I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness

So… okay, not to be a party-pooper but we can’t be happy all day long. We simply can’t because we are human, and humans have emotions, and as women we even have more emotions that sometimes are in desperate need of chocolate, crazy workouts in the gym or buying cloths and stuff we don’t necessarily need 😉 But HEY, we are Fit Girls and like we are in charge of our work-outs in the gym, we can also be in charge of how we feel. Continue reading and put on your beautiful SMILE =)

There are six basic emotions universal acknowledged, which are joy, sadness, anxiety, anger, surprise and horror. These emotions will express themselves conscious or unconsciously. With the challenges of life we get stimulated and our body reacts on these stimulations by producing substances.
For example the following neurotransmitters that stimulate our beautiful brain:
– Serotonin (give good feeling and stimulate sleeping)
– Dopamine and adrenalin (give feeling of reward and stimulation)
– Endorphin (natural morphine of the body and makes you feel euphoric and blissful happy)
If you have a good balance of these neurotransmitters you will feel good and have a feeling of happiness. BUT if you have too MUCH or too less of these neurotransmitters you will often feel sad or have other physical complaints 🙁

We could of course make it a sport to experience happiness 24/7 by singing all day long, like in the music video of Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” or dance with the minions in the movie “Despicable me” (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie =) But HEY, a fit girl got to work too or get educated so that she can get an awesome job, pay for her healthy food, killer workouts @ the gym and shop until she drops for her workout gear of  JOGHA and shoes, YES lots of shoes!

Even though it seems we are not completely in control over our emotions, I do believe we are in fact in charge of how we feel. If we wake up in the morning thinking, ”This day is not happening because I miss my sparkle”, yeah the day will most likely not happen and you could feel sad or demotivated and drag your bootylicious ass to work or school but wished you have stayed in bed in your #FITGIRLCODE hoodie.

BUT, if your alarm clock wakes you up out of this fabulous dream where Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum (MAN CANDY) were fighting over you, and you think, ”Damn it, now I don’t know who’s the winner but YEAH I am going to ROCK this day anyway”, believe me, you will shine!

I call it daily positive psychology 🙂 Trust me it’s not hard but a change of your mindset. I always start my day with the confirmation that I killed yesterday’s workout because I feel my muscles and they are killing me if I want to roll out of my bed. When I finally get to my bathroom I look for the mirror with my sleepyhead and say, “Damn girl you look HOT today”. SMILE PROOF, even if you don’t feel like a Victory Secret model in the morning, it will make you laugh because you think you are being silly 🙂 When I leave my house I make sure to put on my I-AM-FAMBULOUS-AND-NOTHING-IS-STOPPING-ME-TODAY-SMILE and I am ready to spread my happy spirit with the rest of the world. This small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day 😀

Perhaps in the beginning you don’t feel comfortable giving these sorts of compliments to yourself or your brain doesn’t start working until after breakfast and coffee, but if you keep trying, you will kill this psychological workout like your burpees 😉  And in the long run you will become more positive, it gets easier and part of your mindset and you will not be stressed out by things like a delay of your train (I like traveling without getting closer to home =) , missing the sale of the Nike store (that’s tough though) or if things just don’t go as expected 🙁

Because you will slowly see that you have more happy moments throughout the day compared to these little bumps in the road. I even dedicated my Instagram account to these happy moments I am experiencing during a day and capture them with my smartphone and share them with you.

In the end you will get an inspiration from your fellow humans because they like to see you, for you are giving them a smile with your smile and affect them with your positive thoughts. And don’t we just all like it when we have happy people around us so we can get reminded that life is perhaps not perfect but never fails to be beautiful?!

And on those day’s we are not feeling like being this smiley, we eat chocolate because they produce endorphins (that’s why it’s so addictive and we eat it when boys are mean to us). We could also hit the gym to give our busy brain a break and produce more endorphins so we can get euphoric again which is always a good idea. We also then get stronger and fitter which mean we feel good about ourselves and therefore have happy thoughts!

So…. SMILE it’s today and let’s be fabulous in our own a special way! 😀

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