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After trying the activated charcoal I found another great (chemical free) way for whitening your teeth. Flavored coconut oil in a sachet with an instruction so easy that everybody should try it! I am amazed by the result!! I want you to meet CocoWhite!

What is it? Like I said, flavored coconut oil in a sachet. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂 I already knew that oil pulling could make your teeth whiter but I was frankly too lazy too try it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE coconut oil but I hate the fact that it is a solid brick below 24 degrees. Which means that you have to spoon out a piece (with some force) and the fact that oil pulling should be done every day … Nope, too lazy! But! CocoWhite has found the answer to this (lazy)  “problem”.  They’ve put the exact amount of coconut oil in a sachet. Of course it is solid but if you put the sachet under warm/hot water, then in a matter of seconds it’s liquid and ready to use. 😉 You will receive a  package with 14 sachets, so you use one per day. You can choose between two flavors, minty fresh or vanilla. I tried the vanilla version!


The instructions

Step 1: Squeeze sachet into mouth
Step 2: Swirl for 5- 15 minutes (I did the 15 minutes every day!)
Step 3: Spit out & smile

Easy peasy! To be honest, I am not a big fan of vanilla so the first attempt was not a pretty sight. But I pushed myself through 14 days of 15 minutes of swirling and luckily after a few days I got used to the taste. I also started seeing that my teeth got whiter after 5 days already! The only downside that I can come up with is that it is pretty hard to swirl for 15 minutes. A few times I caught myself just staring at the TV without swirling but with the oil still in my mouth. I was like ‘Oh right! I should swirl’.. But I guess that just depends on how quickly you are distracted. Keep reading for the final result!

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  1. J

    WTF?! Shame on you guys for plugging this extortionately priced crap!

    Good readers of this blog – just oil-pull with regular coconut oil. Not this BS that’s been pumped with unnecessary extras. You’re paying for the packaging and the Z-list celebrity Twitter/IG endorsement (Hello Geordie Shore cast members!)

    As for the results, pffff! So obvious that you upped the ‘warmth’ setting in picture one and lowered it in picture two. Yes, oil-pulling does improve the whiteness of your teeth, but you need to be in it for the long-haul people…

    FGC, I’m seriously disappointed in you guys!

    • Laura

      Hi J,

      Thanks for contacting us. Sorry to hear you’re disappointed, but if you would have searched our website you would have seen we have written more articles on oil pulling and coconut oil, and yes, with different brands. We get different products to test from different brands. We’re not just gonna test 1 product. We want to know the difference between products. Kiki actually was really happy with the difference with her before and after results, after two weeks of oil pulling.

      Here are the other articles: &

      Have a nice day,


    • stacy

      I absolutely agree with J. Just wondering, ..did you pay for your Cocowhite or did you receive it for free? Are they sending you more for writing a positive review? How much more of an effort is there from taking a spoon and scooping out some coconut oil then grabbing a sachet, running it under warm water until it becomes a liquid, finding a scissor and cutting the sachet open at which point I have no doubt it runs everywhere. It would for me I’m sure. The “lazy” argument was weak at best and if you truly had your readers best interest at heart you would never promote spending so much money on this product but rather finding them a more economical route with the same or even better level of result. Not to mention if you all had done your homework and read further into what the company themselves actually say as you suggested to the author J, who responded negatively to your post, you would have read that although results do vary, it is not typical to see a large improvement in only 14 days of use. Your post leans toward the opposite. Most consumers will literally have to spend hundreds, HUNDREDS of dollars to see the same result that a $6 to $8 dollar jar of organic unrefined coconut oil at your local grocery store can and will give you. And oh my goodness, I can not believe anyone referred to the taste of coconut oil as being bitter? Are you serious? So obvious you’ve never EVER tried it yourselves
      Bitter? I laughed. Right then I knew the post was a joke. Your article sounded way too unbiased to not have had some other incentive for doing so. The product might be good but it is not what is best in any way. Should you not include all the positive and negative in all the products reviewed and different options for the negatives within the same article? And yes, the author did say that she does not like vanilla. Another red flag. The vanilla had been on sale as well as the lemon, but not the mint. If she were actually choosing herself and purchasing, would she have not chosen the mint perhaps or even the lemon? Ok, that’s neither here nor there. Maybe it was gifted. Just odd. Coconut oil has very little taste. A subtle hint of coconut only. This review made it sound like this is it, the one and only. And sadly, no thought was given to all the unnecessary packaging and the impact on our environment, let alone any look into the company themselves. If you put yourselves in a position to sway a large number of individuals how about taking some responsibility and showing a little more conscience. Do what you do but really make something good from it. Something lasting. Help to create a generation of smart, savvy environmentally aware socially responsible consumers.

      • Shelley

        Hi Stacy,

        Thanks for commenting. We are all for transparency and I have no problem with telling you we received a couple of sachets from Cocowhite as a gift to review for the blog. That doesn’t change the fact that if we don’t like something, we’ll never promote it in any way. We only promote products that we believe in and have a positive experience with. I’d like to emphasize that we definitely do have our reader’s best interest at heart, and if you would have searched our website you would have seen we have written more articles on oil pulling and coconut oil, and yes, with different brands. We’re not just gonna test 1 product, we want to find out about the difference between products. Kiki actually was really happy with the difference with her before and after results.

