How to deal with haters?

Almost everyone who is working on a fit journey knows this problem. Your mom wondering if you’re eating enough food, your friends who disapprove of you turning down another (alcoholic) drink and your uncle saying you shouldn’t get any thinner, ‘cause it won’t look good on you. While you are not close to your goal yet. How to deal with people who express negative feelings about your new lifestyle?

Sigh. Why can no one be happy for you? You are working hard to become the fittest version of yourself you’ve ever been, but the people around aren’t supporting you at all. Sure, you knew no one would be super excited when you would arrive at an event with your own food, or when you would turn down cake on a birthday. But the fact that they criticize you over and over again, wasn’t something you’ve expected.

Under control

I’ve been there. My parents were concerned that I wasn’t eating properly (they even calculated my BMI), and my grandfather said that I ‘lost enough weight already’ and not to go further. While I wanted to lose another pound of fat (or two) to achieve my goals. It’s sweet to hear your family is concerned, but it feels like they don’t trust you and your goals.

So, how do you deal with these haters? Stay calm and explain that you’re not losing control. Your fit journey is your choice, not theirs. You know your goals and your limit. Ask if they will (try to) understand why you’re doing this. But understand their situation as well. Maybe they are concerned, maybe they think the change is scary. Or they are jealous because they are missing discipline to do something like this themselves. (If that’s the case, maybe you should start wondering if they are true friends…)

Stay strong

Anyway, try not to let these voices get in your head. Stick with your decision. These haters will always be around and you will have to learn how to deal wit hit.

Have the people around you given you a hard time? And how are you dealing with it? Please share your experience with us!

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