the hype of this 23 year old personal trainer from Adelaide Australia. With her 12-week Bikini Body Guide she has inspired girls all over the world to get in shape and make the first step to a more healthy body and lifestyle. 

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(Valid until 02.28.2015)

The Bikini Body Guide is a 12-week exercise and training plan to deliver girls and women the body they have always desired. After years of experience as a personal trainer in the fitness industry Kayla noticed many girls are aspiring for a specific yet common look. Not the “bulky and muscular” look, but a lean, healthy looking body. Most girls just want to be comfortable with their body’s and look good in bikini. After lots of research she developed her own set of exercises aimed at helping women achieve a bikini body in the most efficient and effective way possible. By sharing client transformations, eating suggestions and training tips on Facebook and Instagram she has now touched the life of thousands of women. All who can follow her fitness and nutrition guidelines online, just like I am currently doing.

The exercises

The exercise part of the Bikini Body Guide consists of three separate styles of training:

  • resistance training
  • cardio training
  • rehabilitation (stretching)

Resistance training is a circuit training session of 28 minutes. If you buy the Bikini Body Guide you will receive a 12 week manual that lists all these circuit trainings. The exercises vary per session and will get harder as the program advances. The circuit trainings will target arms, abs, legs or the full body and are very high in intensity.

Cardio training consists of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio. LISS is a low intensity exercise at which you stay at the same pace the whole session, the duration is longer than with HIIT. HIIT consists of 2 intervals, one high interval of 30 seconds and one low interval of 30 seconds where you can catch your breath for the next round. The rehabilitation sessions are a very important part of the program. Stretching plays a huge part in recovery, injury prevention and flexibility.


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  1. Judith

    Hi Anneli,

    Very interesting to read about your experciences! Thanks! I do a lot of weight lifting as well (4 times a week, and 2 times crossfit) and I bought the Kayla-BBG 2 months ago, but I’m constantly postponing to start with it because I’m afraid to lose muscle strenght. Good to read that that did not happen to you.

    You wrote that the BBG learned you to eat more carbs and less protein. What is the percentage (C/P/F) you normally use and what percentage did you maintain during the 12-weeks?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!


    • Anneli

      Hey Judith,

      Thanks for your compliment! What is the reason why you want to do the BBG? Are you not liking your current routine or is it not getting you the results you’re aiming for?

      I incorporate at least 1 weightlifting session each week, mostly on Saturdays when I do benchpresses, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and glute bridge to a. test my musscle strenth and b. work my butt (with the exercises that target the quads and hamstrings). I have put a lot of effort in the last couple of years to develop muscle strength which I also need to continue in competing in obstacle runs and I don’t want to burn them all with the cardio that plays a heavy role in the BBG program.

      Currently I’m at the end of week 7. I am aiming for around 1800-2000 kcal a day with a macro breakdown of 47% (carbs), 27% (fat) and 26% (protein), a little fluctuation is inevitable but this is what I strive for. I found out when I follow the nutrition plan in the H.E.L.P. nutrition guide it brought met more to a 50%, 30%, 20% breakdown which I tweaked because I love a more high on protein diet which also better supports my goals to maintain muscles.

      You can use MyFitnessPal or the IIFYM calculator on to calculate your specific TDEE and macro breakdown if you’re into flexible dieting.

      • Lisa w

        Hi! Great review 🙂 just had a question, when you say that the sessions grow as the weeks progress do you mean the amount of times a week your supposed to do the exercises she provides? Or is it the exercises she provides, the stretching, the liss and hiit? I wasn’t sure when you meant 5-7 sessions per week if that meant 5-7 of the 28 minute workouts.

        • Lisa w

          **or of that meant everything combined!

          • Ola

            I think she meant that first you start of with around one 28 minute session per day(5-7), and as the weeks progress at you excersise more ending with 2 times a day (2*28 minute session)

          • Anneli

            Hi Lisa, I mean that in the first few weeks you only do LISS and circuit training, in the end you do LISS, circuit and HIIT. You have more sessions a week.

      • nikky mohan

        good to hear all that!!i am from india and i was wondering how its happening to you people as i am on instagram and accidentally i saw kayla thing could you please tell me how you people do it i used to do gymming hut i left it after loosing 5 kgs but still i am not in shape and because of it i feel bad about it i have already spent lot of bucks in gym so cant afford more could you please guide me .

      • Jessica Osborne

        Hey Judith,

        I have been training for a while now with weights. After loosing 13kg I have hit a good weight for me. I am now very much into the whole macros and trying to build muscle but more so chasing those ABS and muscle definition. I am only on Day 2 of the meal plan (which I love because it is much easier for me to follow the guides to create my meals) I very much agree with you on Macros break down! I am aiming for more High protein lower carbs ratios. My question really is, to work out the more suitable macros for yourself, did you just cut back the ‘Servings per day’ to achieve the correct percentages? I just need things to be very simple for me haha but with the guide applying food to the servings to make up the percentages would be the easy part for me, just got to get there!

    • Joanne

      Hey Anneli!

      I was thinking of getting Kayla’s BBG, and I came across your blog while finding reviews about Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.

      Do you think it’s really worthy of it’s high price tag?? I saw quite a bad review at and I’m quite worried about it. I’m a high school student and that money is quite a huge sum for me.

      Will appreciate if you can reply ASAP.


      • Anneli

        Hi Joanne,
        There are plenty of other ways to also get yourself in shape. But with the BBG you don’t only pay for the guide, you also pay for a community and a support system. If that’s something you need (and you have to judge that for yourself) then, yes, it’s worth the money. You can find comfort in talking to other girls (on Instagram for instance) who are doing the same program and share experiences.

        compared to a personal trainer, costs are peanuts. But are there cheaper programs out there, for sure. Look on and other communities or just google Free HIIT / Tabata workout guides

        • Tkhabra


          I have a quick question about the cost is it just one sum of £43 for the entire 12 week programme I’m about to download the app but don’t want to be charged every month until I cancel it so just want to make sure

          Thank you!

  2. Nice review !

    • Anneli

      Thank you!

  3. The Sorted Hats

    Very inspiring, Anneli. You look great! I just started with the training this week, and am loving it so far. I loved that you shared your food plan – while I already eat quite similar to what Kayla’s guide recommends, it’s nice to see how others are doing it.

    I have one question, though – I’ve often seen quark get a lot of love with the fitness community here, and I was wondering if there’s a specific reason to prefer it over say, greek yoghurt. Would you know anything about it? Thanks

  4. Mandy

    Wow je ziet al echt veel resultaat na 6 weken. Super goed! Misschien moet ik het toch ook aanschaffen, de result post zien er altijd goed uit.

  5. Christina I

    I recently started following Kayla Itsines on Instagram and I was intrigued as to the structure of her bikini guide, so this post is fantastic, thank you!
    I wanted to ask whether the bikini guide requires a gym membership, or whether it’s geared towards home workouts?
    Thanks again and all the best for the second half of your bikini guide journey!

    • Anneli

      Hey Christina,

      You can also do the workouts at home with some minor adjustments. If you have a set of dumbbells and some stable chairs/bench and outdoor (or a high ceiling ;)) to do some rope skipping you’ll be fine. I do find that when I’m at the gym it is easier to push myself a bit more. Maybe it’s the feeling that I’m being watched, being motivated by other athletes surrounding me or the extra space I have, I don’t know, but it does work better for me when I’m at the gym. I do annoy some people with all the space I take up but whatevs ;).

      And thank you for your support! I will keep you updated!

  6. Caitlin

    Beide foto’s zijn prachtig!

    • Anneli

      Dankjewel Caitin! Ik ben ook niet perse begonnen omdat ik ongelukkig was met m’n lijf. Wilde vooral kijken wat het effect van dit programma zou zijn op mij omdat ik benieuwd was geworden na alle transformatie foto’s.

  7. Lulu

    Are all of the workouts under an hour? What are any tools we will need. Thank you!?

    • Anneli

      Hey Lulu,

      You would be able to do them all under one hour. When I do LISS I only do some light stretching before I take off because I do this mainly in the morning from my house. When I do HITT or Resistance training most of the times I go to the gym and start with foam rolling, 5 minutes on the rowing machine to warm up, then do the training (which takes me 28 minutes for RT or 20 minutes for HIIT) and end with a stretching session of about 5-10 minutes.

      You would need some light weights (5-10 kg) a medicine ball, bosu ball and a jump rope to complete the exercises. But not for all circuits all tools are needed.

  8. Nina

    So cool! Ik ben nu ook al ‘n tijdje bezig en zag na week 4 al resultaat. Helaas heb ik week 5 en 6 even overgeslagen vanwege vakantie, citytrips en een te druk schema. Maar deze week ben ik weer begonnen.
    Awesome progress in ieder geval. Liefs, Nina

    • Anneli

      Dankjewel Nina! Jij ook heel veel succes!!

