5 Ways to get a 6-Pack in a Matter of Minutes

We all know the struggles of not getting results fast and easy. A fitness journey takes time, hard effort, and most of all patience.We’re all acquainted with the famous saying: “it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world”… But lucky for you, us Fit Girls have gone above and beyond to provide you with 5 easy ways to get a 6-pack in a matter of minutes!

Plus, you don’t even need to follow a healthy nutrition plan. It’s all about tweaking your environment and making good use of the tools around you 😉

1. Take your selfies in the correct lighting

Girls — I cannot stress this enough. Having an appropriate lighting whilst taking your mirror selfie is crucial to getting that ideal bikini body! Never underestimate the power of a proper shadow adjustment and a decent phone angle.


2. Make good use of your entourage

Seriously though, why do people make it sound like it’s so much work? Just take a look at how happy these two are! Wanna know why? Instant abs. That’s why.

3. There are make-up tutorials for anything – literally.

Just like you could paint yourself towards looking like Beyonce or an Avatar blue monster thingy, you can also “work” your way towards built abs in no more than a 7  minute Youtube video. Got to love the Internet!

4. Get creative with objects around your household

Going back to basics. Might be nice to give your vacuum a funky-er use than cleaning the house. All you have to do is place it behind you casually during a selfie and voila! Fat is absorbed and 6-pack is in sight 😉


  1. take a break between every shot, the vacuum should not stay stuck behind you for over 7 seconds. This will avoid awkward-looking hickies.
  2. Make sure the vacuum is not apparent in the picture, this could lead to some unwanted comments and a major street-cred decrease.


5. Indulge in 6-pack shaped items

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. It’s all about the power of the mind. If it looks like a 6-pack, it can turn into one. This is probably the easiest, yummiest, and happiest way to achieve your dream bod (mentally), all you have to do is purchase these lovely little squares in a chocolate form. They might not be perceived at first, but once you gob the whole packet down you will surely be feeling the love in your stomach. 🙂


I hope these tricks are as useful to you as they were to me. But on a more serious note, let’s put a stop to these “fast ways to…” or “easy fat and weight loss” articles. I encounter these daily and they are either repetitive, unhealthy, or a pure scam. You Girls should do you and what works for you. There is no easy way to get there, and if there were, would we want it as badly? Just work your butts off and show the world that a Fit Girl can go above and beyond to get to her goals 😉 And remember, it’s always so much funner if we share our journeys! Simply tag us @fitgirlcode or with the hashtag #fitgirlcode and show us and the rest of the world how far you’ve gone!

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  1. Scallywag

    This article is amazing! Loving this healthy message 🙂 Abs are possible, but definitely, definitely not overnight!

    • Smilla

      So glad you liked it! They definitely aren’t 😉 and that’s the beauty of it!
      Smilla xx