Holiday health tricks

So I went a week to England and a few days to Berlin. At home I work out nearly every day. Before I left for England, I did Kayla Itsines BBG, which was quite intense. I finished it the day before my holiday!

Because of all the business before my holiday, my body was so tired and sore that I decided to give my body a little ‘rest’ on my 6 days in England. Normally, I would choose to plan a few workouts, but this time it just felt better not to do that. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t stay active!

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Stay active!

Staying active doesn’t mean that you need to plan your workouts or loose time in the gym while you would like to explore the city/country. You can stay active in many different ways! For example, on my first day in England, a friend proposed to go for a walk through the country yard around her village. It was sooo beautiful! We walked 15K in the hills, the weather was great and we even saw a few foxes, rabbits and squirrels!

Also when I was in Brighton, London and a few English villages, I avoided taking public transport. When you are healthy and free of any impairment or injury, your body is able to walk/cycle. Your body actually is MADE to do this! So, just walk as much as possible, it’s the best way to see a county after all! Only take the public transport when it’s really necessary.

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Healthy eating habits

When it comes to eating, it seriously is all about the balance. First of all: a holiday is temporary and in my opinion it’s always fun to taste the local food or try something new. You’re ruining your long term fitness goals by indulging a bit on holiday. When your usual habits are healthy, you can easily take a little ‘extra’ when you are on holiday. Especially when you’re staying active!


The healthy habits are far more important than what you eat on a special occasion. Because they are habits, probably it isn’t something that costs you a lot of energy to maintain. For example, I always prefer to start my day with fresh fruits, oatmeal porridge or a smoothie. When I’m on holiday I still prefer this type of breakfast over a breakfast full of sugars/fats, simply because I love it!

My natural preferences already makes me choose salads, veggies, fruits, wholegrains etc. over processed foods. This doesn’t mean that I never eat something unhealthy on holiday, it means that I have a healthy base, the extras are just extra! And yes, on holiday this meant that I ate pie and ice cream almost every day! ☺ Trust me, your body can handle this.


Finding the healthy hot spots

As a real health blogger I also love to check healthy food spots when I’m on holiday! It depends per country if it’s easy to find the healthy hot spots, but I will share some general tips and tricks with you.

Google maps is your friend

The search for healthy food spots already starts when you’re still at home. Let the anticipation begin! 😉 I searched on Instagram and the web to find the healthy food spots. I also went to London for a day and this city is FULL healthy places to eat. For big cities like London, I really can recommend to ask some London-based instafoodies about their favorite healthy food spots. Check some blogs, ask acquaintances about their favorite places. And when you found some: mark them on Google maps! This way it’s super easy to find the healthy food spots when you’re casually walking around in the city! ☺


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Look around!

This is the way to find the most unique places in a city. I was in Lewes, a small town in the south of England, the other day and we were just exploring the city, walking around. Then I saw this super cute, pretty and small cafe called Tina’s Kitchen. It turned out that all food on the menu was full of delicious wholefoods! My lunch there was such a treat! I found this place just by walking and looking around. Stay curious and don’t hesitate to try a different road or street, because that’s mostly where the little pearls of a city are hidden!

I just came back from holiday, but I’m sure many of you Fit Girls are about to go on holiday, so I just want you to say: enjoy your holiday!!!

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