  9. Lenneke

    Wow! Such great results after 6 weeks. I can only imagine the workouts must be grueling… But hopefully worth it at the same time. The results you’re showing are actually what I’m aiming for, more muscle definition yet still feminine. Good luck the remaining 6 weeks! Am curious to see the end-result.

    • Anneli


      Thanks so much! The workouts are actually a lot of fun, although they do wipe me out every once in a while (expecially the legs and full body workouts). So cool that you like my results! I will keep you posted!

  10. Susanne

    Ik wil ook graag beginnen met Kayla Itsines, maar ik snap niet helemaal hoe het werk. Er zijn 3 pagina’s die bij week 1/3 horen. Als ik 1 work-out wil gaan doen pak ik dan van het eerste blad circuit 1 + 2? Of doe ik 4 x 7 minuten circuit 1..

    • Anneli

      Hi Susanne,

      Sorry voor m’n late reply! Heb je comment helemaal over het hoofd gezien.

      Week 1 en week 3 zijn dezelfde weken qua circuits, en week 2 en week 4 ook. Zo loopt hij door tot week 12. Dag 1 week 1 doe je na je warming up de circuits van die pagina. 7 minuten circuit 1 zo vaak als je kan, 1-1,5 min rust, 7 min circuit 2 zo lang als je kan, 1-1,5 min rust, weer 7 min circuit 1, 1-1,5 min rust en 7 min circuit 2 en afsluiten met stretchen.

      • omi

        Hey, ik heb het programma ook maar snap niks van die circuits? er staan in zon tabel dat je bijvoorbeeld op maandag resistance circuits moet dan en dan op dinsdag LISS, maar ik zie alle oefeningen etc gewoon staan alleen hoe weet ik welke ik doe dan? Het logischte leek mij om in week 1 te beginnen op maandag en dan 2x 7 minuten circuit 1 en 2x 7 minuten circuit. Doe ik het dan wel goed? en wat doe ik dan precies? resistance, LISS, HiiT ofwat? Ik snap het niet..

        • Anneli

          Hi Omi,

          Sorry voor m’n late reply. Op ma, woe en vrijdag doe je resistance training (de circuits dus) en die doe je idd allbei 2 x 7 min.

          LISS = powerwalken / joggen
          HIIT = sprintjes trekken

  11. kate

    Did you find it difficult to get through the resistance circuits in the beginning? I just started yesterday (arms & abs) and I could barely get through the first circuit!! Pushups? I could barely do 5 let alone 15 2X! I hope it gets easier. I feel that I am in pretty good shape but my main exercise consists of cardio (running or spin classes). I hope this will help me gain some upper body strength and muscle.

    • Anneli

      Hi Kate,
      It will get easier, just keep going! I did a lot of weightlifting (benchpress & chestpress) before this, so I’m used to the strain on my chest and shoulder muscles. But I must say, the arms & abs circuit is my least favorite too ;).

      Most of the times I make it trough each circuit 1,5 / 2 times in 7 minutes. Around week 5 you will encounter a circuit that is a biatch haha (with decline pushups in it), but you have a really fun leg & cardio circuit to even out the balance.

      And if you have trouble completing a full pushup on your toes, just switch to knees, I do it too sometimes if I just feel I cannot even complete one with proper form. Form is the most important so if you feel like you’re dropping your bum and putting extra strain on your neck and back because you’re not in a propper plank position, just drop to the knees. No shame in that and we’ve all been there.

      Remember that the circuits that come hardest to you are the ones where you’ll progress most. At the end you will be able to complete 15 pushups in proper position, I promise!

      When I hit a wall during my exercise I keep repeating the “it’s only 28 minutes of your life” in my head. Or just think about the food that’s waiting for me after my training, food is always a great driver ;).

      • Kate

        Thanks so much for taking the time to give such a detailed reply 🙂 I completed my first full week (along with eating guide too) then fell off the food wagon after a wedding weekend but am now back on it so thanks for the encouragement, and you’re spot on, I’ve already noticed progress in how my body copes with the circuits.
        I also noticed that during the weekend when I indulged in a lot of cheat foods, I actually couldn’t wait to get back to the eating plan as I felt so much better after just a week on it. Great article and review, I’m really glad I discovered it.

      • jeaninebuchanan

        I am starting week 1 tomorrow! The info in this post is exactly what I have been searching for. That it’s OK to complete 2 circuits in the 7 mins if I can. Also, re: the pushups needed to know if its ok to use alternative bent knee if I cant do full push up. So thank you for that.
        One last question. I did see a calendar and it showed cardio on Tues/Thurs. And at the same time I see on Day 1 for Monday the title of the page is “Legs & Cardio” Does that mean I do LISS Monday along with the Legs circuit workout?

        • Anneli

          Hi Jeanine,

          Good to hear! If you see Legs & Cardio it means it’s a legs & cardio oriented circuit training. It’s just a qualification of which muscle groups the circuit training targets. So arms & abs or legs & cardio or full body. You would still need to do your LISS on tuesday and thursday. Don’t worry!

  12. Ann

    Thanks for the post. I am really contemplating getting this plan. I head regularly to the gym and love group fitness classes. However, I know my problem is the nutrition side. I am from a Vietnamese background so our food style is greatly different from what I know she recommends. I am not getting results despite how much I work out (which I enjoy) because of my food! 🙁
    I guess my question is could you still attend group fitness classes (such as Body attack, Body pump, Grit classes etc..?) or can you only do exercises that is in the program. Can the classes replaces those exercises?

    • Anneli

      Hi Ann,

      Great to hear that you’re already living a healthy lifestyle and do it because you <3 it :).

      About the classes. I don't really see a reason for you to buy the BBG if you're not planning on doing the activities in the plan. That would kinda defeat the purpose of purchasing a 12 week program don't you think?

      And you will be exercising between 6-12 times a week, so if you are not at a very high intensity training level already I would not advice you to fit in extra classes because you will probably not get enough rest. And the classes that you will be doing will probably target the same muscles / areas as the resistance circuits.

      You have to be willing to at least give the program a full go for 12 weeks. Both exercise and nutrition wise if you want to achieve the results. If you're happy with your current shape and size and don't have the discipline to stick with the plan, than you will be up for some though times. Because the program is quite intense.

      I do however fit in 1 or 2 extra weight sessions in, but that is because the high level of cardio will otherwise make me lose the muscle strength / mass that I have carefully build up over the last couple of years. If after 4 weeks you have the feeling that you do have extra energy to fit in a Body Pump or Grit than go ahead, just make sure you take your rest too.

      Nutrition wise I think you should be able to alter her plan and fit it to your customs and habits. Otherwise look into IIFFYM and calculate a good breakdown that matches your goals. That's what I do because I like a higher protein / lower carb diet than what Kayla advises. I eat about 1900 kcal a day with a roughly C 40 / F 30 / P 30 macro breakdown. I do however advise you to vary your carb / fat and protein intake sources. Don't eat the same stuff every day. I had vegetarian vietnamese rice paper rolls for dinner yesterday and they were today's lunch, but tonight I'll have some rice and salmon and yesterday I had sweet potato omelet for lunch. A balanced diet is a healthy one.

      Otherwise if this is something you've been dealing with for years already it might be smart to consult a dietitian for personal coaching.

  13. Bianca

    Congratulations on the amazing transformation so far! My sister and I have decided to start the guide today and as big of a commitment as it is, we do believe it’s worth it. A little bit nervous about the intensity of the exercise though, but I’m sure we will manage! Can’t wait to see the rest of your progress, well done 🙂

    • Anneli

      Thanks Bianca! I’ll keep you posted! And you will love it! Just keep your eye on the prize!

  14. Saskia Bolscher

    Hi Anneli,
    Great review, I’ve been hearing about this plan a lot. Are you familiar with the wayofgray exercise plan? I’m contemplating giving that a go as it suits my diet better than Kayla Itsines’ plan.
    Looking forward to hearing your opinion on that one.
    Thanks, Saskia

    • Anneli

      Hi Saskia,
      Thanks! I also follow Sophie (way of gray) on Instagram. I think both will definitely give you results, and I think they are both based on circuit / bodyweight training. The reason why I chose Kayla is because I like the variety in training that the plan offers and the results are more to my liking.

      What is your current diet like? I have the H.E.L.P. guide but I am more a fan of IIFYM at the moment. I found that when I follow Nutrition guide from Kayla I feel less flexibility in my meals and I love cooking and always have been cooking very healthy so I just watch my macro’s and calorie intake. It also makes prepping a bit easier for me cause I am ok with having some basics in my fridge and just switching them up every day as I go and what I feel like having.

      • Saskia Bolscher

        Thanks for your reply! I follow a vegan diet (high carb), so I’m naturally more drawn towards Sophie’s plan. Although your results are amazing so I’m still not sure!

  15. Lenneke

    Hoi Anneli! Wat een goed resultaat na 6 weken. Ik ben gister begonnen. Ik doe naast fitness nog 2 keer per week aan hockey, wat behoorlijk intensief is. Denk je dat ik een HIIT zou kunnen vervangen voor een wedstrijd? Of kan ik het best naast een wedstrijd ook nog een HITT programma volgen?

