Special offer: Free HIIT training workout video’s

Did you know about the Willeke Zorg Workout Club yet? Well, you should, because you can get some free online workouts there together with your BFFF! Allow me to explain who Willeke Zorg is and why you should go do her 12-minute hiit training workout video’s with your BFFF as soon as possible.

Willeke Zorg understands that you have been a little bit lazy this summer, laying on a beach, sipping cocktails, enjoying the sun.. But she also wants to help you get back on track again. That’s why she now offers the ‘Team Up!’ program in which you and your BFFF can workout together. When you both sign up at the website, you can see when the other has worked out and when she didn’t. So no more excuses, your BFFF is watching you!

Special #FITGIRLCODE offer

We got all you Fit Girls an offer you can’t refuse! If you team up with your BFFF, you each receive one month free Premium Membership. Didn’t find your BFFF yet or do you prefer to roll solo? No worries! This offer applies to individual Fit Girls as well! Did you get the hang of it after the first month? Great!

  • You can continue training two more months for only 7,95 EUR instead of 15,90 EUR.* That’s pretty awesome right?
  • After the first three months your membership will turn into a Premium Membership of 7,95 EUR per month.



Your results will be kept up to date at the website, but you can also track your progress with an app you can download on your phone. Now here’s the best thing about these workouts: they are only 12 minutes. Willeke bases her workouts on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principle, which she encountered in the USA. These workouts are available for you online, so you can do your workout wherever you are and virtually connect with your BFFF. And after three months of following the program, you both will get a nice surprise!

What can you expect? All kinds of exercises are being incorporated in your daily workout. Check out a sample video of a medium workout below!

If you have any questions, please contact us. To sign up, get your fit ass over here! Are you guys ready to become the fittest version of yourself? Go Fit Girls!


* If you don’t want to continue your membership after the first month, you can unsubscribe instantly. You’ll receive an e-mail with the offer to continue training for a special price for two more months. If you don’t respond to this e-mail your membership will end automatically.

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