        Here are the other articles if you’re interested: &

        So no, we never said this is the one way to go or the best way to go. The post is definitely not a joke and I am sorry that you feel that way. The fact that you don’t find it a hassle to get a spoonful out of hardened coconut oil and do not find the taste bitter is a personal opinion. Personally I agree with Kiki that it’s a hassle to get some hardened coconut oil out of a jar but I am aware that that is a personal opinion too. So some will agree with the ‘lazy’ argument, some won’t. We don’t all have the same opinions, fortunately, otherwise the world would be a boring place. 🙂

        I’m sorry to read that you dislike this post so much, but please keep in mind that we are just women voicing our personal opinions, just like yourself. We are not a news institution or a comparator website. We’re a team of bloggers, consisting of very different women who all have a different view on matters. That also goes for products. Some may like the sachets of Cocowhite, some may prefer coconut oil from another brand or source. Let’s respect each others opinions.

        Have a nice day!

    • stacy

      Why is her skin coloring so different from picture to picture? It does make it look suspicious that the coloring was changed to make her teeth look whiter. Also, if the ingredients are all natural then the lemon is just the coconut oil and lemon juice I’m assuming. It’s strange they font and won’t list the ingredients. It’s the law in the U.S and I know it varies from country to country but that is scary especially if you suffer from any form of food allergies. Anyway, my question is the impact of the lemon juice on the enamel of your teeth? The acid in lemon juice will break down and deteriorate that protective coating. I know oil pulling can deter the formation of cavities but what does the lemon on your teeth do after long term use? Or short for all we know. Tell me you know! If you are going to promote any product in any positive way I truly hope you are responsible enough to have looked into any possible negative impact it may have on your readers. Before you post a positive review. Can you imagine how truly irresponsible you all would look if you posted a review encouraging your followers to use and literally directed them to the actual Cocowhite site, a product that may temporarily whiten your teeth as it not so slowly breaks down the enamel and leads to complete tooth decay? I’ve tried to contact the company themselves with no luck so I’m hoping you might have better luck. Can you yourselves answer? If you don’t have any knowledge on what is in the product or the amount of I can’t see how but hopefully after listing the product ingredient you can answer any positive or negative effect they may have. Thank you

      • Shelley

        Hi Stacy, just wanted to reply to this as well 🙂
        I didn’t make the picture of Kiki so I can’t be 100% sure but it looks as if the sun was shining on the 1st picture, whereas it wasn’t on the 2nd. That would explain the difference in coloring. I am sure though that the coloring was not changed afterwards, why would we deceit you guys? I see absolutely no point in that.

        You bring up a valid point regarding the impact of lemon on the enamel of your teeth. We have also contacted Cocowhite more than once to ask about the ingredients of the product but unfortunately we never got a reply either. In case you do get a reply someday, would you let us know?

        This doesn’t change the fact that Kiki had a positive experience with the oil pulling and that’s why we posted this article. We have trusted Cocowhite when they said all ingredients are natural. However I do agree that it’s odd that the ingredients are not listed anywhere. Let’s hope we find out what exactly is in it 🙂

  2. Saskia

    Mooi resultaat, Kiki! Thanks voor de review. Ik heb ze besteld, ik ben erg benieuwd! 😀

  3. E

    Hey there! I found this on instagram and I love the idea of the convenience of sachets. I can’t find an ingredient list, however! Did you receive one with your product? What do they flavor the oil with? Also any deets on the quality of the oil? (organic/ expeller-pressed/ raw/ etc?)

    • Laura

      It says natural and organic but we couldn’t find a list of the ingredients either. We’ve contacted them so hopefully we will get a respond! 🙂

      • sbobby

        Have you managed to find out what the ingredients are? Also what do you know about the brand?

  4. Jamie

    I ordered the product in April and still have not received it. I have emailed 5 TIMES and still no one has been able to tell me where my product is. No one is even getting back to me and im very frustrated. I would not recommend ordering from them considering I paid for the product 2 months ago and still have yet to see anything. Their customer service is awful and clearly don’t care if their clients receive the product they have already paid for.

    • Laura

      Oh no! That sucks! have you tried contacting them on Instagram? Hopefully you’ll have more succes there. We’ve send them an email to let them know you’ve contacted us. Good luck, we hope you’ll get help ASAP!

    • stacy

      Go on their facebook. Is there any way you can message them that way or post your situation on their page? I bet they will be quick to fix the problem and post the solution after that, huh?

      • Melissa

        I’m experiencing the same issue! Over 1-year later! I ordered it over a month ago and I still haven’t received it and they’re saying “rest assured your parcel is on the way” although they have no tracking number on them! Extremely frustrating- I want my $60 back!

  5. Riam

    I see that everyone love this product..I’m thinking to try this but I’m not sure if it’s healthy for our teeth! I heard that coconut oil could be “aggressive” for teeth.. Also, I don’t like that the product couldn’t arrive at home!! I don’t want to be another one who will not receive the product.

    • Laura

      You can also use regular coconut oil 🙂

  6. Hayley

    I needed to change my shipping address and never recieved a confirmation email or any reply for that matter. Awful business. I am extremely mad and will never purchase from them again.

  7. Lulu

    TERRIBLE!!!!!! I have been charged but I never got any package !!!!! don’t fall for it guys!!!!!! all they want is your money!!!! I never got any confirmation mail either….. there isn’t even a phone number or any sort of contact info.
    VERY disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shelley

      Wow Lulu that sucks! I’m sorry for my late reply, I didn’t see your comment until now. Did you ever get the package? Or got your money back? Wish I could help in some way!
      X Shelley

  8. wiem

    Guys please do not believe this crab … I ordered and paid and it’s been almost 1 month that am waiting for the product. All what that they tell you is: You chose free delivery and we don’t have a tracking for free delivery.
    They will keep lying on you and take you for a fool. I lost money just like that
    Please BE CAREFUL.

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