    Groetjes Lenneke

    • Anneli

      Hi Lenneke!

      Bedankt en goed dat je begonnen bent! Je zou een LISS evt beter kunnen vervangen door een wedstrijd dan een HIIT. Dat is meer vergelijkbaar. Kan je me iets gedetailleerder laten weten hoe je weekplanning er uit ziet? Dan kan ik iets beter advies geven. Fitness kan je dus evt laten zitten, om dat EN 2 hockey trainingen naast BBG te doen wordt echt veels te veel vrees ik voor je.

      • Lenneke

        Voor ik met BBG begon zag mijn planning er zo uit:
        – 3 x per week krachttraining
        – 1 x per week hockeytraining
        – 1 x per week hockeywedstrijd
        En dan af en toe nog wat cardio tussendoor.

        Mijn planning nu is om de krachttraining (grotendeels) te vervangen voor de BBG. Ik vraag me nu alleen af of ik LISS/ HIIT nog buiten de hockey(-training en wedstrijd) om moet doen.

        Alvast bedankt voor je reactie!

        • Anneli

          Hi Lenneke, sorry, ik krijg geen notificaties van de reacties binnen vreemd genoeg dus ik had niet door dat je geantwoord had :(.

          Ik zou je LISS dan vervangen voor je hockeytrainingen. Dat lijkt me meer dan zat. Verder moet je er wel rekening mee houden dat als je normaliter heel zwaar lift dat de circuits dit niet volledig vervangen en je aan spier kracht en massa zal inboeten. Dat merk ik ook. Bij mij was primair het doel nu om m’n vetpercentage te verlagen en m’n conditie snel op pijl te krijgen voor een obstacle run. Naast m’n enorme nieuwsgierigheid natuurlijk ;).

          Ik zou dus 1 x per week even een tussentijdse meting doen en goed in de spiegel kijken en voelen aan je lijf of je niet teveel spierkracht verliest. Ik doe iig 1 a 2 x per week nog krachttraining (deadlifts, squats, bench press, glute bridge) om zeker te weten dat ik niet achteruit ga qua kracht.

          Heel veel succes, ben benieuwd hoe het je bevalt!

  16. Michelle

    Hi Anneli,

    Since a while I’ve interests in the 12 week plan, but I have one question about it. Is the plan also good enough to do at home? (the sports-plan). Because I dance 2 evenings a week and with my job as a nurse, I don’t have the time to go to the gym (and it’s expensive) so I want to train at home. But it seems like it’s a trainingsprogramme for in the gym. I hope you can answer my question, so I can make my descision to buy the books. Thank You!

    • Anneli

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your question. I already answered it earlier so I’ll copy my answer if that’s ok 🙂

      You can also do the workouts at home with some minor adjustments. If you have a set of dumbbells and some stable chairs/bench and outdoor (or a high ceiling ;)) to do some rope skipping you’ll be fine. I do find that when I’m at the gym it is easier to push myself a bit more. Maybe it’s the feeling that I’m being watched, being motivated by other athletes surrounding me or the extra space I have, I don’t know, but it does work better for me when I’m at the gym. I do annoy some people with all the space I take up but whatevs ;).
      And thank you for your support! I will keep you updated!

  17. Esther

    Hee! kun je de bikini body guide ook doen zonder gewichten? Deze heb ik namelijk nog niet in huis en ik vind het te duur om ze zo even aan te schaffen als het uiteindelijk toch niks voor mij is. Zo nee, welk ander trainingsprogramma zou je aanraden?
    Groetjes Esther

    • Anneli

      Hi Esther,

      Alles kan, maar je haalt betere resultaten als je alle oefeningen uitvoert zoals ze zijn bedoeld. Bepaalde dingen zijn niet ideaal om vanuit huis te doen maar overal is een mouw aan te passen. Maar een step, bosu ball, gewichten (van zo’n 4-10 kg afhankelijk van je niveau) zijn toch wel een goed idee om in huis te halen.

      Heel veel succes bij het maken van je keuze!

      Anders zou je kunnen kijken of Way of Grey iets voor jou is.

  18. Bri Bartlett

    Hi Anneli
    So happy to hear about your progress, and congratulations so far! Keep up the great work!
    I’ve been contemplating buying kayla’s bikini guide for after I’m done with volleyball. I’m in my senior season at college, and I know once I am done I’ll need a new goal and workout regiment. The workouts seem great, but here at school (in bfe KY) all we have for on campus eating is the dinning hall… Not the greatest diet plan but I’ve been able to make reasonably good choices. Anyway, I’m balling on a budget so extravagant grocery shopping is really not an option. I also use the my fitness pal app to track my eating. Anyway I was wondering if one could only buy the workout guide and still get the same results without buying the health guide? I’m absolutely sure it would be beneficial, but I’m not sure I would be able to execute all the meal plan. What do you suggest?

    • Anneli

      Hi Bri!
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      You can definitely also buy the workout guide for great results. Just make sure you’re eating a balanced diet with mostly nutrient dense sources. Check my food log to get an idea of what to eat and tracking your macro’s is always a good idea!

      I have gone off the meal plan actually. The caloric deficit and restrictions made me way to cranky (according to my better half ;)).

      So I have switched to flexible dieting / IIFYM about a month ago and doing much better (mood wise). I’m losing a bit less weight but that’s ok, I don’t need to lose weight, I wanted to lose fat and that’s working. But I also upped my protein cause I was losing too much muscle mass.

      As long as you are making smart choices (buying what is on sale and in bulk) good food doesn’t need to be expensive.

      Good luck girl!

  19. Harriet Johnson

    You look great!
    I am currently a student, so money can be a bit of an issue. Is the meal plan expensive to follow?

    • Anneli

      Hi Harriet!

      Thank you so much. Check out my comment above on Bri’s comment, you don’t need the meal plan and I have left some tips!

      Good luck!

  20. Lucy

    Hi Anneli!

    In Kayla’s guide she says to do LISS training in weeks 1-4. I already do HITT e.g spinning and treadmill sprints anyway.. so could I keep these in my week when starting week 1? What did you do?

    Any advice would be helpful!

    • Anneli

      Hi Lucy,

      If you’re already doing HIIT just replace some of the LISS for HITT. It won’t be a huge difference in effect. HIIT will help you keep more of your muscle mass, that is why I also incorporated it earlier than the BBG suggests.

      You can also do it addtional to the rest of the workouts but only if your energy level lets you. Don’t kill yourself over it ;).

      Good luck!

  21. Elizabeth E

    Kayla Itsines BBG is the best thing that ever happened to me!! She is changing the lives of millions of girls all over the world. She is the Queen of fitness in our generation. If you haven’t tried her workouts, you should. I feel the best I have ever felt and know every other girl that does her guides feels just as good as I do:)

  22. Tine

    How long are the workouts? I am thinking about purchasing this, but with a newborn and a full time job, I want to make sure that I am realistic in time management. Thanks for your advice and keep up the good work! You look great!

    • Anneli

      Thanks Tine,

      The workouts are between 20-60 minutes long, depending on which workout you’re doing, LISS, HIIT or resistance and your warmup – cooldown routine. I am quite thorough so always reserve one hour except for HIIT

      Hope that helps and thanks for the compliment

  23. abrar

    Hello I have a book Kayla 12 week bikini body, but I am an Arab and I’m not good at English Language

    I want to tell me how to start the program and I want to understand Is 3 days or 6 days a week and what it means district’s first and second days of the circuit and what she said Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    Please, help me

    • Anneli

      Hi Abrar,

      Best thing you can do is mail Kayla’s sales team, you can find their email on the website.

  24. Kenz

    What a great post! For someone who’s been through it I would like your opinion. I have owned BBG for awhile now but couldn’t stick to it with my crazy summer. But now I’m in my first yr of med school and with stress and lack of time to sleep and excersize lets just say my scrubs aren’t looking very good anymore. So I started BBG again. And I hard a very hard time with the irst week. There is no alternative forms so I feel like I’m cheating myself but I can’t do a push up the normal way with out my face hitting the floor! So my question is do you feel it was best to do what the guide said not making modification? So I’m wondering if maybe I should do another programs like T25 where they have a alternate person to watch to build my enderence back up then go to BBG? Or maybe everyone feels like this? I eat very clean so I feel if I can get the excersize down it should help with the stress weight.

    Thanks for your time and help!

    • Anneli

      Hi Kenz,
      Thanks for your comment and good that you’re starting again! If you can’t do a normal pushup, just do a modification on you knees and start building up from there. Don’t sacrifice form over execution. You shouldn’t do it on your toes when your arms and core aren’t strong enough to make sure you’re not injuring your back.

      But do challenge yourself the full circuit and after a couple weeks try it on your toes. It will take longer, but push through. Best thing to do in the mean while is practicing your pushups at least 3 times a week in the mornings when you get up or before going to bed. Try doing 3 sets of 10 without the time pressure and try to do as much as you can on your toes.

