How I’m doing with cutting the crap

19 days ago I decided to cut the crap out of my food intake for 30 days, with 4 cheat days allowed. Many of you have joined in on Instagram (go Fit Girls!) and together we have been cutting the crap out of our lives. I thought it’d be nice to update you halfway through the process – so here it is!

The hardest thing for me was to stop snacking on chocolate. It wasn’t like I was eating an entire bar every day, but if someone had some chocolatey goodie (chocolate ‘kruidnoten’, mmm) I just couldn’t say no. So that was my  first hurdle: saying no to sweets and unhealthy snacks! I’ll admit, the first four to five days, saying no sucked big time. I was craving sugar! So I started looking up recipes for easy sweet snacks and got some very useful tips from you Fit Girls. My favorite were the chocolate-date balls Nadine told me about – oh my, those are amazing.


On day 2 I went to the market and did some major veggies & fruit shopping to make sure I got enough healthy food to snack on. That was never really a problem before though, I always bought a lot of veggies and fruits, but now just a little bit more. Red bell peppers, apples, kiwis, zucchini, dates, bananas, broccoli, mushrooms, brazilian nuts and a mix of cranberries and various nuts. It’s really cheap if you go to your local market instead of going to the supermarket!

Although it was hard at first, my cravings have seriously dropped to a new low and I can honestly say that my energy went up (way up!). Uni is still incredibly busy but still I’m feeling better and more energized. Of course I haven’t become some superhuman and I’m still really tired at times, but I feel way more capable to cope with my daily high dose of stress and lack of time. I used to fall asleep completely exhausted, and now I’m just tired and satisfied when I hit the pillow. And this is only day 19, imagine how I’ll be feeling at day 30!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep this up after the 30 days end. It feels so good to nourish yourself with the right foods and discover new recipes you love (such as the filled bell pepper recipe, one of my favorites now). I’d love to hear how you are all doing in cutting the crap! Leave a comment below or feel free to check out my Instagram account if you haven’t joined cutting the crap yet.

Will you be joining me? 

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