Green Smoothies: Why & How

Still the drink of the moment: a green smoothie. Still not convinced or simply just dislike the taste? It’s definitely a keeper, and after this article you know why; you might give that green monster another try after this!

Let’s start with the Why:

–       Green smoothies are a super easy way to get more nutrients in your diet. You probably wouldn’t eat a bag of spinach or kale all at once!

–       Because of all those nutrients, green smoothies are great energy boosters that will lift you up whenever you need it!

–       Green smoothies can help detoxify the body because of chlorophyll, the green pigment veggies contain.

–       They can support weight loss, because they’re relatively low in calories, but high in nutrients and fibre that will help you feel satisfied.

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And now, the How!

The Basic Green Smoothie Formula is simple: greens + fruit + water. But here are some tips and tricks to make it actually yummy:

–       When you’re a beginner at green smoothies, start with less greens and more fruit (2:3 ratio or less); gradually work your way up to more greens. You could also add a little bit of natural sweeteners.

–       Blend the greens and the liquid first before you add the fruit. This way you won’t get leafy chunks.

–       Still can’t get used to the taste? Try to drink your smoothie ice cold, by using frozen fruit or adding some ice cubes.

–       Plus, not all (leafy) greens taste the same. For example, kale can taste very bitter, where (baby) spinach has a more neutral taste. Switch it up with lettuce, endive, chard, bok choy, arugula (rocket) or even add herbs like mint or parsley. Or make a ‘green smoothie’ with beets or, if you have a really strong blender, with carrots; the possibilities are endless 😉

–       Don’t drink the same thing every day; rotate your greens and mix it up. This way you and your body won’t get bored.

–       Looking for a creamy texture? Add a frozen banana, half an avocado, some Greek yoghurt or try almond milk instead of water.

–       Nutrients in vegetables are better absorbed in combination with good fats. Add a drop of hemp oil, coconut oil, some avocado, flax seeds or chia seeds to your smoothie for better nutrient absorption.

–       If you make a green smoothie for breakfast, make it a complete meal; blend some oats in your smoothie, pour it in a bowl and top it with some nuts, seeds, more fruit, granola or superfoods. This will keep you going all day long!

–      Give your blender a rinse with warm water or clean it directly after making your green smoothie; this will save you a lot of time and complaining later 😉

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Ready, set; start blending! What is your favorite green smoothie recipe?

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  1. Chrsitine

    Ik ben gek op groene smoothies. Leuk dat ze populairder worden. Ik hoop dat je die binnenkort standaard kan krijgen waar smoothies te koop zijn. Een dingetje: fruit is echt niet aan te raden om te mixen met noten/havermout/granola omdat fruit (al helemaal als het al geblend is) heel snel verteerd en de rest heel langzaam. Geen lekkere combinatie voor je buik: die wordt ook wat opgezwollen. Als je ‘proper food combining’ googled leer je iets waar je elke dag, je hele leven profijt van hebt!

    • Lisa

      Heerlijk heh 😀 ! Wat interessant, dat ga ik eens uitspitten. Ikzelf vind het heerlijk om wat havermout door mijn smoothie te mengen en dan vol te gooien met allemaal toppings, en ik heb er niet echt last van, dus misschien dat dat ook voor iedereen anders is? Thanks voor de tip!!