      Clean eating is wonderful and all but too often i have the feeling like “clean ” is a synonym for “low carb” or “low fat” and your body needs them to fuel up, and to be honest, they’re just too damn nice to leave out. So eat well (at least 16-1800 kcal a day with a nice breakdown between al 3 macro nutrients) or follow Kayla’s HELP guide and just do your personal best.

      If you feel you should build up strength first you can, but you can also just take a bit more time than 12 weeks to finish the program. A fitgirls journey is a marathon, not a sprint 🙂

  25. Lizbeth

    First of all, thank you so much for doing this and showing all of us curious people!
    I swam competitively all of high school and loved my body while doing so, because all of the cardio and added resistance was perfect for my body. Now that I am in college and don’t swim on a team anymore, It has been very hard for me to maintain and lower my weight. I admit my eating habits aren’t the best, mainly because I dorm at my school and I don’t have the flexibility of making my own meals. My main question is, how much of the meal plan requires cooking for yourself? Would it be easy for me to follow it here at school? Or should I just eat healthier in general and only get the BBG? I received a free week of workouts from the kaylaitsines website so I will be at least trying the workouts. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much!

    • Anneli

      Hey Liz,

      You’re very welcome! I think the meal plan is a added bonus, but you should be able to get a good idea of what kinda meals would fit in a plan by looking at my eating diary, or those of aranka and chris for that matter. Just make sure you’re eating a balanced diet, with enough carbs, protein and fat to get you to stick to this workout routine. It’s a demanding program (especially the 2nd part when you start working out twice a day) and your body needs to be fueled up properly. I personally plan and prep 80% of my meals (if not more) in the other 20% i’m more flexible but do make sure they are accounted for in my daily calorie and macro breakdown. If you want 100% of the results you do need to stick to the plan 100% but you will also see progress if you don’t if you’re coming from a low activity level and bad eating habbits.

  26. Bianca

    Hi there! Congratulations on your journey. I just got the MyFitnessPal app and entering my recipes is so easy and really helpful to see my daily intake. What I am having trouble with is knowing how to start logging in my BBG resistance training sessions! Any advice would be wonderful!

    • Anneli

      Hi Bianca,

      Thanks for your lovely words. To answer your question, don’t. I only account for my eating in MFP and have a fixed amount of calories and macro’s I try to hit on a daily basis. I’m currently working out every day anyways and if I would fill it all out and eat back the calories burnt it’s just too much of a hassle. I don’t have a monitor (polar) to give me input on the exact calories burnt during resistance training anyways so this is not going to be accurate.

      Just set your caloric intake goal (at least between 16-18 cals, i’m currently on 1920 kcal a day) and your macro breakdown in grams or percentages and try to hit that as accurate as possible.

  27. Madison

    Will you be posting your final results? 🙂

    • Anneli

      Yes! Next week somewhere probably. Today marks my last week 🙂

  28. Louisa

    Hi Anneli!
    Congratulations, you are looking amazing! Keep up the great work for the next 6 weeks!
    I have been thinking about starting the BBG for a few months now, but as I am not used to such grueling workouts I am worried that it would be too hard for me to start and I would always feel exhausted from them?
    Also, as I am a vegetarian would I be able to adapt the meal plan to cater for my needs do you think?
    Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your transformation soon!

  29. Kate

    Hi, I’ve been looking for an in-depth review of this program before purchasing, so thank you 🙂 Very well written and informative, and broken down in all the ways I was looking for.
    You mention that you need a basic level of cardio fitness for this program – although I used to dance a lot and work out four times a week, I would now consider myself to be quite unfit and out of shape and don’t have a lot of experience with weights – would you recommend building up fitness first before starting this? Just curious on your thoughts on this.
    Thanks, Kate 🙂

    • Anneli

      Hi Kate, sorry for my late respons. I think you’ll find out soon enough if your body is strong enough to cope with the BBG. If you check the transformation pictures you will see a lot of girls who are quite out of shape before they start. If they can do it, so can you I would say.

  30. Diana

    I wanted to ask you what kind of equipment did you use?

    • Anneli

      Hi Diana,

      You would need some light weights (5-10 kg) a medicine ball, bosu ball and a jump rope to complete the exercises. But not for all circuits all tools are needed.

  31. Heleen

    Leuk zeg! Ik ben benieuwd naar de final results, zijn die bijna op komst? 🙂

    • Anneli

      Yup! Ben vrijdag klaar, dan ga ik een update schrijven dus check na het weekend even of hij er al staat 🙂

  32. Carly

    Love your results! I am an avid runner and i weight lift 3x a week in the am and run in the pm 6-7 days a week. In the winter I nordic ski. I eat healthy and do not want to follow the help guide right now, but started the bbg resistance wormojts and have done week 1 of the arms and legs so far, and they made me so sore! I am so happy because lately my abs and arms haven’t been getting as sore after my workouts. I want to do the bbg workouts and weightlift and do my running and skiing, but i dont know when i should incorporate the bbg workouts, and i dont want to overdo anything. I usually only take one day off of everything every few weeks and weightlifting is Monday Wednesday and Fridays, but i dont have to go all the days. I just need some suggestions when i should do the bbg workouts and when to weight lift! Thanks in advance!

    • Anneli

      Hey Carly,

      I think it is possible to combine, as long as you feel ok, you keep supporting your body with proper nutrition and adjust as soon as you start to feel fatigued or get injuries / pain.

      I actually did more sessions than what the program prescribes and did about 10-12 sessions a week. (2 x HITT, 3 x LISS, 2 x weight, 3 x resistance, 1 x yoga)and I managed just fine.

      You can do resitance training on the days you don’t lift or perform HIIT. You can also combine HIIT with weights, unless you’re doing leg day ;). I wouldn’t combine sprints and legs on one day.

      Good luck!

  33. Christy

    Is there a maintenance plan? What happens after the 12 weeks? And congrats on your results! Looking forward to seeing the 12 week mark!! Thanks for a great review!!

    • Anneli

      Hi Christy,

      My follow-up article will be published tomorrow! I will tell you all about my plans in there!

  34. Sharon

    Hi Anneli,

    Wat een fijne review! Ik ben vandaag begonnen met het programma en heb een vraag over het sporten: op dit moment doe ik 2x per week een groepsles (bodyshape/bbb) en 1x per week krachttraining. Kan ik de LISS vervangen door een groepsles van een uur? Ik vraag mij af of dit dan niet teveel wordt icm 3x resistance training. De groepslessen zijn nl een combinatie van cardio en spierversterkende oefeningen. Alvast bedankt voor je reactie!

    • Anneli

      Hi Sharon,

      Ik denk dat je er dan inderdaad tegenaan gaat lopen dat je bepaalde groepen uitput zodat je met de circuits niet voluit kan gaan en niet het gewenste effect zal behalen. LISS is echt low interval, dus eigenlijk stevig doorstappen, ik ben gaan joggen en dat was eigenlijk al meer dan de bedoeling.

      Als ik jou was zou ik “tijdelijk” even afscheid nemen van je groepslessen of ze minimaliseren tot max 1 per week. Kijk dat een maand aan en beslis dan of je nog meer wilt integreren. Maar pas op voor overtrainen.

  35. Lena

    Hi anneli!!
    First of all Congrats on your results ! You look amazing and i am looking forward to see the ur final result

  36. leonie

    Hi sweetie. …is there a proper 1-12week time table for the BBG? Or did you just follow the free timetable by paying with a tweet? Thanks!

    • Anneli

      Hey girl, yeah, the 12 week program can be bought online via Kayla Itsines website! It’s mentioned in the first pararaph.

  37. Crystal

    Hi Anneli, first of all, you’re looking great! 🙂
    I am on Week 10 of Kayla’s BBG and I’m 16. I seem to be gaining weight and looking really chunky rather than becoming lean! I don’t really know why or what to do. I’m following her nutrition guide and eat quite healthy anyway. Just wondering if you’d have any idea about why I’m gaining weight – or tips to help me lose some. Just curious about how you’re going and your progress anyway! 🙂

    • Anneli

      Hi Crystal,

      Thanks for your reply. You can read my final review here:

      Weight gain is not a bad thing in itself, muscles weigh more than fat. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and take progress pictures, or measure the size of your legs, waist and chest with a tape measure.

      If you’re still gaining weight this has to be due to a calorie surplus (eating more than you’re burning). Do you track your food intake? Do you follow the portion sizes that Kayla advises perfectly? You should be hittin about 1600-1800 kcal a day at least, and burining around 250-500 a session. This should get most girls at at caloric deficit. But that depends on your personal demand, which depends on your weight and hight.

      Best way to track for me is in MyFitnessPal, and I calulated my maintenance caloric need via Hope these tips are helpful.

