4 Guilt-Free Fit Girl Snacks

All of us are fighting this urge to resist the delicious munchies on a daily basis. You’d think it’s not a problem at all to snack on various foods from time to time, but it so happens that usually the food we snack on is not really healthy or full of unnecessary calories. Chocolate, potato chips, cookies – you name it! Sounds like all we are repeating is sugar, fats and some more or sugar! I suppose today is your lucky day ladies, since we have found the more healthier version of the munchies you are so used to indulge! Here they are..

4 Guilt-Free Fit Girl Snacks:


Your Bounty in exchange for Protein Bites


It depends what you truly prefer, but you can either go for the white chocolate or the coconut protein bites covered in milk chocolate and your mind will be blown away! Trust me, the bag will be finished by the end of the day…

 The almighty almonds are your new cookies


Don’t know how many times we should stress on this but almonds is really your best friend! Healthy, tasty and appealing little nuts should always be in your kitchen cabinet or simply your bag!

Turn your potato chips to paprika flavoured protein chips!


Not gonna lie, you will not find potatoes in there, but these paprika flavoured protein chips are really tasty to munch on. It is really convenient when you are working and do not want to feel guilty about what you eat!

Crispy M&Ms turned to Whey Protein Balls


If you are a victim of the incredible M&Ms we got a great solution for you. The Whey Protein Balls are the most perfect replacement. You get your protein dose of the day and don’t skip out on your M&Ms break! Chocolate-y, crispy – true perfection..!



Now you get an idea on what you should be munching on, instead of all these fatsy/sugary snacks which do you no good! Let me know in the comments, whether you are also a fan of these just like we are!

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  1. Margot

    Definitely gonna order some! No more unhealthy snacking for me. Need to loose two more kilos before my next half marathon;)

    • Shelley

      You go girl! I’m sure you’ll get to that goal! 🙂 I think it’s super badass that you’re going to run half a marathon.

      And FYI, I’m personally a big fan of the whey protein balls, might wanna try those 😉

      X Shelley

  2. Linda

    Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat het wel gezond is om zo’n hele zak in een dag leeg te eten 😉

    • Laura

      Teveel van iets is natuurlijk nooit goed 🙂 Maar als je met 10 Fit Girls op kantoor zit, zul je nog verbaasd zijn hoe snel dat kan gaan, haha