Healthy Habits and My Journey to Healing

When I grow up (matured more and had even more life lessons and insights) I would like to heal the world. Or even those around me. In order to do so it’s perhaps time to share some more of my healthy habits and my journey to healing – short version.

Break patterns and bad habits
Before going on a weeks surf and yoga trip in Morocco I stopped smoking. Don’t tell my parents or daughter but I started at a very young age and smoked for about 20 years!
Before stopping the cigarettes I drank. Sometimes excessively. At one point I stopped going to places and events where I would drink out of habit. And yes, life was so much more fun at that time but you later realize it’s self destructive.

Face your fears
The period before quitting the bad habits I surely faced my fears and fed my soul. Acupuncture, wall climbing, snowboarding, surfing and yoga gave me the courage to face my biggest fear, which was in the end my past. To release myself from this heavy burden I sat down and faced it. I talked, listened, cried and found the words to say. It was then and there where I released myself from the heavy luggage and armour to carry on without it – lighter, brighter and free!

Find your passion
I used to get frustrated when I would read “find your passion” because I didn’t know what mine was! I was too busy with my patterns and habits, taking care of my daughter and working a full-time job. But as soon as I let go of my heavy luggage, the breaking of habits soon followed and I simply (re)discovered my passions and little joys – writing, cooking, yoga and going on road trips. Recently I discovered my newest passion, which is giving massages. This might be one of my baby steps to heal the world 🙂

Please comment
I would love to read about how and when you broke your patterns, so please comment below and also drop me a line if you need a gentle push in the right direction or need to stay on it.
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  1. Lenneke

    Thanks for sharing such a personal story. Seeing all the fit, strong and rock-hard abs, it’s hard to imagine everybody had to start somewhere, which includes breaking some bad habits. My biggest struggle is food and then mostly sugary foods. It’s my one and only addiction and I still have relapses from time to time. I know the only reason I haven’t achieved my goal (a fit and strong bikini body) is because I keep indulging in the wrong kinds of food, then feeling fat because of it and not being motivated to go to the gym anymore. It’s a vicious circle, a rather annoying one too! But I’m motivated now, also after reading Roos’story yesterday about her goal to get a six-pack before her 30th birthday. Perhaps if I set a (slightly more realistic and achieveable) goal I might actually be able to find the determination to fight the sweet cravings and beat the sugar addiction!

    • Cynthia

      Nooooo….please don’t be too hard on yourself Lenneke – you are beautiful and good as you are! Baby steps or taking a detour towards your goal is also OK. Your journey in getting there should be one that’s doable for you. Try getting out of your pattern by feeding yourself with healthy options so you will feel awesome, plan your workouts ahead to stay motivated and find yourself a goal that you truly want to pursue. And most importantly, EXPLORE and HAVE FUN while you’re at it! 😀 x