  38. Penny

    Hi, I have been interested in this program for some time now. However, I am the opposite of what most girls try to accomplish. I am actually trying to gain weight. I am currently 10 pounds underweight. I am looking to gain muscle weight, is this program right for me? I am very active, I workout everyday, run half marathons and weight train three times a week. Should I stop my current routine and begin this one? Also, another concern of mine is that I am gluten and dairy free. I would not be able to follow the HELP food plan…. should I bother? When I see the results the girls always look musclar and fir, which is my goal. I can not seem to find an answer. PLEASE HELP!

  39. Gillian

    Hi Anneli,
    I am starting the bbg tomorrow and after looking through the first week schedule I was wondering if you added any extra cardio sessions? I run a bit already so having just the resistance and liss sessions doesn’t seem like enough cardio. Should I add more or just follow the plan exactly? Thanks!

    • Anneli

      Just follow the plan exactly at first. If you’re not getting the results you like you can always ad more in a later stage, like 6 weeks in.

      The BBG will have you training 5-6 days a week. That should be plenty 🙂

  40. Jenni

    I am so keen to get her guide, however, I only do Crossfit 3 times a week; will her guide allow me to keep doing my crossfit and not adding in any additional exercise? I don’t have time to do more than this amount of exercise. I don’t want to spend all the money to buy her guide and then find that it won’t work for me. Any thoughts/suggestions?
    I’m also 175cm tall

    • Anneli

      Hi Jenni,

      Combining the BBG with Crossfit to me sounds like a lot. I woulnd’t do this, since they will both target the same areas of the body. The BBG is only 3 months, I would advice you to focus, so did I. If you’re not willing to do so and stop or decrease your Crossfit to once a week than the BBG is probably not the right program for you. It is really demanding in itself.

  41. Kaitlyn

    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for the review!
    I already get up at 6:30am for work and am not a fan of morning workouts.. was there ever a time you combined the morning/evening sessions rather than separate them? Because I feel like I would just constantly be combining them to fit my work schedule.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Anneli

      Hi Kaitlyn,

      I only combined them once or twice when there was absolutely no other way. Other than that, no. I am in luck, I work closeby and am flexible in my office times unless I have meetings, so for me splitting them up was definately my preference so I could give it my best.

      You can combine them, but then maybe do liss as a warmup for your resitance training, or HIIT as a cooldown?

  42. Lateesha Murray


    was just wondering with the help guide it seems like so much to eat in a day? will you still loose the weight

    thanks 🙂

    • Anneli

      Hi Lateesha,

      A lot of girls have this issue. They are not used to eating what their body actually needs, and feel it is a lot of food. But if you actually calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure = what you burn in 24 hours) than you will find out you will need around this amount of kcal. You can calculate your TDEE here:

      You will lose weight (if fatloss is your goal) by creating a deficit (between 250 – 500 kal max) or gain weitght (if muscle build is your goal) by creating a surplus of about the same amount.

      Hope this helps

  43. becca

    hi there, your transformation looks great!!
    i just got the guide and have started it, but i’m quite confused after your post.
    from reading the guide, there only seems to be 3 circuits/ week
    how come you do 12 sessions per week?!
    i’m unsure about how to continue on this

    • Anneli

      Hi Becca,

      You have 3 circuits and 2-3 liss sessions to begin with. In 12 weeks you will build up to about 7-10 sessions a week. Since I also did weightlifting and yoga, I ended up with more. This was my personal choice and not something I would advice for less advanced fitness practitioners. I was already at a high level of training and have been for many years.

  44. Ellen

    Beste Anneli,

    Welke attributen moet ik aanschaffen en waar kan ik deze het beste kopen? Gr Ellen

    • Anneli

      Hi Ellen,

      In de BBG staat exact omschreven wat voor zaken je nodig hebt. Dumbbells, medicine ball en springtouw is een goed begin :). Bij elke fitness / sportzaak kan je die krijgen, ook online. Gewoon even googlen.

  45. Jen

    Hi! Your review is really good, and good job on ghe results! I’m thinking about buying Kayla’s BBG; but I was just wondering if a treadmill is needed in any part of the workouts? Because I don’t have a gym membership, and I don’t like working out in the gym… I don’t want to buy it, then know it has running on a treadmill involved, because then I might not be able to maximinze the workout plan. Also, my parents don’t like it when I try to eat “less”. It’s not like what we eat is unhealthy, I just feel like I’m eating too much, so the calories are more than what I burn. I have no idea what to do.

    Thank you!! – J

    • Anneli

      Hi Jen,

      You don’t need a treadmill, you can also run outside, no worries. I even did my HIIT training outside when I felt like it. Getting an interval timer installed on your phone or buying one is adviced in that case.

      Kayla doesn’t promote girls starving themselves. You will have a balanced mealplan if you follow the HELP guide.

      A lot of girls are not used to eating what their body actually needs, and feel it is a lot of food. But if you actually calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure = what you burn in 24 hours) than you will find out you will need around this amount of kcal. You can calculate your TDEE here:
      You will lose weight (if fatloss is your goal) by creating a deficit (between 250 – 500 kal max) or gain weitght (if muscle build is your goal) by creating a surplus of about the same amount.

      I track my daily food intake using MyFitnessPal, you can do the same to get an idea on what you eat.

      BTW, if you’re not grown yet (under 18) than don’t diet and especially not without consulting a doctor first.

      Hope this helps. Keep me posted!

  46. Jacquelyn M.

    Hey! I just recently bought Kayla’s program! I am terribly confused though.. Am I supposed to find my own way of LISS and HITT? I don’t have a treadmill nor do I have a gym membership :/

    • Anneli

      Hey Jacquelyn,

      Read the whole program and the manual in the back carefully and make sure you’re understanding it all before you start.

      You don’t need a treadmill, you can just go walking or running outside. Installing an interval timer on your phone for HIIT however is useful.

  47. irene

    Hey Anneli!
    It was an really inspiring review! Nice results you had achieve. I’ m so jelous of your recistance and willpower. I just finish my workouts and it’s my first day of BBG, the truth is that I couldn’t do the second round of the two circuits I was like dying. It’s okay to be the first time? Do you think that with time I can do it? Tomorrow I have to do LISS is only walking like for 6km, no workouts, rigth? When it’s time to HIT? And the last one question, do you stretch only once a week? Or every time you done a workout?
    Thank you very much

    • Anneli

      HI Irene,

      Thanks for the compliment! And you will increase your strenght and stamina if you just stick to the program and believe in yourself.

      Make sure to read the whole BBG and manual in the back. All the info you are looking for is in there. LISS is a 6-6,5 km walk (you can walk, or run at a low pace), HIIT doesn’t start until week 8 so don’t worry about that.

      I do foamrolling before each warmup in the gym, and I stretch before and after each training.

      I also do yoga (short sessions) at least once a week.

      Hope this helps!

  48. Amanda

    Hi– your meal plan looks great. BBG only gives a short period of meal planning. Do you use a certain cookbook or post your recipes? Also– should I eat breakfast before or after I workout?

    • Anneli

      Hi Amanda,

      You can check out my full daily food diary if you befriend me on MyFitnessPal (username arispens) and I also take loads of food pictures on instagram (also username arispens).

      If you workout in the morning you can do it fasted (without breakfast if you like that), or have a small meal like a banana half an hour before. I did my morning cardio fasted and eat loads of food after that (a least 400 kcal of oatmeal or greek yogurt with protein powder and fruits).

      Hope to see you there!

  49. Roman K

    Thanks for this. Great post.

    I have been sticking to working out using the after burn effect for a few months. My body shrank in 3.5 months.

    Here is my before/after pics using the after burn effect.

    Does anyone else use the after burn effect? If so, what are your thoughts?

  50. gwen

    I think that it would be very important to talk about losing weight and then losing one’s period – HOW UNHEALTHY THAT IS. You have a lot of young girls desperate to get a “bikini” body and will sacrifice eating healthy fats, etc and lose weight to the point of losing their period. You need to address this in a very big and direct way, otherwise you are just contributing to young girls thinking anorexia is a solution to low self esteem, not having the perfect bikini body, seeking all their worth in their looks rather than their mind, imagination, heart, soul, imagination, working at something that benefits others, etc. PLEASE address that your diet is NOT FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT have a period and how dangerous and basically UNHEALTHY it is to have such a low body weight as to NOT HAVE A PERIOD. YOu have a responsibility now that you are a public figure to NOT promote being thin at the expense of health.

    • Laura

      Hi Gwen,

      Thank you for you message. What you are saying is very important. We however have never said and will NEVER say women have to diet. We believe in creating a healthy body by exercising and eating healthy and plenty. With the start of our blog, this has been our one and only mission. We do NOT believe in losing weight, be believe in working out and feeding your body with enough healthy food. We know that we have young followers and this is always what we will always tell them. We find it very important our community shares the same mission, so thank you for your message!



  51. rebecca

    Hey Anneli. I just googled Kayla Itsines and came across your blog. It’s great to see the photos of your transformation as it gives me an idea of how I might look in 6 weeks. And you look amazing too! I can’t wait to get to 6 weeks! Could I ask, the guide doesn’t incorporate any HIIT into the timetable. Are we supposed to incorporate it into the timetable ourselves? Kindest regards, Rebecca

    • Anneli

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for the compliment! The BBG does incorporate HIIT but it starts in week 8, so you still have some time :).

