How to deal with flared ribs

Recently, we received a question from Ilona. She is a true Fit Girl who likes to work out a lot. However, she recently noticed something about the upper part of her body. Her stomach gets more flat, but because she has flared ribs, her ribs become more visible. She is now wondering what she can do to make her flared ribs less apparent.

First of all, flared ribs are something that you cannot change that easily. It belongs to the structure of your body and many people claim there’s not a lot you can do about it. It’s just a part of your body that is always and already naturally there. Shortly said: genetics. Some people have more flared ribs than others, just as some girls have bigger breasts than others.

Some say that you can make your flared ribs less apparent by breathing exercises. They claim that breathing and body posture are the reasons why you have flared ribs. So you could try that to correct your body posture or a breathing exercise. For example, lie on your back and put your feet on a wall while your knees are bent in a 90 degrees angle. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  This will train your muscles to breath in a correct way.

However, some say you can make them less apparent by building muscles and doing exercises. You can try out barbell curls or triceps pushdowns. In these exercise you feel that you are training the part above your flared ribs. This could make the flared ribs less apparent.

Thus, many people claim different things. You can always try these, but don’t expect too much from it. Please think of yourself as beautiful and your flared ribs as a part of your body that makes you unique. I know this is hard sometimes, but there are just some things that cannot be changed.

Also, please remember that we are not professionals whatsoever. I’ve tried to find a solution for this question. But in order to be sure, I would advise you to contact a trainer at the gym or someone else who has the professional knowledge about this stuff. 

Ilona has them and I have them as well! Are there any other people that have flared ribs? 

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  1. Elise haavik

    Barbell curl trains the bicep, tricep pushdowns trains the triceps. Why recommend those exercises for fixing flared ribs?

  2. Soumik biswal

    I have flared ribs, and I need some suggestions how to reduce it with the help of exercises.

    • Valentina Petrovic

      Hi Soumik! If you wan’t to reduce them through exercises, I would recommend for you to get a trainer who can help you out. They have the knowledge and techniques on what exercises are best for you and how you can reduce your ribs from showing. You can also take a look at this article: http://www.builtlean.com/2016/07/25/rib-flare-prevention/. The article suggests some good exercises on how you can reduce rib flare 🙂 x

  3. nicole

    I have severely flared ribs. You really can’t fix them, without some serious corsets. I’ve asked orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, every doctor I could find, I’ve asked. Other than removing the ribs, a corset, or just accepting it, there really is nothing you can do. The information I’ve found online all claims flared ribs are caused by horrible posture. Every doctor I’ve seen has told me I have amazing posture, I was a dancer, I played soccer, and did cheerleading for years, my back is strong, my core is strong, yet my ribs stick out like no one I’ve ever seen. My doctor told me use it to my advantage.. flared ribs are perfect for swimming!

    • Nitya

      Is your stomach also flat ? Do people without flat stomachs have apparent flared ribs( my stomach is very flat)

    • Karen

      My daughter has Pectus Excavatum and alongside of that has flared ribs. She is a level 7 gymnast and ballroom dance with excellent posture and a strong core, what can we do to minimize the flared ribs. She is at a sensitive age of 14 and this is typically the age where kids could be extremely mean and critical.

  4. Hannha

    Thanks for this advice❤️

  5. Karen

    My 14 year old daughter had Pectus Excavatum and alongside this condition are flared ribs. She is very conscious about this. Is there anything that can be done to minimize the look of flared rins?

  6. Olivia Jensen

    I ha e flared ribs also, in skinny but I was chubby up until 12 years old when I grew 8 inches and got very skinny. I just thought that was why they flared. Mine are so badly flared that when I breath correctly and un flare my ribs, my boobs are actually very much bigger, when my ribs are flared I get called flat chested. Just thought I’d ad that bit in, and that is an observation from someone else when I was naked it wasnt just an illusion of posture. I also have extremely sensitive back on the ribs on my back I cant get a massage unless its feather light touches or my muscles spasm frantically and its unbearable.