From Fast Food to Fit Girl

In my first article I told you that I used to live a pretty bad lifestyle. A couple of months ago I met the girls of #FITGIRLCODE and felt really inspired to make a real change in my life. I want to share my story with you and maybe even inspire you to start (or continue) your own fit journey.

Fast food and energy drinks
I’m going to take you back to almost 8 years ago… When I was sixteen I started working in the fast food industry. I liked it a lot! I worked with a team of young people and not one day was the same. I’ve worked in several fast food restaurants since then. At some point I worked there fulltime and didn’t go to school. Almost four years later I was an energy drink-consuming, fast food eating, really unhealthy and unhappy girl. I wasn’t happy with whom I had become and I struggled with insecurities. I blamed everybody and everything for my unhappiness until I realized that I was the one responsible for my own happiness.

I decided I wanted to turn my life around and started with my education. I graduated with evening classes for my high school diploma (in Dutch: havo) and after that I went to college and started my communications study. Just after that I decided to quit my job at the fast food restaurant. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I walked out of the restaurant for the last time.

The start of my fit journey
Walking out of the restaurant was the start of my fit journey. It took me a really long time and for almost a year it was really hard to adjust my lifestyle. I took many small steps. First I got a membership at the gym and started excercising about two times a week. I lost about 5 kg by eating – what I thought – was healthy. I still ate fries and I told myself that the sugarfree energy drink wouldn’t do that much harm. It took me a long time to be really honest with myself and to realize that my lifestyle was still really bad.

In September 2014 I met the girls from #FITGIRLCODE while I was doing my internship in the same building as the #FITGIRLCODE HQ. There I saw delicious meals they prepped every day. Especially the beautiful food that Fit Girl Anna created inspired me a lot. I ordered some Fit Girl goodies to motivate myself and read a lot of articles on Fitgirlcode.com to educate and inspire myself. Then I slowly started to replace some foods and drinks for healthier versions. Here are a few alternatives to my greatest sins.

  •  Potato chips → nuts (almonds, macadamias or hazelnuts) or all kinds of fruits
  •  Fries → homemade sweet potato fries, just peel or scrub your potatoes, slice them, sprinkle with some olive oil, sea salt and pepper and bake them for approximately 30-40 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius.
  •  All sorts of candy → fruits, also sweet but healthy =).
  •  Pancakes → banana and egg pancakes; mash up 1 banana and 2 eggs and bake in coconut oil.

One healthy meal at a time
If you want to change your lifestyle, give your body some time to adjust to the new food. At first I wanted to change my whole lifestyle in a split second. My body reacted really badly on the different food at first, I had real bad stomach aches and was nauseous. Then I realized I had to take it easy, adjusting my lifestyle one meal at a time. Of course your body may react differently, this is just my personal experience.

The #FITGIRLCODE goodies are really helping me to stick to my healthy lifestyle, I walk around with my Fit Girl beanie and bag all the time! It keeps me from buying bad food, because I would feel really guilty buying a hamburger while carrying my #FITGIRLCODE bag ;-).

I hope I’ve inspired you with my personal story. Feel free to ask me any question you may have and follow my fit journey on Instagram.



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  1. Marleen

    What a great inspirational story. I really want to start a fit and healthy life for myself. Already tried it several times but never succeeded. I’ve learned from your story I should take small steps. Changes take time to become a daily routine. I’m happy you succeed and hope I can do it as well.

    • Lisanne

      Thank you for your response Marleen!
      Good to hear that my story is an inpiration / motivation for you!
      Just take it one step at the time and you will succeed in your journey to become fit.

      Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.


  2. Tessa

    Good for you! I am trying to do the same, but I got ill and had some pretty bad asthma afterwards so I got out of breath really quickly, which made me really demotivated. Besides, I was staying at my parents and they always have chocolate and cookies (the ones I love most). So the last two weeks have been quite challenging and have not had the willpower to resit all the chocolate. However, I have found a gym near my parents house and have just prepped lunch for tomorrow and the day after, so I am really motivated again! Good luck with your journey, Lisanne!

    • Lisanne

      Hi Tessa,

      Too bad you got sick! Try to take small steps, like I wrote in my article. Maybe you can try to replace the chocolate with some quark with cacao nibs, these are much better for you and really tasty =). Or you can make the delicious healthy brownies from our recipes. Good luck with your fit journey!



  3. Selina Dijkstra

    Cool ik ben sinds januari weer opnieuw begonnen met een gezondere leefstijl 🙂 en ook meteen met de 30 days AB challenge. Ik ga nu ook veel vaker sporten in basic fit om vet te verbranden maar ook om sterker te worden, maar wanneer je nou eenmaal begonnen bent met met een fitte leefstijl zal je behoefte naar junkfood & fastfood ook afnemen. Ik heb ook nog een paar tips :

    1. Je kunt superfoods proberen zoals gochi bessen, Chia zaden etc. (Ik eet alleen gochi bessen :d)
    2. Je kan als snack ook zoute popcorn nemen (en anders zoet als je dat niet lust)
    3. Veel water drinken, vooral als je net opstaat uit bed , dan 45 min wachten met eten dan kun je weer ontbijten & dan de komende 2 uur niet eten. Je kan eerst heel veel gaan plassen maar dat komt goed ( had dit op Een site gelezen, je kan op deze manier ziektes verhelpen maar, het helpt ook gewoon bij het reinigen van je lichaam)
    4. Eet om de 2 uur iets, een stuk fruit of een cracker etc. Het zorgt er voor dat je maag op gang blijft & dus blijft verbranden.

    Ook bedankt voor jou tips super handig !
    En succes met je fit journey •~•

    • Lisanne

      Hoi Selina,

      Dankjewel voor je leuke reactie en je tips! Ik eet zelf ook veel goji bessen en chiazaad, heerlijk door de kwark of in een cake. Als je van popcorn houdt dat kan je het beste gedroogde maïskorrels kopen en die zelf poffen, dan zit er niet zoveel suiker of zout op =).

      Liefs Lisanne

  4. shannon

    This is a pretty similar journey to mine!
    After leaving school my first job was at mcdonalds. Its actually a really good job for flexibility when studying.
    I started a UK size 8-10 and 4 years later I’m now a 12 gradually going to a 14. Its the worst feeling to constantly gain weight. Now is my time to get fit and healthy, no more telling myself ill start next monday or this will be my last cheese burger!
    I’m going to blog my progress so i can hopefully inspire others as you have me!


    Shannon xx

    • Lisanne

      Hi Shannon,

      I’m glad you’ve stopped eating cheeseburgers ;-). It will take a while, but in some time you won’t even crave for it anymore! Good luck with you Fit Journey!

      X Lisanne