  52. Reed

    Thanks, I found this extremely helpful! You gave a perfect breakdown of what to expect from the workout and the dietary books.


    • Anneli

      Glad to hear that Reed!

  53. jennifer

    Hey. I am planning on doing the workouts. And its super difficult for fullfill the nutrition guides bcs of the culture difference. Do you think that with just workout it can be done?

    • Anneli

      Hey jennifer,
      Yeah of course you can do just the workouts. Just make sure to keep an eye on your calorie intake and your nutrient intake. Get in enough protein, fat and carbs to give you the energy for the workouts. Kayla’s nutrition guide will aim at about 1500-1700 kcal a day. If you are losing weight on the scale that means you are in a caloric deficit (= burining more than you’re eating, burning fat and maybe also some muscle) if you’re gaining weight that means you are in a caloric surplus (= eating more than you’re burning, might result to muscle gain but also fat gain).

      I don’t know what you’re personal goal is. If you are currently underweight and want to gain weight and muscle or if you’re currently overweight want to lose fat? Make sure your diet matches your objectives and you’ll be fine!

  54. Mienke Van Rooyen

    Hi Anneli.
    I’m interested in buying her guide but I just want to know what happens after the 12weeks do I throw such a (book)/guide away and it becomes useless after 12weeks? Or can i continue on the same program or is my only option to buy het next range?

    • Anneli

      Hi Mienke,
      After 12 weeks some girls redo the whole BBG, some transfer to BBG 2 (also available on her site). And others just mix and match it with weightlifting or other forms of exercise. It’s all up to you!

  55. Annemarie

    I also am wondering if the guide becomes useless after use? Is it worth it to buy? Also I am not currently working out on a regular basis as far as running or weights, I do vinyasa yoga regularly. I’m wondering if I will be able to keep up with this without doing some cardio training? Thanks!

    • Anneli

      Hi Annemarie,

      In my opinion it’s a very nice an challenging program I would definately recommend. After 12 weeks some girls redo the whole BBG, some transfer to BBG 2 (also available on her site).

      And what kind of exercise you should focus on depends completely on your goals. If you want to improve endurance or train for a marathon running is definately a must do :). If you want to improve flexibility, yoga is too. If you want to improve strength I would focus on resitance training (like the BBG) or weightlifting.

  56. Elizabeth

    So does the resistance count as HIIT since it is high intensity? This probably sounds like a silly question, but I was curious since it wasn’t mentioned specifically. Thanks!

    • Anneli

      Hi Elizabeth. Resistance and HIIT are two different things in the BBG. The resistance trainings are definately also high in intensity, but they last for 28 minutes, a HIIT routine most of the times is about 10-15 minutes. There are a lot of different forms of HIIT, but in the BBG it is mainly running, biking or the eleptical.

  57. Lauren

    hi Anneli! Great post! I just started the BBG and I’m having a hard time deciding the best approach for LISS sessions. I know the guide recommends fast paced walking for 35-45 minutes, but I’m used to exercising at a pretty high intensity (I’ve been doing a combination of Crossfit, insanity, and running for several years now), so this seems counterintuitive to me. What did you do for your LISS sessions? Could you give me an idea of what your pace was? Any information you might have would be a huge help! Thanks Anneli!

    • Anneli

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for the compliment. I recognize your feeling. I didn’t do fast paced walking either. I ran for about 30 minutes, 6-6,5 km per LISS, with a pace between 5.00 – 5.00 pkm. You can check out how I improved on this in my second part of the review:

      In hinesight I would recommend doing LISS like you’re oughta. I have now been deep diving even more into articles about different forms of cardio and weightlifting and how they can be counter effective. I think the high intensity of my cardio helped me in building up endurance and stamina and it also highly contributed to fat loss, but I also lost a lot of muscle due to the high ammount of cardio I did. I am currently doing none because I’m focussing on muscle mass build. And when I will start again cause I want to lower my fat percentage for summer I will start with brisk walking once a week and HIIT sprints / circuit training once a week. The reason for this is because your muscles need rest and time to heal and grow. Putting more strain on them because you’re doing HIIT of LIIS (running instead of brisk walking) will get in the way of that process.

      For me this article was very helpful:

      I am planning on doing a follow up article soon about my journey. So keep posted!

      • Lauren

        Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful. I’ll stay tuned for your follow up post 🙂

  58. Gabby

    Thanks for this article!
    Do you have any thoughts on whether this plan is a good fit for healthy weight gain? I’m skinny…have always been underweight my whole life. It’s hard to find a plan that’s not focused only on weight loss.

    Also, based on your experience with the meal plans, would it be easy to alter the recipes to be Gluten Free?

    • Anneli

      Hi Gabby,

      The BBG is nog a weightgain program perse but I have seen some transformations of underweight girls to healthy weight after BBG. So yeah, it should be possible. Just make sure you are eating enough to maintain the heavy workout routine. When you see yourself losing weight on the scale, eat more until you are at maintenance or a nice surplus to reach your goals.

      I think it would be possible to do it gluten free, but you need to monitor your options yourself. The program doesn’t list so.

  59. Leah

    Hey there!

    I am looking into this program but would love your thoughts. I’ve been lifting super heavy (I have done 1 of Krissy Mae Cagney’s programs and am completing my 6th month with Brittany Dawn) and just want to switch it up to something new…however, I love, LOVE lifting heavy. I just can’t tell from what I am researching if this program incorporates that at all or if it’s mostly cardio/body weight work and some weights.

    Would love your feedback…and maybe suggestions of other programs to check out? (sounds like you lift as well)


    • Anneli

      Hi Leah,

      The BBG doesn’t incorporate heavy lifting. I incorporated it in the program myself but that was kinda pushing it, cause it meant I was training 6 days a week. Sometimes twice a day. The BBG is cardio, body weight resistance training with some light weight. lots of reps.

      If you want a more heavy weigtlifting based program I can recommend’s programs. I’m currently on one as well and really like it.

      Let me know how you go!

  60. Fannie

    Hallo Anneli!
    Your review is great. I just started this BBG program on Monday. So yes, I’m in week 1 now. Before I found this (a good friend of mine told me), I’ve done already routine sport everyday, like jogging, running, sometimes sprint, skip ropping and some light weightliftings or workouts only for my arms or abs etc. My question is, do you think, is it oke that I still do my normal sport routine and do Kayla’s program program together? For example, I’m used to jog everyday after work, is it ok if I do the session from BBG afterwards?

    Thank you in advance!
    Greetings from Hamburg

  61. […] am currently on week 6 like she is. If you are interested in reading her review on the ebook, click here. She discusses her feelings on the exercises and the nutrition guide. Overall, she loves it! Just […]

  62. Alyssa

    Hey Anneli! I was wondering if the nutrition part of BBG had meals planned out for you for the full 12 weeks? Or do they just give you certain ingredients that would be healthy to choose from? I really need something that will tell me what to eat and how to make it for those 12 weeks so i can get a hang of clean eating! Would buying the food part be smart?

    • Anneli

      Hey Alyssa,

      The nutrition guide features an ingredient list and you can switch up certain food groups. It has a menu for a full week.

      BTW, it’s not needed to eat totally “clean”, I myself am a fond believer in flexible dieting. To me it’s not sustainable to cut foods out of my life long term, so yes, for 12 weeks you can maybe focus more on clean eating, but for me a 80/20% balance works best.

  63. Bonn

    Hi Anneli, your blog is great and helpful! 🙂 I know you’ve been asked a lot about the nutrition guide in Kayla’s plans, but I was just wondering if you could provide a breakdown of what it is like.

    What do you mean by she tells you how many servings to eat? So if it was breakfast, would she tell you 1/2c oats is 1 serving and tell you to eat 1 serving of that for breakfast?

    Or is it more like, she tells you how many servings to eat from each food group at each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)? And then she tells you what she considers 1 serving?

    Are her serving suggestions based on individual body profiles, so tailored to how much each person weighs, their height, etc.? Or does she give the same suggestion of quantity of food for everybody that buys her guides?

    I have also heard about IIFYM, but don’t you question how accurate that calculator is on their site?

    Does the LISS and HITT days count as an exercise? Sorry, that was worded weirdly, but I ask this because the IIFYM calculator needs you to indicate how many times a week you exercise. If I do 3 circuits per week and 3 LISS (this is what the first 12 weeks are, right?), then this is 6 times a week, but the level of intensity between the circuits and LISS sessions are different, do I count them anyways as 6 times/week?

    Also, did you just use the default setting 0.8g/lb protein and 0.4g/lb body weight?

    Has following the IIFYM way of eating been beneficial for you?

    • Anneli

      Hi Bonn, it’s the latter. You have a certain amount of “servings” per group and can just fill them each day with the product you like best. Make sure to vary though, it’s not fun to eat the same stuff for 12 weeks.

