Help a fit girl graduate!

Attention to all the Fit Girls! Our girl Shelley is currently writing her bachelor’s thesis about the Fitgirlcode community and could use your help in doing so! She is organizing a focus group for which she needs Fit Girls to participate in. A focus group means that you would basically just have to talk about Fitgirlcode for 1,5 hours or so, while she guides the conversation with questions and statements (so no worries about awkwardness 😉

When: 7th & 8th May at 7 pm (you’ll attend 1 day)
Where: Erasmus University Rotterdam (easily reachable by metro or tram)
Who: 5-8 people per group
Language: English
Reward: a personal mention on the Instagram and Fitgirlcode blog, eternal Karma points and baked healthy snacks during the focus group

You would help her out a great deal by coming! Please contact community@fitgirlcode.com if you are willing to help your fellow fit girl.

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  1. X_C_4_LIFE

    I live in America, so it would be really hard for me to make it tomorrow, but if I can help a fellow fit girl I’d love to. Send me a DM on instagram (@x_c_4_life) if I am able to help at all. #fitgirlcode

    • Shelley

      That’s really sweet of you, thank you! 🙂 xx