      Serving size are the same for everybody, this is what I didn’t like either, so I just increased my portions cause I’m 180 cm, so quite tall.

      IIFYM is a trial and error thing, you need to monitor how it works for you (bodyfat, size and weight) and adapt.

      LISS and HIIT count as exercises, but they are not very heavy if you do 30 mins of walking or max 10 mins of sprints, so just be carefull with that. I always took 6 days a week as a median.

      I eat 150 grams of protein atm, so that’s 1 gram per lbs bodyweight. It’s has been very beneficial cause it offers me both flexibility when I need it and guidance and boundaries when I need them.

      Hope this helps.

  64. Mary

    Hi just a quick question!
    I’m really looking into doing Kaylas fit guide but I’m currently a college divison 1 athlete and don’t know if it would be realistic for me to try to start up on the plan. We workout and lift but I still don’t have the body I really want. Do you think I would be able to successfully start the guide even tho I have the circumstances of a college student

    • Anneli

      Hi Mary,

      There are a lot of students doing the BBG, just make sure you don’t get overworked. Take some LISS or HIIT sessions out and replace them for your other workouts.

      kind regards,

  65. Jamie

    How often do you allow yourself to eat a protein bar (QUEST) while on the diet??! I am beginnning it tomorrow and just curious.

  66. c

    Hi so how many times you do circuit per session…getting me confused…

    • Anneli

      Hi C. As many times as you can within the 7 minute timeframe. I most of the times managed to do them 2 times in 7 mins.

  67. Emily


    Okay so I am so confused on something. The guide has resistance training Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then it says LISS on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. When does HIIT come into play? Am I supposed to be doing that on certain days? It doesn’t say when to do it in the guide so I’m not sure.

    Thank you so much!

    • Kelly

      I just noticed that mine also does not incorporate any HIIT, just LISS, wondering if that’s a mistake? I saw earlier comments that HIIT should start at week 8.

      • Anneli

        Hi Emily and Kelly, make sure to check out the introduction of the BBG, not just the workouts.

        There’s a week to week setup in the introduction. First you do only LISS and cirsuit training, and later (week 8) you incorporate HIIT (10 minute sprints)

  68. kyr

    Hoi Anneli!

    Ik heb onlangs ook de 12 weeks-BBG aangeschaft. Ik vroeg mij af wat voor een schema ik moet gebruiken. Gebruik jij hetzelfde voorbeeld schema van week 1-4 ook voor week 5-8 en week 9-12 of voeg je dingen toe/schrap je bepaalde dingen?

    Alvast bedankt!!

    • Anneli

      Hi Kyr, je moet de introductie even goed lezen. Hier staat een schema in wat opgedeeld is in 3 blokken van 4 weken met precies het soort trainingen en aantal wat wordt aangeraden.

  69. Destiny

    Hey Anneli,
    Amazing blog and great results!
    So inspiring.I just got the BBG last week and kinda started but feeling awesome in such a small period. Got myself a gym membership and a workout buddy to keep me driven. Cannot wait to get started tomorrow and give 110%.
    I added you to myfitnesspal and following you on instagram.

    Huge thanks for all the inspiration!

    • Anneli

      Hi Destiny!

      Thank you for the compliments! I accepted you on MFP! Good luck with the BBG!

  70. Rebecca

    Hello! I have a question for you. I already follow the blogilates calendar and was thinking of trying Kayla’s guide. However, I’m wondering how helpful her workouts would be if I can’t follow a meal plan like hers? I work in a lab and I rarely have time for breaks outside of lunch so I can’t exactly eat every 2-3 hours or have snacks throughout the day. Does it matter how often I eat as long as I am fitting in all the nutrients?

    • Anneli

      Hi Rebecca,

      Meal timing is less important than overall nutrient intake.

      Most important: overall caloric intake (if you want to lose fat / weight, you have to have a bigger output than intake)

      second most important: macro / micro nutrient breakdown (the ammount of grams of protein, fat and carbs you are taking in and the nutrient density of food is important for body composition and performance goals)

      least important: meal timing (when you consume your food plays the least important role, whether you do intermittent fasting, raw before 4 or all those kinds of diet fads or just eat a big meal 3 times a day doesn’t really play a major part. Do whatever suits you best, just make sure you are eating balanced meals (with carbs, fats and protein each intake) and that you are not going over your daily caloric intake goals).

      Hope this helps, and good luck!

  71. Carrie

    Hello! I just recently started Kayla’s guide and I’m a little confused about the later weeks. You mentioned the last four weeks you do 2 training sessions a day. Since the guide just gives one workout for each day, what do you do for the second training session?

    • Anneli

      Hi Carrie,

      Just read the intro really good. In the end you will have to do LISS and Circuit training on one day to reach the overall maximum ammount of sessions that are listed.

      So in the morning I would do LISS and in the evening Resistance Training.

  72. Kymberly

    Psh! Do your research girls before you hand over your money for her oh so helpful guide. It’s nothing but a starvation diet! Of course if you’re not eating you’re going to lose magic! Respect your bodies and its needs. You can learn healthy recipes and workouts with a simple google search and a little bit of reading, and no you don’t have to starve yourself to be fit! And please remember bodies come in all shapes and sizes..being healthy and exercising is what’s important not how someone views your figure in a bikini. Stop letting people make money off of your insecurities girls!!

    • Anneli

      Hi Kymberly,

      Thank you for your feedback. If you read my review, my food log and especially my write up after the 12-weeks you can see that I have never starved myself during the BBG (I always ate over 1900 kcal a day) and Kayla doesn’t promote unhealthy eating either.

      Fitgirlcode doesn’t believe in promoting anything that is not a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

      Everybody should do what whatever they feel like doing to feel good in their own skin. Whether you do the BBG, go running, do yoga or lift weights. We’re all on our own journey, so please don’t judge others without standing in their shoes. Be happy, be fit and be healthy. But above all, be kind to others and don’t judge.

      Love, Anneli

  73. Mia Koci

    Hi, I started kayla fitness yesterday, I have a question, I see each workout is a total of 28 minutes, is that all I am supposed to do or can I add additional time like running on a treadmill? Also i see example Monday is 28 minutes leg & cardio and then they say Tuesday is LISS, Is using the treadmill a form of LISS or what are other forms of LISS?

    • Anneli

      Hi Mia,

      The 28 mins is all you’re supposed to do the first 4 weeks. 2-3 times liss and 3 circuits of 28 minutes. It will be more later in the program, but you don’t need to start now. You can do a quick warmup of 10 mins (rope skipping, rowing, walking on the treadmill or crosstrainer) and don’t forget to stretch afterwards for cooling down.

      Any of the warmup activities you can also do when doing LISS. Or swimming even, as long as its a low intensity steady state exercise.

  74. Lorraine eliassen

    Hi Anneli!! You’re looking awesome! I don’t know if i should get the way of gray excercise and meal plan, or the bbg bundle. What i like about Kayla’s guide is that it been updated to include 4 weeks of pretraining which i desperately need since i never exercise. I’m 17, 5’5, and 120 lbs. I’m skinny already and I hate my skinny legs, so I’m worried that with all of the cardio in the bbg guide I’m going to lose a lot of weight and have even skinnier legs. I was thinking that maybe I could purchase Kayla’s workout guide and purchase Sophie’s bundle to see which one i like more. However, I don’t know which eating guide would suit me the best. Sophie’s eating guide seems to have more appetizing things( im a picky Eater). Help me please! Thank you!

    • Anneli

      Hi Lorraine! Great that you want to be more active and focussed on getting fit. But I don’t know what exactly you’re asking of me ;).

      I am sure either of the programs would be fine. You just need to do it with your full dedication and be mindfull of the way you’re progressing throughout. If you lose too much weight, eat more, if you’re losing muscle, eat more protein, skip some cardio and add in some more heavy weight training. It’s just 3 months of your life, this can either change it in a positive way, or you don’t get the desired result, and then you can look for other solutions that suit your objectives better.

      Eating wise, Instagram, communities like Fitgirlcode and apps like Yummly offer me huge inspiration. And I use MyFitnessPal to track my food in so I make sure I’m eating in a way that suits my goals. Currently that’s lowering my bodyfat while maintaining muscle strenth.

      Good luck!

  75. Yohana


    Thanks for your Kayla Itsines review. I am thinking of buying Kayla Itsines workout guide however I’ve read some bad reviews of her guide, one example is

    Do you really recommend her guide? Is it really good? Will it help me to lose weight fast? I really need something that is effective.. Please reply.


    • Anneli

      Hi Yohana,

      I think the BBG is a really helpful tool for girls looking to get more fit and live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. But you should be in this for the long haul. Your fit journey should be a marathon, not a sprint. There are no cookie cutter diets or magic trick. It comes down to consistency and persistance. You should really be looking for a life change instead of a way to lose weight fast. Weight is nothing but a number on a scale that women should stop focusing on. Look in the mirror, track your progression with metrics that actually matter, your fat percentage, how fast you can run, how fast your heartrate recovers after excercise, how strong your lifts are. All numbers that matter much more that how much you weigh. Sorry if this is not the answer you’re looking for, just keeping it real over here and wish you all the best of luck on your fitjourney!

  76. Elizabeth

    I am really interest in buying Kayla’s BBG! However, I am a vegan and I was wondering if it would be beneficial for me to buy the HELP or if I would be fine without it? Thank you!

    • Anneli

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I have no idea. I would email Kayla’s team via her website if I were you!

  77. Georgina

    Hi Anneli,

    I have printed the guides but find them so confusing and don’t know which days I am meant to be doing which workout.

    Could you tell me what you do in terms of a time table?

    Also, would you feel comfortable sharing your My fitness pal username so I can see your food diary? I would find this really helpful as I think I need to up my carbs.

    Thanks so much

    • Anneli

      Hi Georgina,

      Please read it again till you totally grasp what you should be doing. It does outline it pretty clear. In the beginning you’ll be doing the resistance trainings 3 times a week and LISS 2 times I think. I also mention it in my article.

      I am currenlty not doing the BBG anymore, but you’re welcome to follow my MFP, my username is arispens.

  78. Andrea

    Hi!, great post.
    I’m on Day 2…. after a masacre in leg&cardio day, I can barely walk … Is it ok to skip LISS day, for today? I thought I could, but I feel like a baby learning to walk right now.

    • Anneli

      Hi Andrea,

      I feel for you :). Are you sure your fitness level is advanced enough to cope with the level of activity the BBG prescribes? You will be working out 5 times a week, if you’re coming from 0 that will be a lot for your body to handle so I would advice you on first starting to workout 3 times a week max.

      But still, the only way a program works is by sticking to it. For liss you can do any type of low intensity steady state exercise, like swimming, walking, mild bike ride. All of these can also be done with muscle ache in my opinion, or do a restorative yoga session instead to stretch out any pain you’re feeling.

      If you really feel in pain and can barely move, than don’t. But if you start skipping workouts already in week 1 than what will happen 5, 6, 7 weeks into the program?

      Just take it easy. make sure you feed your body properly to recover (take protein shakes after your workouts and eat lots of protein during the day), and stretch and foam rol. And kick ass. Especially that.

      • Andrea

        Thanks for the advice! I haven’t work out since last year, and legs are always the hardest part for me, maybe thant’s why I’m so much in pain right now. I’ll do what you say and do some light cardio to shake the ache off 🙂

        Thanks again!

  79. Megan

    Hi Anneli! I was thinking about purchasing BBG but I wanted to know first how many workouts there are per week?

    • Anneli

      Hi Megan,

      You will be doing 3 circuits per week and 2-3 cardio (LISS / HIIT) sessions a week. This will be progressing when the program progresses.

  80. Jacky

    Hi Anneli! Wat leuk om je ervaringen te lezen! Ik heb mede hierdoor het BBG e-book ook gekocht. Ik ben begonnen me in te lezen en ik heb een aantal pre-trainingen gedaan om even te kijken hoe de workouts me zouden afgaan. Ik kreeg er flinke spierpijn van, maar na dezelfde training wat vaker te doen werd het minder. Helaas heb ik wat moeite met de planning! Ik ga de BBG namelijk doen naast mijn andere sport: voetbal. Vandaag begint het voetbalseizoen namelijk weer.

    Ik train op maandag- en woensdagavond anderhalf uur. Op zaterdag spelen we een wedstrijd. Op maandag hebben we conditietraining. Dit kan niet op woensdag omdat je hiervan wat langer herstel nodig bent om fit te zijn tijdens de wedstijd op zaterdag volgens onze trainer. Op woensdag trainen we meer op techniek en tactiek door oefeningen en partijspel. Op zaterdag speel ik vaak een hele wedstrijd, wat betekent dat ik 2 x 45 minuten intensief aan het voetballen ben.

    Mijn vragen zijn nu: zijn de voetbaltrainingen/wedstrijden een vervanging voor de LISS workouts? Op welke dagen kan ik het beste de resistance workouts doen? Dit ook met het oog op spierpijn. Voor trainingen maakt dat niet zo heel veel uit, na een goede warming-up kan ik wel gewoon voetballen met spierpijn, alleen op zaterdag moet ik wel fit zijn. Op vrijdag resistance training doen lijkt me daarom niet zo’n heel goed idee.. Wat denk jij? 🙂 Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je input!

    Liefs Jacky

    • Anneli

      Hey Jacky! Bedankt voor je berichtje! En leuk om te lezen dat je nav mijn ervaringen besloten hebt de BBG te gaan volgen.

      het klinkt alsof je echter al behoorlijk wat training op het programma hebt staan! De BBG werkt mijns inziens het beste als je je echt kan focussen op het programma in z’n geheel (incl voeding) en was misschien beter geschikt om in de zomerstop op te pakken ;).

      Als je desondanks toch aan de slag wil kan je misschien beste de circuit trainingen op op di, do/vrijdag en zondag plannen. Of op vrijdag / zo focussen op actief herstel en lekker gaan wandelen of zwemmen bijvoorbeeld.

      Als je resistance training op donderdag doet kan het best ook been oefeningen bevatten, maar op vrijdag zou ik hem dan alleen op armen richten (die heb je tijdens een wedstrijd niet nodig ;)). En zondag je benen na de wedstrijd beetje rust geven kan misschien ook geen kwaad. Het is echt even trial en error denk ik. Maar denk dat een verdeling als volgt beste kan werken:
      Ma: conditie voetbal
      Di: BBG resistance (arms / full body)
      Woe: techniek voetbal
      Do: BBG resistance (legs / full body)
      Vr: LISS (35-45 minuten wandelen als actief herstel) / of later HIIT
      Za: Voetbalwedstrijd
      Zo: BBG resistance (arms / full body) of als je teveel spierpijn hebt LISS (35-45 minuten wandelen als actief herstel)

      Lijkt dit je haalbaar?

  81. Verity


    Thanks for posting this – it’s very helpful 🙂
    I bought the guide a while ago and tried the first workout, but couldn’t walk for the next 4 days and was worried about carrying on and doing more damage – have you had this happen? How did you manage to carry on, or stop it happening again?


    • Anneli

      Hey Verity,

      Are you doing better now? You have to have a basic fitness level before you start. But still, muscle pain is unavoidable at times. Make sure to take enough rest (sleep well) and do lots of foam rolling / stretching.

  82. Allie

    Hey great job on the review.

    How many days a week is the workout program?

    • Anneli

      Thanks. It’s clearly stated on both website, this review and in the BBG, so it should speak for itself when you get it!You start of with around one 28 minute session per day(5-7), and as the weeks progress at you excersise more ending with 2 times a day (2*28 minute session)

  83. kate

    hey just wondering how this bikini guide compares to the Fit Girls Guide that also seems to be very popular?

    • Anneli

      Hi Kate, I don’t know, I haven’t done the Fit Girls Guide. Maybe google for a comparative review?

  84. Ally

    Hi!! Just wondering if you eat anything before you work out .. or take bcaas?? Or just go right into the 28 minute kayla workouts? 🙂 THANKS!

  85. Adrianna

    Hello! Am wondering if you noticed an increase in apetite once starting the guides? I feel like I am always hungry and I know I need to fuel my body but sometimes I worry I’m over eating which then causes me to under eat

  86. Sarah

    Hey, i really want to buy it but I’m having trouble getting past the price. I don;t have a lot of money and reviews like this one here kind of put me off.

    Do you think it’s needed to buy everything in her program? Do you know any other cheaper ones you could recommend? Any help or info would be awesome 🙂


    • Shelley

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your message! I can imagine that the program is pretty expensive if you’re on a low budget. It really does work though from what I’ve heard from many fit girls. However, maybe a good alternative is our own Fitgirlcode Guide. It contains an 8-week mealplan, workout schedule and mindfulness exercises to guide your progress. You can find it here:

      Hope that helps! X Shelley

  87. Lisa

    Hi Shelley

    Yea I was going to ask the same question as Sarah about this review but it looks like your fitgirlcode guide could be what I’m looking for. The bikini body guide cost a little too much for me to really go ahead and buy it. I will check out the one you linked 🙂


  88. Bianca

    Hi Anneli
    Please help regarding HIIT. If you alternate 25 mins HIIT on Tuesday and 20 mins HIIT on Thursday, is that 5 minutes warm up jog followed by 30 second sprint, 30 second jog till the 25/20 minutes is up?
    Im just mot sure what her take is on it, maybe you could help.

  89. Cindy

    Thanks for taking the time out to write this. I would really love to get on her program but I’m, stuck in a rock and a hard place. I’m trying to get back into fitness as I put on a bit of weight over the last year and I’m reading a lot of reviews about this. I keep finding reviews like this and just not sure at all Do you think Kaylas cost a bit more than it really should? I just stick and now really sure what to do with all these reviews out there online. Any advice would be great 🙂